Broken (Harry Styles FanFic)

Part of me wanted to walk up to her and wrap her in my arms because as much as I hated her for making me feel this way; I also hated watching her cry. But the other part of me, the part that was build up with rage and pain, just wanted to walk away from all of this and never turn back.
I wasn't sure what part I wanted to listen to, so I just took a deep breathe trying to control my anger and took a few steps towards her. I tried my best not to hold her in my arms and whispered, “sometimes broken things can't be fixed, Monica.


21. Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Harry's POV

I woke up this morning and the first thing that popped into my mind was Nico. I wanted to go over and feel her come undone underneath me once more. I wasn't sure if it was just lust or something else, but with her sex was definitely more enjoyable.

No. It couldn't be more than just sex.

I groaned and got up from my bed. I walked into my bathroom and threw some water on my face. My acne was beginning to clear up again and my guesses were that all this sex with Nico was helping relieve stress. No stress means no acne. I laughed at myself knowing that I was just making up another excuse on why I should call her up and just have more sex.

This was ridiculous I think I am becoming too attached to her. Last night I told her I loved Monica and I do, but I hadn't shared my feelings about her with anyone. Ever since I shared them with Monica it has bee too hard for me to just open up to anyone. I am not sure what it is about Nico that is making me do and say things that I shouldn't.

I need a distraction.

I searched for my phone and immediately called Kaya.

“Hello,” she answered seductively.

“Make sure Kyle isn't there later. I will be stopping by,” I demanded.

“Kyle and I broke up. You can come down whenever you want,” she said seductively through the phone.

“Good,” I said and hung up.


Nicollette's POV

I woke up the next morning with only one person on my mind, Harry. I wanted to see him again, but I wasn't sure that would be a good thing. Having sex with him was suppose to be just that, sex. Why is it starting to feel like it is no longer just about the sex? Or maybe it never was?

All I know is that my craving for his touch has grown and just thinking about the way his hands roam my body is making my heart race.

Ugh. Stop thinking about him.

I shook my head trying to rid of all thoughts of Harry. I quickly stood up from my bed and walked into the bathroom. I splashed some water on my face then looked in the mirror noticing what a complete mess I was. I ran my fingers through my blonde hair and tried to fix it. It was time to retouch my roots. Life would be so much easier if I was a natural blonde. I remember when I told my mom that I wanted to dye my hair blonde. She gave me the weirdest look ever and said I was crazy. All I did was laugh and say that I was going to do it whether she liked it or not. I hoped that if I dyed it that maybe she would get used to seeing me this way and just end up liking it. That was not the case. She never got used to it and she would always have some rude comment over it. Now her comments seem funny to me.

I sighed thinking of how much I miss her then walked off to my room. I quickly put on some sweatpants and walked out towards the kitchen.

I was walking down the hall when I heard my father and Martha talking. I didn't mean to eavesdrop on their conversation, but when I heard my name I couldn't help but listen in.

“When are we going to tell her,” Martha said to my dad.

My dad sighed then said, “I don't know. I wouldn't know how she would react.”

“You have to tell her, Rick,” she said.

Oh. No. They finally want to get rid of me. I knew I was nothing but a burden to them. I mean why would he want me. He has his wife now and his own house here in London. This is his new life and I was just part of his old one. All I brought him was bad memories of his ex-wife and how his last marriage failed.

I walked into the kitchen and spoke up, “react to what, dad?”

They were standing by the sink and my dad had her hands between his. The way he touched her and looked into her eyes; I could tell that he really loved her. They both looked over at me surprised to see me standing there. They didn't say anything and I was beginning to grow angrier by the second. I don't understand why they brought me with them if they didn't want me in the first place.

“Can someone just get this over with and tell me what is going on here?” I said my voice sounding annoyed.

My father pulled Martha close to him and protectively wrapped his arm around her waist. They took a step forward and so did I. The only thing separating us was the island between us.

“Nicky, Martha and I –”

“You want me out of the house,” I interrupted not wanting to hear it from him. I wouldn't be able to bare it.

“No. what?” His voice showed confusion, “Why would you think that?”

“I...I just don't see why you would want me when you have this new life,” I said.

“No, sweety. You are my daughter. I wouldn't want you to be anywhere else but with me,” he said.

I let out a breathe that I didn't know I was holding in and my body immediately relaxed.

“Nicky,” Martha spoke, “I am not trying to replace your mom, but I hope that you can see me as at least your friend. You are family and especially now when...” She trailed off looking up at my dad.

Their eyes locked and they both smiled. My dad broke eye contact and then looked down at me.

“Nicollette, Martha and I are expecting,” he said slowly.

My eyes shot open in shock and I looked at both their smiling faces. They both stood there staring at me with the biggest grin on their faces and I wasn't sure what to say. Should I congratulate them? I am not sure how to react to this. I always did want a little brother or sister. I mean I never thought I would ever get that since my mom never wanted to date anyone else besides Jack Daniels and Vodka.

