Broken (Harry Styles FanFic)

Part of me wanted to walk up to her and wrap her in my arms because as much as I hated her for making me feel this way; I also hated watching her cry. But the other part of me, the part that was build up with rage and pain, just wanted to walk away from all of this and never turn back.
I wasn't sure what part I wanted to listen to, so I just took a deep breathe trying to control my anger and took a few steps towards her. I tried my best not to hold her in my arms and whispered, “sometimes broken things can't be fixed, Monica.


29. Chapter 28

A/N: I just want to say that if it wasn't for my best friend i probably would never update. i know it takes me a while to do it but she is always reminding me to do it so i would say thank her for the updates. lol. hope you all enjoy this chapter. 

Chapter 28


Harry was stepping out the shower and grabbing himself a towel. I wanted to get out of this bathroom as fast as I could. I stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body I walked towards my dresser leaving Harry all by himself in the bathroom. I was standing by my dresser when the buzzing of my phone caught my attention. I turned my head and noticed it by the bed side table. I wanted to ignore it and just get dressed because I knew Harry would be stepping out of the bathroom any second now, but I wondered who could be texting me at this hour. It was nearly 1am. I looked down at the towel that clung on my body, then decided to just go ahead and check my phone. It wasn't like Harry hadn't seen me naked before. I sat at the edge of my bed and grabbed my phone. My heart fell as I saw the name that flashed on the screen: Keaton. Guilt immediately flooded through me as the earlier events in the shower flashed through my mind. 
With trembling hands I opened up the text message and read:
Had an amazing day. Call me if Harry gives you trouble. See you tomorrow. Looking forward to kissing those lips again.
My hand automatically flew up to cover my mouth. My fingers began to trace my lips trying to remember that kiss with Keaton, but my mind failed to remember. All that was etch in my mind was Harry's touch and his kisses. There was no trace of keaton on me. Only the sweet taste of Harry's lips. All memory of Keaton's kisses were pushed back into oblivion leaving only Harry and the desire inside of me to want him.

I closed my eyes trying to suppress my embarrassment. God I was such a whore. How could I do this to Keaton? He was so sweet to me. He cared about me and he showed me how much he cared. He actually liked me and wanted to have and actual relationship with me, yet here I was repeating history and falling back into Harry's game. I just couldn't help myself. Harry was just so...he is my weakness. Every time I think that I am doing better without him I somehow fall back into his trap. One sweet smile and I am completely captivated. One glance and I am a prisoner. One touch and I have completely surrendered to him. As much as I try to fight the way I feel about him; I just can't.

I buried my face in my hands ashamed of what I have just done. Keaton is too much of a nice guy for me to be messing around with Harry. Keaton deserves better. He deserves a girl who would be loyal to him. It isn't fair to him for me to lead him on and then just turn my back and fuck Harry.

I felt Harry's hands take mine and pull them away from my face. I kept my eyes closed not wanting to look at him. I knew that if I took once glance at him I will fall back into his trap. I need to be that girl that Keaton deserves and not Harry's sex toy. I have not only do this for Keaton, but do it for myself as well. I deserve someone that will care for me as well I don't deserve what Harry does to me. I know that my feelings for Harry will change eventually. Maybe I can fall for Keaton and that will help me forget about Harry.

“Why are you closing you're eyes,” Harry chuckled his voice was deep and I heard a hint of happiness in it.

I opened one eye and took a look at him. He was smiling. The towel was dangerously clung onto his hips revealing his v lines. I quickly closed my eye and shook my head. He was looking too dam hot with the residue of water glistening on his skin. Why was I so attracted to him?

“Hey,” he giggled, “you are acting like a child. Why are you closing your eyes?”

I shook my head, but never opened them. My heart was pounding in my chest and all I wanted was for him to just go away. I would go away, but this is my house and my room.

I heard him sigh and then felt the back of his hand run smoothly against my cheek. My breathing began to hitch and I was struggling to control it. I wanted to open my eyes and see what he was doing, but I knew that if I opened them that I will fall in an instant. Little did I know that with my eyes closed my other senses were heightened making the feel of his touch against my skin a lot more intense.

“I'll make you open those beautiful eyes of yours,” he whispered against my ear.  

I could feel him so close to me now. I was fighting back the urge to open my eyes. The urge to run my fingers through his wet hair. His voice alone was making the butterflies in my stomach flutter.

His lips pressed against my jawline making me gasp. I bit my bottom lip nervously and tried to scoot away from him, but I felt my towel start to fall off my chest. My hands jerked up to my chest to hold it up in place.

He laughed and then grabbed both my wrists tightly. He quickly pushed me back against the bed and pulled my arms up over my chest. My eyes were tightly closed and I felt as his body pressed against mine. There was nothing but the towel between us.

“Harry,” I spoke trying to stop him.

His lips pressed against my neck trailing kisses up to my jaw. My breathe hitched and it was getting harder to control it. I felt my chest rise and fall as the anticipation grew. I knew that I wanted this. I wanted and loved feeling the way my body reacted to his touch. The feeling was indescribable.

His lips pressed to close to my earlobe. His hot breathe making goosebumps come to it's wake.

“Open those eye Nico,” he whispered.

I shook my head because at this point I was unable to speak. My body was so focused on feeling everything that speaking was becoming a difficult issue.

