Broken (Harry Styles FanFic)

Part of me wanted to walk up to her and wrap her in my arms because as much as I hated her for making me feel this way; I also hated watching her cry. But the other part of me, the part that was build up with rage and pain, just wanted to walk away from all of this and never turn back.
I wasn't sure what part I wanted to listen to, so I just took a deep breathe trying to control my anger and took a few steps towards her. I tried my best not to hold her in my arms and whispered, “sometimes broken things can't be fixed, Monica.


25. Chapter 24

Chapter 24

“Nicky can you please cover the rest of my shift. My mom just called and Scarlet is very sick,” Bethy said to me as I cleaned what I thought would be the last table of my shift.

“Sure does this mean I have to close?” I asked.

I have never closed before. Bethy was usually the one to close, but since she will be leaving early I guess it meant I have to close now.

“Yea. You've never closed before,” she said reminding herself.

I shook my head and finished cleaning the table. I have been working in the cafe for the past two weeks and at first it was hectic because of the numerous of students that came in to cram their finals. Now that finals are over all students are out and waiting for the next semester to start. Which is in about three weeks and I still don't know if I got that journalism class I wanted.

“Nicky,” Bethy called me from the back room and I immediately made my way towards her.

She was standing with Keaton when I walked in and they were staring at me as I walked in. I wasn't sure if I should be scared or thankful that they called me in.

“Yes,” I said slowly as I made my way towards them.

“Keaton is staying with you and he is going to be showing you how to close,” Bethy said.

“They why are you guys staring at me that way,” I asked confused. They were still staring at me awkwardly. I looked over at Keaton and he was blushing looking down at the ground and hiding his face. Bethy was laughing and then Keaton pushed her causing her to stumble back against the sink. She squealed and turned around letting us see that she completely wet her back with the water that was along the sink.

“Look what you did Keat,” she yelled at Keaton showing her back to him.

We both laughed and she rolled her eyes at us.

“Nicky come with me,” she said and I followed her out to the back of the counter.

“What happened,” I asked her once we reached the register.

She took off her apron placing it under the register and began to gather her things.

“So Keaton and you will be here alone and trust me I am doing him a favor,” she said, “just be careful because his dad is the owner of the cafe and if things end wrong you might lose your job.”

“What are you talking about, Beth,” I asked confused.

She laughed rolling her eyes then stared at my confused expression. She cocked her head to the side furrowing her eyebrows down, “you really don't know do you?”

“Know what?” I asked. What the hell was she talking about. I was so confused. Why would I lose my job? And since when is Keaton the owner's son?

“Nicky,” she said placing a hand on my shoulder, “Keaton has a huge crush on you.”


She laughed then walked out of the cafe with out saying a thing.

What the hell? Why would she tell me something like that? How does she even know this? Ugh. Now things are going to be so awkward for me here at work. This was the one place I get to distract myself from my already complicated life. Now my life is more complicated then it already is. I don't want to give Keaton the wrong impression. I mean he is really cute, but we are just friends. I have been able to hang out with him ever since I started working here and he has been asking me out to the movies and.....oh. Maybe he was asking me out on a date? Oh no.

“Nicky,” Keaton called breaking me from my thoughts, “Can you help me bring out the muffins to the pantry?”

“Uh. Yea,” I said shaking my head.

I went to the back room with Keaton and helped him get the muffins out of the oven. This is usually the baker's job, but since this week we are short on staff,because they somehow all decided to go on vacation at the same time, it is just Keaton, Bethy and I for now. Sometimes there is this baker guy who comes in just to make the muffins, but it is our job to put them out in the display.

“Here you can take those that are already cool,” Keaton said pointing at the ones on the table.

I walked over to them and began to place them on a tray so that I could take them out onto the display. The display was located by the register and I was struggling to balance the tray on my hand and open up the display's door. Ugh this would be so much easier if the doors just slid open instead of making me pull it up. I was balancing the tray in one hand and trying to open the door with the other, but it was no use. No matter what way I tried to balance the tray; I kept feeling like it would fall.

“Need some help,” I heard his voice and turned around.

