Double The Hunger! Hunger Games Fan Fic

It is a regular Hunger Games.... with double the tributes


3. Chapter 3: A Flower

I wake up we are pulling into the Capitol. I rush to the window and gasp. Its huge!! Everyone is waving and yelling and screaming at us. They all look so... fake. For example we see one lady with radiant green hair and purple skin! One man was COVERED in piercings!! It was strange considering we were used to lumber jacks. Well most of us. Melisto lived in town. Her parents were sort of wealthy. We stood there watching them and them watching us for a moment before we got out of the train and to the remake center.   In any case you guys don`t know, the night the tributes arrive there is a tribute parade where the sponsors for the 'first' time get to see the tributes. Before the parade the tributes get stripped of all hair and dirt and basically get remade. We enter the area and my team get to work mumbling to themselves about MY personal hygiene. May I remind you, its MY personal hygiene, I am the one who is poor. THEY are the ones who have never gone to bed hungry. Do you get my point!?! I mean all the food that they waste could be sent to the poor districts and they would gratefully eat it!!!!!!   When my team has done 'everything they can do' they take me to the room where my stylist will get me dressed and ready. I stay naked. Soon a very simple man comes in and I don`t remember him from previous years. "Hi. My name is Limmi" He says, "I am Cinna`s nephew. I decided to follow his foot steps."  I nod that is where I have seen him. He is a spitting image of Cinna.    Limmi carefully walks around me not touching me in any way just kinda 'reading my figure' and 'noticing my body shape' as he told me. After he is done and I have put on my robe he looks at me smiling. "Like I said I wish to follow in my uncles footsteps." He says then continues " Im not going to dress you up in a tree or a lumber jack. You are going to be the beautiful flower on the leaves." He says and I can see his resemblance to Cinna shine again.   He dresses me in a green blouse like shirt and brown jeans. Simple but then he adds the flower. He puts a flower pin on my chest. Then he does my hair in a braid bun putting pink and yellow and orange flowers in my hair. Threading the stems through my hair. I love it. My hair looks like the spring blossoms before all the flowers on the trees fall. 
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