The worst possible thing could have happened to Harley. Harry was murdered. She writes in a journal to Harry. Harry wants Harley to move on. Will she be able to handle life? And will she fall for someone you would never expect.

Credit to the creator of "99 days without you" This is like that, but not Larry. (I don't ship it. No offense:) )


19. Day Eighteen:

Hey Harry. So I'm having a baby girl. We're naming her Princess. Niall loves it. I'll give birth to her in two months. Your mom has actually been helping me. Even though I married Niall, she still helps me because she knows how much I miss you everyday. That's why my baby is Princess Anne Horan. Your mom is my mom. Maura's amazing too, but Anne is there no matter what. I see where you got it from. I hope you can watch over Princess too. Thank you for being there, Haz. I love you. Forever and ever babe. 

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