Double The Hunger! Hunger Games Fan Fic

It is a regular Hunger Games.... with double the tributes


1. Chapter 1: MY BROTHER!!!!

Chapter 1



  I brush my long blonde hair into a pony tail, staring into the mirror. I am Cianna Tongo, District 7. I am 14 years old and it is the day of the Reaping. I have been in the drawing for 3 years now and gotten lucky. But every year I am still scared to death that I am going to be the tribute. After finishing putting up my hair I walk down stairs in my brown dress. Yes I know brown isnt a very pretty color but on this dress it is. I walk outside to find my 2 older brothers, 1 older sister, 1 younger brother and my parents outside waiting for me. "Time to go" My father says roughly. He is always like that on reaping day, rough and guarded. His sister was chosen on her first year when she was 12 and she was the first one do die. He hates this day.

As you guys know from Katniss there are the tesserae that the poor people in the districts can get which give you grain and things. Well every year me and all of my older siblings get one for everybody in the family. The oldest Blan is 18 now so he has his name in 49 times because he has the manditory slips then the 6 per year. Lornus who is 17 has 42 entries. Izna she is 16 has  35 entries, And finally me 15 I have my name in there 28 times.

We all headed through District 7 our home and the reaping area. I walked up to the pricker and gave the lady my hand flinching slightly as she drew the blood. After I walked to the area will all the girls in my class and waited. The District 7 escort Kearena Limpsona came out and walked up to the mic. like she always does. As most of you know from the whole Katniss thing Effie Trinket always says 'Happy Hungergames and May the odds be Eva in your Favor' but Kearena doesnt say that. She says 'Welcome! Lets watch the video then get this over with!' Well she doesnt say exactly that but pretty much. If she said that she would be punished.

Anyway she says her thing and we watch the video that has acctually changed. In case you dont know after the Katniss books and everything the capitol came back into power and completely re-made most of the districts. We dont even live in the same area as before, it is a whole different continent really. So much for 'Panem was all that was left of the world after that war'. Any way now it is the 100th Annual Hunger Games! Yay. If you didnt catch it, that was sarcasm. 

After the video about how the capitol took control back Kearena steps back up to the mic and says "Girls go first." She walkes over to the glass ball and sticks her hand in moving it around for a bit. The reaping system or really the entire Hunger Games system hasnt changed much sense before the rebellion number 2. She finally chooses a paper and walks back over to the mic proudly. Carefully unfolding it she reads. "Cianna Tongo!"

I freeze. Did she really just call? Wait what? Huh? Who? Me? "Cianna dear. Where are you" She calls into the mic. Wow. She really called MY name. I walk to the isle and the peace keepers surround me. The two behind me pushing me from my waist level on my back. I carefully reach my hand behind there and move their hands up. No way am I letting them put their hands that close to my ass. 

I step onto stage and stand waiting for the boys to be finished. Kearena walked silently over to the boys bowl and says "Boys turn!" She reaches into the bowl and I can see all my brothers and Mika`s faces white with the suspense of waiting. All of them except my younger brother has more entries than me. And in any case you are wondering Mika is my best friend, my other half, practically me as a boy. He has the same blue eyes with a little yellow in the middle. The same wavy white blonde hair. Even the same personality. No we are not dating or in a relationship. Acctually Mika and Izna are. Mika has 50 tesseraes. He has a real large family. Him being the oldest none of the younger ones are in the reaping yet. So he has to provide tesseraes for all 10 of them. 

Kearena pulls out a slip and walks to the mic unfolding it. Slowly she reads it. And its not Mika, its not Lornus. It is "Blan Tongo!" I freeze.He is my oldest brother.My brother that is closest to me,and I have to kill him?
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