Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


8. 7.

               Another week goes by so fast. I was coming back home and decided to take a look at the stores on my way home. I saw a different wristband in a store and decided that I was going to buy it. I arrived home and showed the girls. They liked. I guess they stopped seeing things where there’s nothing and I think I may be enjoying the idea of having a new best friend.

                - I think it’s different, this leather details – I said about the gift

                - Yep, it’s really cool! – Said Mel.

                I told them they’re free to call the boys to come on Friday, because I didn’t have to work and, by lunch time, my apartment was full of crazy people.

                - Mel, can you help me please? – I said

                - Sure!

                We came to my bedroom.

                - Something is wrong with Liam…

                - I noticed… I think they broke up!

                - I don’t know… try to talk to him to see if he says something…

                - I’ll try!

                Then we came back to the living room laughing

                - Zayn, can I talk to you for a second? – I asked

                - Sure! – We went to the kitchen

`              - Well, you gave me the necklace, I felt I had to give you something...

                - You didn’t need to…

                - I know… - I gave him the small box – I hope you like it!

                He opened the box and took the wristband

                - It’s really cool, I liked it! – I helped him putting it and he hugged me

                - I’m happy you like it…

                And we stayed in this hug for a few minutes. How can someone come and captivate you in a month or a little more?

                We came back to the living room and the girls were listening to some Brazilian music and dancing like the Brazilian dancers

                - I missed listening to this! – I said

                - Come dance with us! – Alice said… I went with them and we and the boys laughed a lot.

                - Well – Said Louis – I wait for you tomorrow at home, ok?

                - Sure, we’ll be there! – Alice said

                - Are the girls coming? – I asked

                - Ahm… just Els and Perrie… Dani and I broke up today…

                - Oh – said Mel – ahm… you can count on us for whatever you need!

                - Thanks girls – he said a little sad, making Mel feel the same. They left and we were too tired to talk, so we went to bed.



                Ok, he’s sad! I don’t have anything against her. She’s beautiful, dances really well and I think she really made him happy…

                - If you’re thinking Liam’s break up has anything to do with you or us, I’ll kick your ass! – Said Angel

                - Weren’t you sleeping?

                - Nope – Said Mari

                - Are you reading my mind?

                - It’s not even necessary. His first break up you cried the whole day!

                - But it’s different now! She was a little jealous and I can’t help feeling a little guilty!

                - If he can’t have girls as friends because he’s dating, I think this was the best thing to do… - Said Mari

                - Yes, but break ups are not easy… you need some time to get used not to have “good nights” and “I love you” messages!

                - You can do this! – Said Angel…

                - Are you nuts? – I said – What the hell am I gonna send? “Liam babe, I don’t wanna see you sad, come to my arms!”

                - Sounds good to me – Said Angel

                - NO WAY!

                - You should just make him trust you… tell him you’re here for him!

                - Ok, I sent “Are you awake? I was worried about you, if you need to talk, I’m here!”

                - Let’s see if he is awake! – Said Mari

                - He is… - My cell vibrates – “Yes… Thank you!! Are you awake because of me?” oh, thanks girls, now he just … - then my cell phone vibrates again – forget it… “I’m kidding… there’s nothing much to say, we broke up and I don’t think we’re gonna get back together.”

                - Huum… can I answer?

                - NO!

                - Then I’m gonna sleep! – said Mari

                - I answered “It’s gonna be what it’s supposed to be… You two have to be happy. Don’t worry about this!”

                - And he?

                - “I’ll get over it! Just a little time! Are the girls awake?”

                - You can say we’re sleeping… I am tired – said Angel.

                I went to the living room, turned on the TV on Disney Channel and sent him a message telling they’re sleeping. He talked to me for a long time, telling me everything. He told that it wasn’t our fault, that they were already having some problems, then he send me “I really want a hug tomorrow!” I answer him I’d give him a hug. Of course I would, I like him more than I like Disney Channel’s cute movies!


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