The worst possible thing could have happened to Harley. Harry was murdered. She writes in a journal to Harry. Harry wants Harley to move on. Will she be able to handle life? And will she fall for someone you would never expect.

Credit to the creator of "99 days without you" This is like that, but not Larry. (I don't ship it. No offense:) )


6. Day Five:

I stayed at home today. Not wanting to see the therapist's face. Aj was there. So was Louis. Not Abbi. She had to do something Zayn. Louis was beginning to become protective of me with Niall. He suspects that Niall has some feelings for me. Whatever. Even if he did, I wouldn't care. You're still my husband. Niall's still over here though. I sit on our bed. TV off. Just lying there. Thinking of you. I hope you hear my prayers at night. How I miss your brunette curls flopped all over the pillow. I miss your green eyes fluttering open every morning. I sleep in your spot. I don't want anyone else doing that. 

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