Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


9. 8.

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Hope you like this one and I can see a party and a fight in the next 3 chapters! I'll try to update ASAP




               Saturday, before lunch, we decided to separate the clothes for tonight.

                - We’re gonna see his house! – said Alice

                - Yes!!! – Said the girls

                - As long as they have food, I’m cool! – Really Mari?!

                - Now you know why Niall and her are perfect for each other! – Said Angel

                - Yep… two kids! – I said laughing

                After spend the whole morning taking care of the apartment, we took a shower and got dressed. When we were about to leave, the porter calls.

                - Beatriz, there are two men here waiting for you and your friends.

                - Men? Ah… Ok! We’re going.

                - What happened? – Said Melissa

                - He said there are two men there, waiting for us…

                - Niall just sent me a text sister – said Mari – He said they sent us … DRIVERS?

                - What? – we all answered

                - This can’t get any better! – Said Emily joking

                Then we went downstairs and a Range Rover and a Jeep were waiting for us.

                - OMG! – said Mari

                - Hi, you should be Bia and the girls, I guess, are your friends!

                - Yes…

                - The boys said we should pick you up so… here we are!

                - Oh, thanks! Let’s goooo – I said to the girls

                - But in which one?! – Said Mari

                - Go in one and come back in the other – I said – go go go!!!

                They drove for about 20 minutes and then stopped

                - Here we are… When you decide to go back, ask them to call us!

                - I will… thank you!

                - Nice drivers! – Said Angel – EVEN the drivers are nice!

                We were welcomed by Louis and Eleanor. The girls acted normally, because they want to see them happy. Lou’s house was big, like we thought. We saw their awards and some gifts

                - There are some letters on the table, you can take a look – he said

                The girls went to the table to check and after a few minutes I heard

                - OH – said Emily

                - MY – said Alice

                - JOSH – said Melissa

                - What happened? – Asked Els worried

                - THEY RECEIVED OUR LETTER!!!!!!!!! – Screamed Angel

                - Really? – I said – Cool!!!

                - Yeah, we did! We really liked to know your friendship started because of us!

                - And we liked to now you read it! Bia sent you when she was in Ireland as an intercambist! – Said Mari

                - Have we read your letter? – said Liam, entering the room

                - Thanks for remembering – Said Emily – But I forgive you just because there are lots of them here!

                After look at the letter, Liam opened his arms to Mel and smiled. She went and hugged him and I saw him saying “thank you!”… After this, I’M gonna play CSI. When we went to the other room, we saw Niall eating (of course) and Harry watching sports. After a few minutes Zayn arrives with Perrie. I felt uncomfortable for a few seconds; I didn’t allow me to feel this way. Niall went to the kitchen and brought us some beer (for those who can drink!) and some Cokes. Harry changed the channel on tv and we started watching a movie. That’s when I heard them start talking…

                - How nice your wristband! – the girls glanced at me – I didn’t see it! Where did you get it? – they kept paying attention, trying to be discrete.

                - Ahm… A fan gave to me! – wait… WHAT? The girls looked at me with an incredulous face and I just took a deep breath.

                - Really nice! – she said and smiled.

                - Yeah, I really liked it too! – he answered smiling. But this smile faded away when he looked at me.

                - Lou… I’m not feeling well, I’m with a little headache, probably the beer – I started – do you have a room available?

                - Sure – he said – Upstairs, at the end of the corridor, last door on your right!

                - Ok, thanks! Call me when you have food…

                Then I went upstairs and easily found the bedroom. I closed the door behind me and laid on the bed.



                Of course I couldn’t tell Perrie, she wouldn’t like to know this… But I noticed Bia was sad and also noticed the glances the girls were sending and I bet they’re hating me now.

                - Babe, I need to go! I have rehearsals tomorrow! You open the door for me? – Perrie asked and I agreed. She said good bye to everybody, I took her to the door and came back

                - I’m going to the bathroom….

                I went upstairs and directly to the room she was. I knocked and nobody answered, then I just opened the door. She was in bed, looking to the ceiling, thinking.




                When he went upstairs, me and the girls looked to each other with worried eyes.