“Nicky,” my father spoke.

I shook my head coming back to reality and walked around the island taking them both in my arms, “Congratulations.”

I felt the tears escaping my eyes and I wasn't sure if it was because I was happy for them or if it was because I was sad that it wasn't my mom the one he was having this child with.

“Why are you crying,” Martha asked pulling me away at arms distance so she can take a look at me.

I closed my eyes shut and shook my head, “I always wanted to be a big sister.”

She took me back into her arms and said, “And I am sure you will be the best sister little Jenna has.”

“It's a girl?” I asked.

“The doctor told us yesterday,” my father said, “five more months and she would be out in this world with us.”

“Why didn't you guys just tell me sooner,” I said.

Martha gave my dad and 'I told you so' look and my dad rolled his eyes answering, “I wasn't sure if you would be ok with it.”

“Well I am,” I said. Suddenly the memory of babysitting little Scarlet yesterday came to mind and I immediately added, “I am just giving you both a fair warning that I am terrible with babies and I am not sure if I should be the first one on that babysitting list.”

They both laughed and Martha answered, “We'll make a note of that.”

“I'm serious yesterday my friend brought me her baby and I literally cried with the baby,” I said.

They both laughed and I rolled my eyes saying, “Well I am going to get ready.”

“Are you going out?” My dad asked.

“Yeah I am going to go talk to my friend and see if she gives me a job at the cafe at school,” I said.

“Oh. Why do you need a job? I can just give you money,” he said.

My dad was a very respected lawyer and made good money which is why we live in this enormous house, but I really want to earn my own money. I want to know what it is like to just become independent.

“Thanks dad, but I really just want to know what it is like to just depend on myself. Besides you can't just expect me to live under this roof forever,” I said.

“I can't?” He asked.

I laughed and said, “No dad soon I will graduate college and live on my own.”

“So you are telling me that I am not allowed to just lock you in my dungeon forever,” he asked.

“No,” I yelled as I made my way up to my room.



I walked into the cafe and ordered myself some tea. I couldn't find Bethany anywhere. Maybe I should have called her before coming to make sure she would be working. I took my tea and sat on the couch that was located at a far corner. I took out one of my books that I was suppose to read for one of my classes and began to read it. As soon as I opened my book I heard the bell of the cafe door ring making me turn to the door.

My heart began to race when they met with those piercing green eyes I was trying so hard not to think about. As our eyes locked right behind him entered a girl with short black hair. I turned my gaze towards the girl and she looked up at Harry following his gaze to me. She looked at me and frowned. She began to pull on Harry's arm and I began to feel this burning rage at the pit of my stomach.

I could feel myself growing jealous of this girl. Harry would have never taken me out like that. Who was this girl anyways? I turned my eyes back to my book and tried my best to focus on what I was reading.

I read the first line in my book then glanced up to look at them as they ordered. I sighed then re-read the first line again. And again. I tried concentrating on this book but his presences was making it hard to get passed the first line.

I glanced up and watched as she playfully slapped the side of his arm and laughed. My blood immediately began to boil with jealousy. All I could picture myself doing was grabbing her pretty little manicured hand and twisting it until she cried. I shook my head thinking of how ridiculous I was being and then turned my gaze back to my book reading that first line once more.

This time I managed to get passed the first line right onto the second before glancing up at them again. This time I met Harry's eyes and I immediately looked back down for a second before looking back up only to find him still staring at me. I smiled feeling my cheeks flush as his green eyes pierced into mine. A smirk was displayed on his face revealing those perfect dimples I was beginning to grow very fond of. That smirk was the same smirk he would give me before placing his lips right onto mine then tracing kisses down my chest.

My heart began to hammer in my chest as I thought of those nights with him. My palms were beginning to sweat and suddenly it was really hot in here. Harry's eyes never left mine and the girl was talking to him, but he didn't seem to be paying attention. She seemed to notice that he was ignoring her and then she turned to look at me annoyance was clearly displayed on her face.

I took a sip of my tea and watched as she grabbed his face between her hands pulling him down only to slobber all over him. I spit out my tea almost vomiting at the sight of her kissing him and they both pulled away turning to look at me. I quickly cleaned myself up gathering my stuff and quickly walking out of the cafe. I passed by them as quick as possible trying to avoid any awkwardness.

Walking as fast as I could I tried not to look back to see if Harry was following me. Why would he anyways? It wasn't like he cared. I mean we were nothing. We were just two people having sex. That was all.

“Nico,” I heard a familiar voice calling after me.

I stopped in my tracks shocked that he had come after me. Maybe I was just imagining him yell out my name.

“Nico,” I heard again.

I took in a deep breathe and turned around only to find him running towards me; his curls flopping up and down as he made his way towards me.  

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