His green eyes were staring right through me and I had suddenly forgotten where I was and what I was doing. I felt the tray fall out of my hands letting all the muffins scatter onto the ground. Those captivating eyes had my head spinning and my heart racing. I was completely under his spell. There was no escaping the way he was making me feel. It's been two weeks since I've last seen him and I hoped that maybe I wouldn't see him ever again, but now looking into his and feeling this way made me realize how much I actually missed his beautiful green eyes.

He smiled that beautiful dimpled smile I loved making the butterflies in my stomach go wild. He ran his hand through his hair. My eyes watching his every move. My bottom lip was caught underneath my teeth as u began to remember the way his hands roamed my body. He brought his hand up and cupped my face running his thumb against my bottom lip and making me release it. My breathing was uncontrollable and I was finding it hard to breathe normally. The effect he has on me is just unbearable. I wanted him to keep touching me and I wanted to touch him.

“Nicky,” Keaton yelled waking me from this trance that was Harry, “are you ok?”

Harry winked at me and I turned to look at Keaton who was now staring back and forth between Harry and I. I looked over at Harry and realized that he was standing only inches away from me. I can see why Keaton was staring at me like if he had just interrupted an intimate moment. I took a step back and knelt down to pick up the tray and muffins that I had just ruined.

“I am so sorry Keaton. I am just so clumsy sometimes. I'll pay for these,” I said.

Harry bent down to help me pick them up and his hand touched mine. I slapped his hand away and whispered through greeted teeth, “Don't.”

I didn't have to look up to know that his haunting green eyes were staring right me. He continued to help me pick up the muffins and I was so angry at him that I didn't even want to be near him right now.

Keaton helped me stand walking in between Harry and I and I was grateful for the distance he put between us. Harry was a lot taller then Keaton, but he didn't seem intimidated by his tall figure.

“Don't worry about Nicky. This happens to everyone. I'll just go get some more,” he said taking the tray from me not even acknowledging that Harry was standing right in front of us. He pushed passed Harry and took the tray with him.

I took in a deep breathe and ran a hand through my hair. I looked down at the ground not wanting to look up at Harry and walked around him. I walked to the little lounge over at the far end of the cafe and began to clean the coffee table that was place in the middle of three couches. I knew the table was clean since it was nearly closing time and there's usually not many people here at the cafe around this time. I just wanted to get away from Harry and his beautiful...everything. Ugh! Why does he have to be so dam hot!?

“Nico,” he called my name from behind me. Dam how I missed the way he said my name.

I shook my head trying to push those thoughts away and turned around, “My name is Nicollette or Nicky.”

He laughed rolling his eyes and said, “Right. So, Nico.”

I rolled my eyes and sourly said, “What do you want Harry.”

He smiled that beautiful dimpled smile I love and I had to look down at my feet to avoid myself getting lost in him.

“You are cute when you are mad,” he said taking a step towards me.

I took a step back and he narrowed his eyes at me.

“What do you want,” I asked again taking in a deep breathe.

“I am looking for Bethany,” he said.

“She left early because Scarlet was sick,” I said turning around to fluff the pillows on the couches.

“Do you know if she left something here for me,” he asked.

“No Harry I don't,” I answered annoyed. Why couldn't he just leave already? Having him this close to me was just driving me crazy. I was doing fine the past two weeks without him and now that he's here I managed to ruin some muffins and get some weird looks from Keaton. I hope he isn't mad. I can tell he doesn't like Harry and I think most of it had to do with what Bethany told me before she left.

“Uh, Nicky I sort of need your help back here,” Keaton said to me.

I turned around and Keaton was standing a few feet behind Harry. I pushed passed Harry avoiding contact with him and said, “Goodbye Harry.”

I heard a deep sigh escape his lips and I ignored him walking over to Keaton.

Keaton and I walked to the back room and I began to wash the dishes.

“Hey,” Keaton spoke softly from behind me, “Are you alright?”

I took in a deep breathe then turned around and smiled at him, “Yeah I am fine. Why wouldn't I be?”

“Well for one you are giving me a completely fake smile,” he spoke pointing up at my face.

“How do you know it's fake,” I asked crossing my arms across my chest.

