The worst possible thing could have happened to Harley. Harry was murdered. She writes in a journal to Harry. Harry wants Harley to move on. Will she be able to handle life? And will she fall for someone you would never expect.

Credit to the creator of "99 days without you" This is like that, but not Larry. (I don't ship it. No offense:) )


10. Day Nine:

I didn't cry today. Niall made sure of that. He kissed me, Haz. He didn't give any reason as to why he did. He just did. He's been spending nights over here. Sleeping in my spot of the bed while I sleep in yours. He always hugs me when I cry. Although I didn't cry last night, he still cradled me. I find it nice that he stays with me at night. Even though I know I annoy him sometimes. Mainly because I'm thinking of you. Every second. Every hour. He says I don't annoy him. He says he will be there no matter what. Wow. He needs a girlfriend. But, I love you, Haz. Always have. Always will.

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