I felt him move his weight slightly off of me and I sighed in relief. I could imagine him smirking and the thought made my heart race. Shortly after I felt his lips against my eye lids. The contact starlted me making me jump a bit underneath him.

He giggled and the sound was beautiful. I smiled and suddenly this was no longer me trying to resist him.

“I am going to have to force you to open those beautiful eyes of yours,” he said.

I closed them tighter as if to let him know that there was no way he was going to make me open them, but then his hand came to contact with my ribs. I jerked underneath him feeling a slight discomfort and as he began to move his hands up and down my sides; I realized what he was doing.

Laughter burst out of me feeling the silent room with it.

“S-stop,” I stuttered pleading him to stop tickling me.

“Oh no. I am not going to stop until you open those eyes,” he humored.

I began to kick and throw my hands up to his chest trying to push him off me, but the fact that I couldn't see anything made it a lot more difficult. Well that and the fact that he was a lot stronger than I was.

It was getting harder for me to breathe and I suddenly felt like I was about to pee myself.

“H-harry. P-please. Stop!” I begged.

“Eyes,” he demanded.

I shook my head, but I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted him to stop tickling me, so I burst my eyes open.

The first thing I saw was his beautiful green eyes. They hit me like a tsunami. Looking so beautiful yet tearing me down to pieces just like the water in a tsunami. All the feelings I was trying to bottle up and put away were suddenly revealed when I looked into his eyes.

My hands wrapped around his neck and I pulled him down so that his lips met mine. The taste of his lips satisfied that crave inside of me. His lips moved slowly against mine making the kiss enjoyable. With every touch of our lips there was a new wave of electricity flowing through my body.

I tugged at the hair on his nap and he moaned against my lips only to lose contact with them. I whined at the loss of contact and he pressed them against my jawline; grazing his teeth across my jawline. His hand slowly brushed over the towel that separated our naked bodies and he took my breast in his hand squeezing gently as his tender lips continued to trail wet kisses on my neck.

The feeling was so erotic causing me to moan his name. I could feel a smirk form on his lips as he heard the sound of his name and I rolled my eyes. I then turned over so that he was now underneath me. His green orbs looked up at me in shock and I smirked.

I teasingly bit my bottom lip then pulled the towel off of my body as I straddled him. He licked his lips in anticipation and I bent down only to place a quick gentle kiss on his lips. I felt as his erection grew and pressed against the inside of my thigh. Suddenly the idea of feeling him in my mouth had me moving down his body.

Trailing kisses down his tattooed torso; I looked up to watch as his green eyes filled with lust. My kisses followed down his v lines and I discarded the towel that was keeping me away from my destination.

I took his prominent size in my hand and began to stroke it slowly. Harry used his elbows to balance himself and look down at me. I smiled up at him and then slowly took him in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around his tip then bringing him deep in my mouth; I watched as his eyes rolled back and he bit sown on his lips trying to suppress a moan.

“Nic-” he tried to speak, but every sound came out as a moan.

I was enjoy the sight of him quivering underneath me. The way his wet hair fell down on his face trickling drops of water onto his chest as it rose and fell was a sight that made my insides turn. I was the one making him feel this way. I was the one making his body quiver with pleasure and I was the one making him lose control of his breathing. I loved feeling this way. I loved feeling in control and watching him be so vulnerable was turning me on.

“S-stop,” he stuttered, “i don't want to cum.”

But I didn't want to stop. I wanted to keep watching him in this vulnerable state. He then somehow found the strength to push me off and now I was the one underneath him. It all happened so fast. He was now the entry of my sex and I was now panting and struggling to control my breathing. I went from having control one minute to being the one in control the next.

I could feel his bare skin rubbing against me. Thrusting his hips in and out of me. He sent chills through my body with every contact. A few more thrusts and found my body trembling and releasing underneath him. Soon after he found his release and collapsed his body on top of mine.

We were both breathless and trying to catch our breathe. I couldn't believe that this just happened. Ugh. I do this all the time. I tell myself I will not fall into this anymore and yet here I was lying naked with him and trying to catch my breathe after our exotic encounter.

“We can't keep doing this Harry,” I said.

“Do what?” he panted.

He pushed him self off of me and laid next to me.

“This,” I said throwing my hands in the air to prove my point, “it's wrong. You have a girlfriend and I have...Keaton. He is a really nice guy and I really like him. I don't think this is what he deserves.”

He turned to look at me and then trailed circles with his fingers along my bare chest. I could feel the tingle of electricity that his contact was causing and I knew he noticed it too.

He smirked then spoke, “your body tells me otherwise.”

I take in a deep breath then push his hand off, “No Harry. I can't do this. I am not the person you want me to be. I can't just be your sex toy.”

He didn't speak.

“Can you just leave,” I whispered.

He stared at me for a while not moving and I wondered what he was thinking. His eyebrows scrunched down creating worry lines on his forehead. I wanted to know so bad what it was that he was thinking about, but I knew that he would never really open up to me. After a while he sighed then got up from the bed. I stayed there lying naked on my bed and watched him as he got dressed.


He was still a little hurt and that worried me, but he was fine enough to just walk out my door without saying a single word to me. 


Thank you for reading everyone. :) xx 

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