“Because,” he said taking a step closer to me, “your eyes sparkle and your cheeks get rosy when you smile.”

I swallowed and shifted feeling a bit uncomfortable. I wasn't used to taking compliments and especially not from Keaton, now that I know how he feels. It is just strange to me.

“Um,” I didn't know how to respond to that.

He nervously ran a hand through his hair and stepped back. I looked down at the ground trying to avoid awkwardness between us.

“Uh listen,” he spoke after clearing his throat, “I am going to leave in a bit, but i'll show you what to do before you close and i'm going to give you the key to the cafe so you can lock up. You can give it to me tomorrow when I see you again.”

I nodded, “Ok. Sounds good.”

He smiled then turned on his heel leaving me alone.


It was now closing time and I ran through the check list Keaton made me twice making sure I got everything done. I stood by the cash register locking it with the key he told me to lock it with and a knock on the door made me jump. I walked over to it only to find Harry standing there once more.

I opened the door immediately regretting my decision.

“What do you want Harry. We are closed,” I said coldly.

“Beth said she left what I need in here. Can I just grab it really quick?” He asked.

I rolled my eyes, “Sure,” I said stepping aside to let him.

He smiled and I watched him walked over to the register. I walked over to him watching him and making sure he wasn't getting anything other then what he needed. He bent down grabbing what looked like a flash drive from the cabinet underneath the register.

“Done,” I asked leaning against the counter.

He smirked taking a step close to me and I swallowed feeling my heart race.

“Not quite,” he said taking another step closer to me. I tried to take a step back not realizing that I was trapped between him and the counter.

“Har –” I began to speak, but he placed a finger on my lips making my breathing hitch.

He bit his lip and my chest began to fall and rise faster. His hand wrapped around my waist. His touch immediately making my skin crave more of his touch. How is it possible that he was making me feel this way?

I bit my lip nervously and his eyes burned with lust. He cupped my face running his thumb across my bottom lip and I let out a low moan as I felt his body press up against me.

“Mm,” I heard the sound escape his lips, “I missed that sound.”

I couldn't breathe. His presence was making it hard for me to concentrate. All I could concentrate on was his touch and the way his hot breathe felt against my lips. He was so close to my lips and I wanted him to kiss me already. I couldn't move I was completely under his control. It was as if I was haunted by his lustful stare.

He brushed his lips against mine, but didn't kiss me. Our lips barely touched and I wanted him to just place those lips that I so badly wanted against mine.

“Kis –” I began to say, but his lips crushed onto mine interrupting me. The kiss was so intense and his lips took over mine possessively. I could feel his hands run down my body and he squeezed my behind making my lips part letting out a moan. He then slipped his tongue in my mouth exploring and possessing it. His hands ran down to the back of my thighs and he had my lifted so that I was sitting on the counter. His lips ran down my neck and I found myself trying to catch my breathe. My hands wrapped around his neck tugging slightly as his bit down onto the skin on my neck. He began to suck feeling my blood rise to the surface as he sucked on the area.

His lips fell back onto my lips and his hand roam down my chest. He squeezed onto my breast and I found myself tugging onto his curls once more. He groaned and I felt his hand cup onto my sex.

Even over my jeans his touch had an effect on me. He pressed his fingers down onto my sex and rubbed back and forth. I groaned frustrated that I wasn't feeling his full touch against me. I thrust my hips forward trying to feel more of it, but with the jeans it just wasn't the same.

His lips moved down my neck again and onto my chest. He then pulled away and I groaned wanting him to touch me again.

“Let's go to my place,” he whispered.

I looked at him and realized what I was doing. My chest was heaving up and down trying to catch my breathe. Now that he wasn't touching me and he was a bit further away from me I was able to think clearly.

“No,” I said and hopped down from the counter. I walked over to the door and opened it. He was staring at me confused.

“Get out Harry,” I said.

“Nico,” he began.

“Get! Out!” I yelled afraid that I would fall into his trance once more.

He ran his hands through his hair looking exasperated then made his way out the door. Once he was out I let out a breathe that I didn't know I was holding in and pressed my back against the door. I slid down the door kneeling onto the ground and bringing my knees up burying my face in them and let out my cries. 

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