Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


7. 6.

Here it goes another one! :)



My Friday at the bookshop was tiring. Some new books arrived and I spent most of my time putting prices and organizing the shelves. When I arrived home, everybody was there.

                - Guys, I’m hooome – I said

                - Hey Bi… - Lou startd but stopped – Bia, are you ok? You’re pale!

                - Yeah Lou, I’m fine… I just couldn’t eat very well today… Some new stuff arrived at the store and I had to organize everything.

                - We’re gonna order some pizzas, but I’m sure someone can help me doing something for you with you have in the kitchen… Do you want? – Asked Harry

                - Don’t worry babe, I’m ok! – I said – Just… can you call ordering the pizzas now? I’m gonna take a shower and I think time will pass a little faster…

                - Is you’re “internal Niall” screaming? – Said Alice laughing and Niall looked with a weird face

                - Don’t worry Niall, that’s how they call “stomach”… - I said and he laughed – By the way, Alice… no, he isn’t screaming anymore, he came outside and hit me about 20 times! – I said and when I was leaving, I heard the door bell.

                - Jusssssssteeeeeen – the girls screamed

                - He had to go to some places and came back now – said Alice, while Angel went to open the door.

                - Justin, this is Bia, our mother or… something like this! – Said Angel

                - Hi, nice to meet you!

                - Hello! – I said – I hope Angelina didn’t overreact when she saw you…

                - Ahm… a little bit – he said laughing and she blushed

                - I hope the porter don’t call … - I said looking at them

                - We’re not this crazy Bia…!!! – Said Emily

                - Oh, of course! – I said ironically – I’ll be right back! – and left.



                - Ok, who’s gonna call? Because I’m not gonna do it! – I said

                - No – Said Mel

                - I won’t – said Angel

                - Don’t even look at me – Said Alice

                - The boys can’t, for obvious reasons…  Mimy?

                - Oh fuck! I hate doing this! Gimme the phone.

                After order the pizzas, we were still talking but this time, about pizzas. I don’t even know how but it turns to cars, London, Brazil, The X Factor and finally to Brigadeiro. After about half an hour, we decided to take the plates and everything.



                I finished drying my hair and went to the kitchen, to have a glass of water.

                - Tough day?

                - Hey Zayn! Yep, really tiring. I worked out for a week. Don’t even need to pay for a Gym. – I said and he laughed

                - I want to give you something…

                - Give me something? Why?

                - No special reason… just a gift! – he gave me a small red box

                - Oh, how cute! – I said, it was a necklace with a swallow. – I really liked it, but you didn’t need to give me anything

                - I’m happy you liked!

                - Here, help me! – I turn and he put it on my neck. – I will use it all the time

                - I’ll pay attention to see if you really will! – He said and smiled

                When we came back to the living room, the girls noticed my new necklace and sent me a “we’ll ask you later” look.

                We talked, ate and then went back to the kitchen to prepare the brigadeiro. We showed them how to mix the condensed milk, the chocolate and the butter and they kept trying to “steal” a little bit.

                - Stop it – I said – no more stealing!

                - Hum… guys, why don’t we go back to the living room and leave Bia finish here? Zayn, can you help her with the dishes? – said Emily

                - Yeah, sure! – He smiled. I not saying I wasn’t expecting them to do this.



                I wasn’t the only one to notice what was happening there. We all left to let them talk.

                - Am I the only one that saw a necklace where there was nothing?

                - No… Zayn bought on our way to Justin’s hotel in the afternoon.

                - How cute! – Said Angel

                - Not completely – I said

                - I think we should see this as a friendship… - said Mari

                - I think it’s better.

                - How long will we wait until the brigadeiro? – Said Niall making everybody laugh.



                It was awkward at first, but then we started talking about Brazil and how was my decision of moving to London. We talked about his life in this aspect too.

                - And how about your girlfriend? – I had to ask… - She seems nice!

                - She is! A bit Jealous. You’ll meet her next weekend. Lou is going to do something at his house, he’s probably talking with the girls about it.

                - That’s nice!!! – I said

                We talked a little more about relationships and how I didn’t have any good experiences… Then we decided to go back there with the boys and girls.

                - Hey hey… - I said with the brigadeiro in one hand and the dishes in the other – Here your spoons and Liam, your fork, Mel, yours too… - he looked at her and laughed

                - Why are you eating with a fork?

                - Mel… - I said closing my eyes – PLEASE tell me you told him…

                - Ahm… no? – she blushed

                - Mel doesn’t eat with spoons because YOU don’t eat with spoons – said Angel

                He started laughing and I send a thumbs up to Mel, who started laughing happy.

                - So… what do you say? – I asked

                - I WANNA BUY A TRUCK FULL OF THIS! – Niall… of course!

                - Hey… that’s too much!

                - What? – Said Mari – And do you really think I wouldn’t do this? I didn’t because it would be you or the truck in my bedroom and I thought that maybe you would feel uncomfortable on the couch. – Everybody laughed and Niall was like a child looking at her, I think he noticed she’s perfect for him

                - How nice of you sister! – I said

                After eat, I took the dishes to the kitchen, with Zayn helping me, and the girls started singing a Brazilian song

                - HEY, STOP IT! – I said laughing

                - What’s that? – Zayn asked in the kitchen

                - Nothing… Brazilian songs that you’ll probably don’t want to know what means!

                Later the boys went home and we were at the living room

                - Bia… - started Mel – What’s this necklace?

                - It’s… a necklace? – I said

                - A necklace ZAYN gave you…

                - How do you know?

                - Liam told us…

                - If you already know, then why are you asking me?

                - Details!

                - There’s no “details”

                - Hum… I’ll discover by myself

                - There’s nothing to “discover” Melissa… Stop pretending to be on CSI, ok?

                - But Bia…

                - No buts guys…. He has a girlfriend, I respect this. I’m not gonna do anything because it’s not right. No matter how I feel, it’s not right.

                After this, they decided to go to bed…

                - Next week we’re going to Lou’s. But I’m sure they’ll come during the week… - said Alice

                - I hope so! – Said Emily… - Night girls!

                - Good night – we all said.

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