The worst possible thing could have happened to Harley. Harry was murdered. She writes in a journal to Harry. Harry wants Harley to move on. Will she be able to handle life? And will she fall for someone you would never expect.

Credit to the creator of "99 days without you" This is like that, but not Larry. (I don't ship it. No offense:) )


22. Day Twenty One:

"Mummy! Angel Daddy's here!" Princess yelled from upstairs. Uh oh. Niall's home.

"What's Angel Daddy?" he asked.

I was nervous. What would I tell him? If I tell him, he'll think I'm crazy. But I have to. 

"Harry. He's Princess and I's guardian angel and he always comes to talk to us. Only Princess and I can see him," I explained.


I woke up from the worst possible thing. Harry being gone. I screamed. I was in my bed. It was all a nightmare. Harry came rushing into the room. 

"Harley, what's wrong?" he worried. 

"Harry!" I attacked him in a bear hug. I suddenly heard a noise coming from downstairs. The living room. I noticed we were wearing the outfits from the day Harry was murdered in my dream. 

"You stay here, I got it," Harry tried to hold me back. 

"No!" I pushed him out of the way and grabbed the baseball bat.

i slowly walked into the living room. There was a man. His back was turned from me but I still knew he was the murderer from my nightmare. I walked up behind him and knocked him unconscious. Harry called the police and they took him away.

"You saved us," Harry hugged me tight.

"You have no idea"

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