Broken (Harry Styles FanFic)

Part of me wanted to walk up to her and wrap her in my arms because as much as I hated her for making me feel this way; I also hated watching her cry. But the other part of me, the part that was build up with rage and pain, just wanted to walk away from all of this and never turn back.
I wasn't sure what part I wanted to listen to, so I just took a deep breathe trying to control my anger and took a few steps towards her. I tried my best not to hold her in my arms and whispered, “sometimes broken things can't be fixed, Monica.


2. Chapter 1



Chapter 1

“Ella, I don't want to meet him,” Ella was pulling on my arm dragging me to enter the hotel where the infamous One Direction was staying. I had to admit this girl was pretty strong for her petite size. She has been bugging me about meeting Harry Styles for quite some time now. Yes THE Harry Styles himself is staying at this very hotel and is friends with one of my closest friends. I really did want to meet him, but was scared that he won't like me or that I will scare him off.

“Nicollette, I know you do want to meet him so stop acting like a child and follow me,” Ella said.

We were now standing inside the hotel lobby and I could feel my legs beginning to shake. My heart was racing and I could feel nervousness at the pit of my stomach. I was getting ready to hurl and I think Ella noticed because she was staring at me with concern.

“You better not throw up Nicky because I bought this dress especially for today. I haven't seen Zayn in three weeks and I want to look nice,” she said.

Ella and Zayn have been dating since last summer. I was quite surprised when she told me that her boyfriend was Zayn Malik from my favorite band. I am glad that they both have managed to keep there relationship together since the last time it slipped. I am happy that they work things out and that they have been dating for a year now. When she told me that her and Zayn were going to stay together after he moved back to England I was ecstatic because I know that she found someone that is worth having her.

I know that she waited for quite some time to have a sexual relationship with someone or any type of relationship for that matter and I admire her for that. I know that she waited for the right guy and because of that she is very happy now. I on the other hand have slept with at least two guys since high school. They were both my boyfriends at the time and I wished that I would have waited just like Ella did to find the right guy. I mean I know that two guys is nothing compared to the ten guys my other friends have on their lists, but to me two guys are way too many.

I do enjoy fooling around with guys, but I wouldn't consider myself a slut. I have boundries and I feel like the only reason I choose to fool around and tease guys is because it is the only way I have control and I can choose not to involve any feelings. Once you start involving feelings everything becomes complicated and someone always ends up getting hurt.

“I am not going to throw up Ella,” I said, “and you are right I do want to meet him, but what if he doesn't like me. I mean I am a fan and fans are annoying. I would know I am one.”

Ella laughed and then took my hand in hers pulling me towards the elevator. I groaned and followed behind her. Why was I so nervous?

“I am so excited,” she said jumping up and down as we waited for the elevator, “I haven't seen Zayn in three weeks.”

“I know you already said that,” I rolled my eyes, “but I do feel excited too. I mean I am going to meet Harry Styles.”

I have met all of the other boys before, but for some reason I was never able to meet Harry. He was always either busy or I was never able to go to and hang out with them because I was too busy taking care of my mom. This time Ella assured me that Harry would be here and that it was time to finally meet him.

I was excited to meet him, but I was scared because I have a crush on him. I know it sounds crazy because I don't know him, but from what I have seen on television and read on magazines; he seems like a nice person. I guess it is crazy to have a crush on someone you don't actually know, but I have grown these feelings for him and I can't really control them.

“It'll be fine Nicollette,” Ella reading my worried expression.

She took my hand and dragged me inside the elevator.

“It better be fine because I think I have a crush on him,” I blurted. Oh crap. I was not suppose to say that out loud.

“What!?” She yelled.

“Yeah,” I said my cheeks turning red, “but I mean it doesn't really count because I only know the version on television.”

The elevator doors opened and I began to panic. My heart was racing and couldn't move.

“No. I want to go home,” I said reaching over to press the buttons to take me back down.

Ella laughed hysterically and began to pull me out of the elevator. I groaned and tried to resist, but Ella was a lot stronger than I was.

“Oh god,” I yelled in panic, “have you been working out?”

She laughed and said, “Zayn takes me to the gym when he goes sometimes. It's our way of spending more time together.”

Ella dragged me down the hall until we reached a white door with the number 319 on it. I could feel my knees shaking as I imagined what was waiting at the other side of this door. Ella looked over at me to make sure I was ready and I took in a deep breathe and nodded giving her the go. She smiled then gently knocked on the door and I immediately felt the urge to go out for a run. A run that would take me far from here.

I watched as the door slowly opened and my heart began to race even faster than before. Zayn appeared at the door and Ella instantly jumped into his arms. I smiled at how happy they both looked and then frowned when they began to make out right in front of me.

“Eew,” I playfully said and walked around them and into the hotel room. They did not even seem to notice that I was even standing there. I invited myself in and found Niall, Louis, and Liam sitting on a couch in the living area of this large hotel room, it seemed more of an apartment to me. I was relieved when I didn't find Harry in the room. Maybe he wasn't here yet. I walked towards the boys and sat on the recliner couch that was place across from them. The boys were all nice to me and began to tell me about there plans here. Apparently they were only here for the weekend and then they were going back to England for some interviews.

