The worst possible thing could have happened to Harley. Harry was murdered. She writes in a journal to Harry. Harry wants Harley to move on. Will she be able to handle life? And will she fall for someone you would never expect.

Credit to the creator of "99 days without you" This is like that, but not Larry. (I don't ship it. No offense:) )


18. Day Seventeen: (Not In Journal)

It's been 1 hour since I woke up. I've been vomiting the whole time. Niall's mom, Maura, came over to help.

"So, what have you seen that's weird about her?" she asked Niall.

"She's been vomiting when she wakes up. She always eats. Not normally though. She eats stuff she usually wouldn't in a million years. Seriously. Yesterday she ate a pickle with icing on it," Niall answered. They were in the living while I was still in the bathroom. And being Harley Horan, of course I eavesdropped. 

"Did you use protection?" I thought Niall would over react about Maura's question. 

"Well, one time we didn't," he said calmly. Huh. Guess I was wrong. 

"Oh my, it only takes one time for her to get-"

"To get what?!" I cut her off, bursting out of the bathroom.

"Pregnant," I heard a word that slightly frightened me. 

"Pr- pr- pregnant!" I shouted. 

She handed me a pregnancy test. I stepped into the bathroom and did the directions. 

"Do you hope she's not pregnant?" Maura asked Niall. 

"If she is, I'll be happy. If she's not, we'll be okay," he answered. I smiled. 

"If you're really real. You'll be okay," I rubbed my stomach. I looked at my watch. The test was done. I walked over to the counter and looked down. 

"Positive," I gasped. "You're real"

I walked out of the bathroom. "So?" Maura questioned. "I'm not sick. I'm pregnant!" I squealed. 

"Yes!" they both jumped up. You could tell Maura was happy. Niall more. He swooped me up and kissed me. He bent down and kissed my stomach. 

"Hello baby Horan," he kissed. 

"Aw I'm so happy! I have to go tell SOMEONE!" she hugged us and left. I called the people most important to me. Makayla and Lizzy. I took two phones and called them at the same time. 

"Hello," they answered. 

"I'm pregnant!" 

They both screamed. They both had one year old daughters. Johannah Tomlinson and Anajah Malik. Now I will have a little Horan to raise. 

"Oh my God! We have to go to the doctor tomorrow to see how far you are and what the gender is!" Liz yelled. 

"Okay love you guys," we hung up. 

Niall kissed up my neck, across my jaw, and finally a passionate kiss on the lips. 

"I love you princess. Other princess," he poked my belly.

"I love you too baby. Other baby"

"Do you wanna think of baby names?" he asked. 


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