Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


6. 5.

Another one because I'm a nice person!! hahaha... It's short. The time I need to post depends on the size of the chapter and how long it takes to translate...

Hope you like... Leave a coment!! :)




                Sunday was all about the show. The girls kept talking about this the hole day.

                I was in the kitchen when I hear someone scream

                - OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGGGGG… Harry sent me a message!!!!! – I don’t think I need to say who was screaming. Yep, Emily.

                - Jesus, I thought there was a rat in your bed! – I said

                - I wouldn’t scream so much if it was a rat! – wait, what?

                - What did he say? – asked the girls

                - That they’re free on Friday night and they’ll bring pizza!!!

                - Great! I don’t need to cook or spend money with food! I’m loving more and more each day this friendship! – they sent me angry looks – Oh, c’mooon!!! I don’t have money to buy food for 11 people!

                - And he’s asking if… OMG! He wants to know if Justin can come with them…  He’s here and will stay for some time.

                - Well… of course he can come! – I said

                - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH THANK YOU!!!! – Angel freaked out

                - Ok then… this week you have to help me cleaning the apartment and buy the things for the Brigadeiro. – I said and they agreed.

                The week was alright until Wednesday, when I arrived home

                - Giiirls, I’m ho… WHAT THE FUCK? – Ok Bia, breathe! You’re not crazy, there are NOT 5 boys in your apartment… *blinks 1x… 2x… 3x…” WHY ARE THEY STILL HERE?

                - Ahm Bia… we didn’t want to bother you in your work and the boys told us they were free tonight so we called them here! – said Mel…

                - I can see that! – I said ironically – ok, here’s the deal… I love every single one of you, including the boys… but please, I mean…. PLEEEEEEEEASE call me next time! Don’t forget this is my house too! – I said and they nodded…  - Ok, who wants popcorn??

                - ME – Said Niall jumping

                - Ok, I’ll change into something more comfortable and I’ll be right back – I said

                After changing, I came back right to the kitchen. I don’t like microwave popcorn so much, so I decided to do it on the pan. I had to do more than one bowl of popcorn.

                - Round one… here it goes!

                - YAAAAAAY – the girls went crazy!

                - It reminds me that Brazilian song about people jumping like popcorn… - said Alice

                - Yes, but no need to sing… please! – I said making my way back to the kitchen

                I was making another round when I feel somebody in the kitchen, looking behind me I saw Zayn.

                - Hey! Need something? Is the popcorn over?

                - No!

                - No…? like, you don’t need anything or the popcorn is not over yet? – he smiled

                - Both! They’re 9 there and just you here… I was thinking maybe you want some company.

                - How nice of you!

                He laughed

                - You’re better laughing than angry… but I think I understand you – he said

                - Ahm… thanks! Yeah, it’s not easy. I had a lot of problems with friends and it made me think twice about trusting people… - We started talking, sometimes he took the popcorn there and sometimes I did. He was easy to talk to… We talked about everything, including tattoos and the fact that I love that and I wanted to do one or 10.

                - Let’s go back there? – I said

                - Sure!

                We came back with the boys and girls and kept talking about lots of things. Sometimes our eyes met.

                They left a few hours later and I washed the things. The girls fall asleep in the couch, what made me happy because I wasn’t in the mood to talk about Zayn.



                We had a good time there, I didn’t regret going to their house. They’re nice, they don’t scream all the time and we are able to talk like normal people. There’s just one thing that isn’t correct… Zayn. He was weird all the time, until Bia arrived. Then he started smiling snd followed her to the kitchen. Zayn, what were you doing?

                - Hey man, tell me what’s going on with you?

                - Nothing.

                - You like her, don’t you? Bia?

                - What? No! Where did you get this from?        

                - I don’t know… you smiled when she arrived, you left us to be with her in the kitchen!

                - I was just helping her! We were just talking! Nothing more than this!

                - That’s good. But I’m sure you wanted!

                - No I didn’t!

                - Ok, whatever. We’re going there on Friday. Please, if you want to try something with her, break up with Perrie first!

                - Did the boys noticed?

                - Course they did… everybody did. Are you telling you want something with her?

                - No, I’m not! What’s the problem of be friends with a fan?

                - No problem at all… They’re nice girls. But I’m sure you….

                - No, “I nothing” … I’m going home to see Perrie… See you man.



                Thursday was fine, I met the girls for a milkshake and they were beyond happy because of our friendship with the boys…

                - Ok, Bia, start talking – Said Melissa… I think she’s watching too much CSI.

                - I am talking!

                - C’mon, we saw you and Zayn… - Angel said

                - We were just talking!

                - About?

                - Normal things… Music, what I’m thinking about London, what I’m thinking about living with 5 girls and take care of them… this normal things!

                - I think you like him… - Said Emily – too much!

                - I don’t… stop seeing things where there’s nothing to be seen! – I said

                - Ok… you can try to deny, but I keep my opinion – she said

                - Ok… - I said. We finished our day buying things for the brigadeiro and came back home.

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