Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


1. Meeting the Characters


Beatriz (Bia) is like a mother in the story, older than all the other girls, she already finished University in Brazil.
Mariana (Mari) is Bia's younger sister. She's finishing High School.
Melissa (Mel) is Bia's friend. She met Bia about a year before the begining of the fic. She's also finishing High School.
Emily (Mimy) and Alice (Cici) are Mel's friends. They lived in the same condo. Mimy They're both going to start High School.
Angelina (Angel) is a girl who's grandma lives at the same condo as the other girls.


I decided to show all the girls first, because during the fanfic you'll see lots of POV's.

Translate from Portuguese to English is a little hard, so I'll need maybe 1 week to post new chapters. If you're Brazilian, I can send you the link to the tumblr where I post the portuguese version. It already has 32 chapters posted.

I decided to try to translate, but I need feedback. So if I see that people are reading and leaving coments, I'll continue!

thanks! :)


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