I laughed at a few jokes that Louis said about Zayn and Ella, who were still smooching at the entrance. Then a door that I assumed led to a bathroom in hotel room opened and out came Harry. I watched as his curls bounced with every move he made and I could feel my knees start to shake again. His piercing green eyes were staring right at me making my heart race, but there was something different about him. I wasn't sure what it was, but he didn't look like the Harry Style I know from all the interviews. He looked tired and drained almost as if he had been crying or hasn't been sleeping in a while. As much as I studied and stared at him trying to figure it out I couldn't quite get what it was.

It wasn't until he spoke that I realized I was staring, “What are you staring at blonde girl?”

“I..i,” I was speechless. His tone was harsh and angry. Why was he acting like this? My heart sank as I heard him refer to me as the 'blonde girl.' I squinted in disappointment trying to figure out was different about him.

Ella walked over to us with Zayn following behind her and I began to feel a bit more comfortable having her near.

“Harry this is my friend Nicollette. Remember I told you about her a couple times,” Ella said.

Harry looked uninterested and the I watched as he rose an eyes brown and slowly said, “Well well well, this is the famous Nickollette that these losers keep talking about? What is it that they are so fond about?”

I wasn't sure if I should be afraid of what was about to happen next or if I should be happy that he has heard things about me.

“I guess that's me,” I said shyly.

“Well blondie you are in my seat,” he coldly said.

“Harry,” Liam protested, “you are being rude and obnoxious.”

I frowned at how different this Harry was from the Harry I supposedly knew. I was a bit disappointed that he was being rude and calling me names before he even knew me. He continued to stare at me with angry eyes and I was growing nervous. I decided not to say anything to him and just move from his seat. I got up and sat next to Liam. It was a small space, but I was able to fit myself in.

Harry sat down where I was previously sitting and said, “Thanks blondie.”

But I knew that he wasn't really thankful.

The room was filled with awkward silence after Harry's rude comments and obnoxious attitude. Everyone was staring at Harry with disappointing eyes, but he didn't seem to even notice. He took out his cellphone and I watched as his long fingers slid along the screen as he sent a text message. He then put his phone away and then looked over at me.

“So,” he said breaking the silence, “I heard you can sing.”

I nodded and answered, “it's just a hobby.”

There was something different from this Harry compared to the one I was used to watching on videos and television. He didn't have that usual glow on his face and his green eyes seemed darker. I couldn't quite get what it was that was different, but it was almost as if he was angry at the world. It was as if he was a complete different person.

“Well then let's hear it,” he said sitting back on his seat and then crossing his arms behind his head getting comfortable.

Everyone turned to stare at me an I felt exposed. I didn't want to sing in front of him. It wasn't something I am very shy about, but just the way he has been acting makes me want to run off and hide. What if I sang and he didn't like it? He will for sure have some rude comment to say. I looked over at Ella and she was staring back at me with sorry eyes. I knew that she was regretting ever making me come and meet Harry and as much as I wanted to meet him I was beginning o regret it as well.

I looked over at Harry and his stare suddenly became dark and I could tell that all he wanted to do was embarrass me in front of everyone.

He began to laugh making me jump and then said, “You are a fraud just like every other girl. I bet you came in here and hoped that I will receive you with open arms. I see what you are all doing. You guys hoped that I would click with her and we would be best friends or even more. Sorry to disappoint you Nic-whatever your name is, but I am not interested in a pathetic girl who claims she can sing. You are fake and I hate fakers.”

Everyone sat there looking at him in shock, but all I could feel is this rage inside of me. I was not about to sit here and let him call me names. He had no right in calling me fake. He doesn't even know me. He was being rude and was getting out of line. I don't care if he is Harry Styles or the queen of England no one get's to talk to me that way. If I had a crush on him before that is all gone.

I stood up and yelled, “Listen Styles. I don't know what the fuck crawled up your ass, but I am not a fraud. You don't get to sit here and call me a fake when you don't even know me. I don't care if you are some big pop sensation I am not going to sit here and be bullied by you and from what I can see you are the only fraud in this room. You go around pretending to be all smiles on camera, but in reality you are this stuck up...dick head jerk!”

I took a deep breathe after that rant and then looked around o find my friends staring at me with their mouths wide open.

I apologized to my friends and then quickly made my way out of the room. Once out of the hotel room I took another deep breathe and smiled at myself for being so brave and standing up to Harry. I began to walk as fast as I could trying to run away from what just happened. When I got to the elevators I pressed on the button eager to get out of this place and I began to paced back and forth waiting for the elevator to come up.

When the elevator doors opened I found Monica staring back at me. She was probably wondering why I looked so rushed.

“Nicky,” she said her tone surprised, “are you alright? You look mad and in a hurry?”

“Yea I am fine,” I quickly answered and then corrected myself, “Actually No. I hate Harry.”

Her eyes grew dim and sad at the sound of his name. I was probably just seeing things. I pushed the thought away and then stomped into the elevator.

“I am sorry,” she said her eyes looking down at the ground. It seemed as if she was about to cry.

I stared at her confused about all this. The elevator doors closed and I wondered if she was going to get out or not.

“It isn't your fault. He is just a dick,” I said my tone angry.

She looked up at me then spoke, “I think I should explain some things.”








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