Broken (Harry Styles FanFic)

Part of me wanted to walk up to her and wrap her in my arms because as much as I hated her for making me feel this way; I also hated watching her cry. But the other part of me, the part that was build up with rage and pain, just wanted to walk away from all of this and never turn back.
I wasn't sure what part I wanted to listen to, so I just took a deep breathe trying to control my anger and took a few steps towards her. I tried my best not to hold her in my arms and whispered, “sometimes broken things can't be fixed, Monica.


15. Chapter 14

Chapter 14

“I am not sure you want to know,” he said.

“Harry I am asking you what happened because I want to know,” I said.

He sighed then turned his head up to look up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes then opened them again.

“A while back I got involved with some people,” he began.

“What kind of people?” I asked.

“Bad people. They sell drugs. At first I think I just got involved with them because I was mad. I wanted to just do something behind managements back. I don't know what I was thinking. I never did the drugs or anything. All I did was help them sell it to a couple of celebrities that were into buying drugs. It wasn't me. That wasn't who I was, so I left them. I told them I would no longer do it. They were not happy about it, but they let me go. Until last night.” He said.

“What happened last night,” I asked.

“After you left I went back to the club. All I wanted to do was just take a few drinks and maybe even mess around with a girl, but Kaya came into the picture.”

“Who is Kaya,” I asked. I was a little mad that he went back to the club to mess with some girls, but I wasn't his girlfriend or anything so there was really no point for me to feel that way.

“Kaya is some girl I slept with once. Well turns out she is one of the dealers girlfriend. I didn't know that I thought she was just some girl I picked up at the club. Last night I bumped into her again and we went back to her place. Well her boyfriend showed up and he recognized me right away. He didn't like the fact that I left the whole dealing business and I was sleeping with his girlfriend. I am not much of a fighter, but that guy put up quite a fight.”

“I'll say,” I said.

“He had a couple of his guys take a hit on me and one of them had a knife. They ditched my out in the alley and I made my way to the park to hide out. I passed out for a bit, but I called you as soon as I woke,” he said.

“So I didn't sleep with you and you went out to find some other girl to sleep with,” I said astonished by the fact that he was that desperate to have sex. I couldn't deny that what he was telling me hurt.

“That is what you got out of all the things I just told. I almost died for god's sake,” he raised his voice.

I couldn't sit here and let him walk all over me. I shouldn't even be helping him. He hasn't done anything to help me. He doesn't even like me, yet here I am helping him. Here I am being upset about listening to him talk about being with another girl.

“Well none of this would have happened if you just knew how to control your penis,” I said standing up from the bed. I sat down reaching over to the night stand next to my bed to grab my phone. I had to call Liam and tell him to come and get Harry. I was done with this. I have helped him enough. I shouldn't even be here lying next to him.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked.

“I am calling Liam so he can come get you.” I said as I began to dial his number.

“No,” Harry yelled.

I turned around to look at him and he quickly stood up. He grunted, probably hurting himself from getting up so quickly, and made snatched the phone away from me.

“What are you doing,” I yelled.

“You can't call him,” he said between grunts.

“Are you alright?” I asked a bit concerned. He was holding his side again and I could tell he was in a lot of pain.

“I just got up to quickly,” he said.

I looked at his hand and it was red again. Blood. He probably teared a stitch. I grabbed his hand pulling it away from his wound, then pulled up his shirt to take a look at his wound. His tone skin was suddenly revealed making me gasp. He was so perfect without being perfect. The way the lines that outlined his toned abs made me want to glide my fingers through the indents of his body. I wanted to just glide them against his skin feeling his soft skin. Even those imperfections of his were beautiful to me, those extra nipples he made me feel.

“Is everything alright?” Harry asked.

I blinked and looked up at him not noticing that I was staring at his perfect body for so long. I swallowed slowly the said, “Um. Yea you just ripped a stitch, but I'll fix it. ”

I walked over to the bathroom and grabbed everything I would need. I repeated my procedure that I did earlier. This time it was a lot easier since all the blood was cleaned up and I had already done it before.

