Broken (Harry Styles FanFic)

Part of me wanted to walk up to her and wrap her in my arms because as much as I hated her for making me feel this way; I also hated watching her cry. But the other part of me, the part that was build up with rage and pain, just wanted to walk away from all of this and never turn back.
I wasn't sure what part I wanted to listen to, so I just took a deep breathe trying to control my anger and took a few steps towards her. I tried my best not to hold her in my arms and whispered, “sometimes broken things can't be fixed, Monica.


1. Broken (Harry Styles FanFic)

Alright so this is the sequel to 'Bad Boy Thief of Hearts.' Of course this one is not about Zayn and Ella, but they do appear once in a while. You do not really need to read the first one, but it does help you understand a bit more. I am hoping that i can keep up with this one and update more than i did with the first time. I have already started writing this story and it is going pretty well so far i am just hoping all of you will enjoy it.

So i will be posting it as soon as 'Bad Boy Thief of Hearts' finishes. Thank you all who stuck by and read my fanfics it really means a lot to me and to all the new readers WELCOME!! and i hope you enjoy it. 

I always like to hear from you all so please pour out your thoughts to me. 

Broken.......COMMING SOON!!!!!!


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