Double The Hunger! Hunger Games Fan Fic

It is a regular Hunger Games.... with double the tributes


2. Chapter 2: The Other Tributes

I watched Blan walk up to the stage and stand there. We had all seen this a million times so we knew what would happen next. We would have to shake hands dispite us being siblings. But that didnt happen today. Instead  Kearena pulled a small white envelope out of her pocket. "It is the 100th aniversery of the Hunger Games! So we will do something special this year. Lets find out what its is!" She said. Like she didnt know. She opened envelope and her expression was genuinely surprised. "This year. We will have DOUBLE the tributes!!" She says into the mic and a  silence spreads over the entire District 7. "I guess girls go first again." She said and walked back over. She pulled out another name and read. "Melisto Nima" She said. I knew the girl but not very well. She was a poor one like us so it didnt make any difference. Melisto came and stood next to me and Kearena walked over to the boys side. "Second Boy!" She reached her hand in and picked one card. She walked back over to the mic and unfolded the paper. "Scotcher Mena" Damn this is a very bad Hunger Games this year. Scotcher is like my enemy. We both hunt and gather a bit but instead of being friends we are enemys. We compete for costumers, Period.   We all shook hands and went into the District 7 Justice Building. As usual now is the time where loved ones come in. First to come in is my father. He is not a very vocal or emotional man so he is not crying or anything but he has his hand clenched around something. The opens his hand and hands me a necklace. "For your token" He says. I start tearing up and he tells me not to cry. I wrap my around him in a hug. "Thank you" I say and the peace keepers come in.Next is my mother. She runs up to me and hugs me. "Try to stay alive as long as possible. Don`t let your brother kill you and don`t kill your brother okay! There only can be one winner so if one of you win make sure you are not the one to kill. That would be terrible. I just visited your brother he said he would watch you an help keep you alive. And, and, and." She rambles on and on making me laugh lightly dispite the circumstances. "Its ok mom. I will do all of this." I say and the peace keepers come in take her away.    After then wisk us away to the train station and we just stand there for a second letting the photographers take our pictures. Get a good feel of us. After a while we finally got on the train and we gasp at the size of it. Kearena tells us that we can do anything untill dinner then we will go watch the recap of the reapings. I go to my chambers and take a shower. I just stand there and relax feeling the water run down my back. Before I know it Kearena is calling me to go out for dinner. I get out and dry off getting into a nice purple shirt and comfortable black matching pants going out to the dining car.    All 4 of us stuff ourselves with the rich capitol food. Before long all of our stomachs are filled and we are laying in the theater car watching the reapings. In all the career districts all the tributes are volunteers. In a few other districts tributes stick out. Like in district 8 a mean faced 17 year old boy was chosen. In 11 and 12 there were 2 12 year old`s. After the recaps we all go to sleep slowly drifting. 
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