Double The Hunger! Hunger Games Fan Fic

It is a regular Hunger Games.... with double the tributes


4. Chapter 4:A lot of screaming at the Capital

Authors Note~ Heeeey, srry I havent updated in like 9 months.... I kinda sorta lost my password to the Movellas account, but I finally got smart and just did the whole reset passwordy thing. Yeah, I felt stupid that I didnt do that before. BUT I AM HERE NOW, POSING AWAY!!!


After Limmi was done with me, we left the make-over room into the area with the carriages. This year there was double the carriages, and obviously, for the sponsors, Blan has to be in my carriage. This just proves how evil the Capital is, turning siblings against each other, FOR THEIR ENTERTAINMENT. I mean, who does that? I'll tell you who, the capital does. Wow, I am getting off track right not, like  A LOT. Aaaaanyway Blan is in a matching outfit except his shirt is darker and his flowers are blue, not purple like mine. In the other carriage Melisto and Scotcher obviously had different teams of make-over people, they were trees. Melisto was in a long brown dress with a slit at the hip, down to the end of the dress, and she wore as green shall, her hair braided with fake leaves twisted in. Scotcher, as much as I HATE to admit it, looked kinda nice. He had brown pants on and the shirt was like ombre but the top was green and the bottom was brown. His hair was a controlled mess with leaves just like Melisto's hair. 

After we were positioned on the carriages we waited as the two District 1 carriages left. Everybody was dressed either extravagantly or simply. Most of the Districts were like ours, one carriage was fancy, the other more simple. Soon, I began to feel the carriage move. The sudden movement kinda, almost, made me fall so I quickly grabbed my brothers hand for support. Surprisingly, this happened right as we exited the hidden area into the public square, causing the crowd to go completely crazy. REALLY CAPITAL ALL I DID WAS ALMOST FALL. Jesus! Sometimes I just want to scream at the Capital People. 

Once we reach the big opening of the square, we branch off from the other District 7 carriage, and ours goes to the left while theirs goes to the right.  When all the carriages are in the open area we are forming a sort of circle, as President Rivers steps up to make a speech. What is up with the Presidents' names being all object like? Anyway, he gives his speech, that I am waaaay to lazy to repeat, all I know is after the speech the carriages moved again, making a swirly thing as we went back to the hidden area. 

When we step off the carriages Kearena, and our mentor, Lukas, along with our stylists take us to the clear elevators that will take us to floor 7, where our rooms will be. Since Panem, now re-named Pemur. did I mention that we changed our name? I don think I did. We didnt change it much, so why didnt we just keep it Panem, I dont know. Anyway, Since Pemur moved to the continent used to be called, Europe, everything, including the Tribute suites, are new-and-improved. 

As soon as the elevator doors open, revealing the District 7 suite I cant help but scream at the Capital, in my head of course. EVERYTHING is tree and wood themed. The couches are brown, the carpet is green, the rug in the dining room is a tree. The chairs are some kind of plastic, made to look and FEEL like a tree. The flowers are mini trees, the trees are large trees, EVEN THE WALLS ARE WOOD WALLPAPERED!! "Wow, homey" I cant help but say sarcastically as we all step into the suite gaping at the idiocy of the Capital. "I know right," Scotcher says, after grunting at my comment. WAIT, did Scotcher just agree with me. Dude, the Capital is messing with my head.


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