                - Did we miss something? – Said Justin

                - Do you remember the necklace? The one Zayn gave to Bia? – said Mari

                - Yes! – they said

                - She bought something for him… the wristband he’s wearing. – said Angel

                - And we heard him talking to Perrie. She asked where did he get that and he said it was a fan who gave him… - Said Emily – And she felt bad with it… I know it’s true, but he could’ve said it was her!

                - So I bet he didn’t go to the bathroom – Said Harry.

                - Yeah, I think not – you THINK Emily?

                - I just hope they don’t fight…



                I heard the knockings on the door, but didn’t answer, hoping the person to go away, thinking I’m sleeping. But no, the person just opened the door and entered and I knew who was. He stared at me and I just close my eyes, counted to 3 and got up. I sent him a sad look and I know he had known he did something wrong.

                - Why? – I said, it was all I could say.

                - She wouldn’t understand! She’d be jealous and…

                - Are you ashamed of our friendship? You don’t want to tell to her we’re friends! You THINK she’s gonna be mad at it, but you don’t know! I know I’m a fan, but I gave it to you as a FRIEND, you could’ve said that to her! I could’ve tell something and I’m sure she would understand!

                - I’m not ashamed… it’s just…

                - Just…?

                - It’s not that easy!

                - What is not easy?

                - Our friendship, it’s not that simple, that easy!

                - I thought you were more mature Zayn. Not so simple? Not so easy? Like that? No reasons?

                - I didn’t find how to explain to you Bia I…

                - Then TRY! Because I was upset because you did th… - Then he kissed me. Not like this was the last day of our lives and we’d never do that again… It was calm and it finished as quick as started

                - This is the reason – he said – Do you understand now?

                - Yes, I do… but you have a girlfriend. You can’t have us both Zayn.

                - But… I like you!

                - Sorry Zayn, I like you too, but I can’t! Not until you break with her! I’m not this kind of person. But this is your choice.

                - I know… - he turned his back and pretended to leave, but turn around and kissed me again, but I cut it…

                - Zayn… - I said turning my head and closing my eyes. And then he left, leaving me with my thoughts.

                It didn’t have to happen again to make me understand what I was feeling.



                I knew I was wrong, but I couldn’t control it! It was stronger than me. But she’s right. I have Perrie.

                I think I made a BIG mistake, but my heart says it was the best mistake I’ve ever made. I know I like her, but I just can’t throw everything I have with Perrie away.

                I need to be alone… I need to think!



                I came back to the living room, the girls looked at me with “tell us later” eyes. Then Liam said Andy called him inviting us to a party.

                - It’s gonna be a Fantasy Party! – he said

                - NIIIIIIIICE – the girls said

                - But he want some help… any ideas?! – He asked

                - Hum… some Brazilian songs! – Said Mel

                - Yes, I can put some in a pen drive… Just take one for me tomorrow! – I said

                - Ok, I’m gonna talk to him!

                We decided to go back home a few hours later. I didn’t talk to zany anymore and gave him just an awkward hug before leave.

                - Start talking Bia – Said Angel when we were at home, in the sofa with our pajamas.

                - He said he couldn’t tell her because she’d be jealous and I said looks like he’s ashamed of our friendship. He got upset and tried to tell me it’s not true but there’s no way to discuss… he’s presuming something he doesn’t even know, without even try! – I couldn’t tell them about the kiss, I wasn’t even thinking well about it.

                - Don’t be sad, sometimes he didn’t have the intention… - Said Mel

                - I know Mel, but I’m tired of hiding friendships, I like him, we have some similar ideas and I think I could handle with the situation if she said something. I know I’m a fan but, like I said to him, I gave it as a friend!

                - She’s right Mel – Said Angel

                - Don’t worry sis, maybe he’s just insecure. I bet none of them were used to have friendships like this. – said Mari

                - I’m going to bed – I said – But first, Mel, what was the hug thing?

                - A… hug, maybe??

                - Yes, I know but why?

                - He told me what happened between Dani and him, we texted for a long time and he said he wanted a hug, that’s all

                - Hum… ok, just a Hug!

                - Yes Emily, just a hug!

                - Ok, I’m gonna sleep now – I said – Good night! – I went to the kitchen, got a cup of tea and walked to my room.

                I turned on my iPod on shuffle and that whole thing didn’t leave my mind... Until I fell asleep.

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