Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


10. 9.

                 On Sunday morning I woke up, made breakfast for me and sat on the couch remembering from yesterday. I turned on the tv to see some videos and my cell phone rang.

                - Hey Bia, feeling better?

                - Hi Liam, yes, I think so! Did you talk to Andy?

                - Yes, and that’s why I’m calling. Can we go to your apartment in the afternoon?

                - Course you can! What time?

                - About… 15h (3PM), ok?

                - Yeah, sure!! See you later!

                - See ya, bye!!

                The girls woke up and I said Liam had called and Melissa ran to the bedroom to choose some clothes

                - Mel, he’s coming HERE, don’t need nothing extravagant!

                - Yep, he’ll find it strange!

                - No, I just need to put something better!

                - Yes, but no dresses or heels!

                - Course not!!!

                - Ok, let’s think about lunch. They’ll come and it’s late. We have to find out what to do.

                - Let’s go to McDonalds, near London Eye. – Said Mari

                - Yeah, sure… let’s go! – I said. We changed and walked to the restaurant.

                We ate and laughed.

                - I’m gonna buy some ice-cream! – said Mari

                - Bring me one! – I said

                - I’ll go with you! – Said Alice

                - Then bring one for me! – Said Emily

                - Do you want Mel? – Said Angel

                - Yep, bring one for me too!

                The girls went buy the ice-creams and we continue talking.      

                - Did you talk to Zayn, Bia?

                - Nope… He didn’t call me or texted me… I did the same.

                - You can’t pretend you don’t know each other! – Said Emily

                - I’ll not do this…  - the girls arrived with the ice-cream – But if he wants to play of being friends just in front of you and the boys, without Perrie knows about it, he’ll have what he wants!

                - Bia, don’t do anything you might regret later! – said Alice

                - I won’t!

                -  Ok, let’s go or Liam won’t find us at home! – said Melissa

                When we arrived I turned on my computer and started to separate some songs.

                - Is Liam coming alone?

                - Nope, he’ll bring Andy.

                - Well, Bia, try something with him… he’s hot! – Said Emily – And since you have nobody yet…

                - Yep, because I saw you all with the boys… - I said laughing

                - Maybe Andy let you play with his hair… - said Angel laughing – or not just the …

                - SHUT THE FUCK UP! Don’t even finish what you were gonna say! – I said – You know I’m not like these stupid “brainless” girls…

                - We know, idiot! We just wanna make you laugh!

                The doorbell rings and Mel runs to open the door. She hugged Liam and he introduced Andy to us. I hugged them and told them to sit. I threw a cushion on the floor with the notebook on my lap. Andy did the same and sit by my side

                - Let’s work DJ, what do we have here?

                I showed them some songs and they liked the beats.

                - I need to learn how to dance this! – said Andy

                - Are you serious, man? – Said Liam

                - Do I look like a liar? – he answered standing up

                - Ook, let’s do it! – I stand up too. I taught him some steps and he did it well. But after some time, just Mel and I were dancing. We used to go to dance class together, we really like to dance!

                - This is gonna be funny. You’ll be the sensation there! – said Andi grabbing his pen drive.

                - Talking about party – said Emily – What are we gonna dress like?

                - I already thought of this… - I made an evil face

                - Hum, should we be careful with it? – Asked Andy

                - Probably – said Liam – Well, we’re going now… see you on the weekend!!!

                - See yaaa!!! – we said

                The weekend went by and we decided to buy our clothes. We went to the shop and I showed them my ideas and we talked about some changes that were really good. They tried their costumes and then asked me

                - How about yours? – I got the dress and tried

                - Tcharan!!! – I said – What do you think?

                - A-MA-ZING! – they said – Really nice!

                At the end of the day, we had our dresses. Mel as Cheerleader, Alice as Mario Bros, Emily as CatWoman, Angel as Alice in Wonderland and Mari, who LOVES Johnny Depp’s movies, as Mrs. Lovett.

                And I? I bought a REALLY NICE Queen of Hearts costume. After this shopping afternoon, we stopped at Starbucks and then went back home.


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