“There all done,” I said and began to put everything away.

I was looking down at the bottle of alcohol as I was closing it shut when I felt Harry's hand under my chin. He slowly lifted my chin up so that my eyes were meeting his. My heart was hammering in my chest and I wasn't sure why. As my eyes met his my breathing began to increase. What was he doing? He leaned his head in closer to mine. Our lips inches away from touching. I let my tongue glide across my bottom lip before taking it between my teeth. His thumb then slid across my lip slowly making me release it. My lips parted hoping that he would just lean in an kiss me.

My heart kept pounding in my chest and my breathing was rapidly increasing. This was torture. Why doesn't he just kiss me? My eyes never left his. They were so green and inviting. Why was I ever so afraid to look at him straight in the eye. He was nothing like my mother. His stare was tender and a bit of pain in them. They were special in their own way. I wanted his to just kiss me already.

I began to move closer hoping that that would give him a signal that I wanted this. I wanted him to kiss me, but just before our lips touched he spoke.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“What?” I whispered in confusion.

Then his lips crashed into mine. Before I knew it his tongue was overpowering my mouth. He was moving his lips tenderly yet with such power and control. I was savoring this feeling. This feeling that I've never felt before. My whole body was lost. My mind was lost. I was lost. I didn't know what this was, but I was liking it. My blood was boiling in my veins and my heart kept hammering wanted to pop out of my chest. I was nearly out of breathe, but I didn't want our lips to part. I wanted more.

Harry pulled away leaving me wanting more. I was out of breathe and my heart was still pounding in my chest. I felt my cheeks get warmer. I wasn't sure what was going on.

“Can I just please stay here? Just for one night?” He asked.

“Yes,” I said without thinking.

“Thank you,” he said then laid back down on the bed.

I looked down at my hands and I was still holding the bottle of alcohol. I quickly put the cap on the bottle and gathered everything to put it away. I got up and began to walk towards the bathroom. I was lost. Confused.

“Where are you going,” Harry asked.

“I...I am going to put these away,” I stuttered.

“Oh. Hurry up and lay down with me,” he said.

I nodded then quickly went into the bathroom to put everything away. I walked out of the bathroom and slowly laid down next to Harry. My heart just wouldn't stop beating so fast and I was so confused about what had just happened. I looked over at Harry and his eyes were closed. I wondered what was going through his head. Did he kiss me because he liked me? I knew that couldn't be right. He was still in love with her.

I shifted my body so that it was facing away from him. I closed my eyes and tried to push the thoughts of him ever taking an interest in me, but that kiss was there. It was there lingering on my lips and I wanted more. I wanted him, but I knew that couldn't be. I felt the tears begin to escape my eyes and I tried to keep my cries as silent as possible.


Harry's POV

I wasn't sure what came over me. All I was going to do was thank her and tell her to just let me stay the night with her. I didn't plan on kissing her at all, but she was just there so close to me and her tongue slid across her bottom lip making me lose my breathe. I wanted to kiss her at that moment. I couldn't tell if it was lust or if it was more than that, but I wanted to kiss her. I didn't think before doing it I just slammed my lips right onto hers and kissed her.

It was more than that though. The kiss grew intense. I felt myself taking control of it. Making her kiss mine. It was an intense feeling of possession as I was taking control of her lips. Her lips moved so tenderly against mine. With every move I made she followed letting my tongue take control. I could have taken it further, but I didn't. I was enjoying it too much. With any other girl it was just sex. I wasn't sure I had even kissed any other girl like that. Not even...Monica.

This was all too much for me.

I heard a sniffling sound and I knew she was crying. This was getting to out of hand. None of this should have been happening.

As soon as I knew she had fallen asleep I slowly got up from the bed and walked out of her bedroom. I couldn't be here. I couldn't risk getting hurt again. 

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