Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


5. 4.

Just a small note first...

You're gonna see Dani here... It's only because when my friends and I started writting it, Liam wasn't with Sophia... (at least we didn't know about her...)

Another thing - We don't have ANYTHING against their girlfriends. This is just a STORY! ok???

Hope you like this new chapter! Leave a coment, pleeeeeeease!!!!



                My alarm went off at 8:30(am). I woke up, made some breakfast and went to wake the girls up. I opened the doors and started singing “Time to get Up” hitting a pan with a spoon and screaming…

                They jumped out of the bed (literally) and, after run after me trying to kill me, went to have some breakfast

                - Ok, let’s see… we have to make cupcakes and “Brigadeiro” …  - I said – You get the ingredients and I mix them.

                - ok! – they said

                In about one hour we had everything done. They packed it and put in their bags. (Their idea was to take one for each boy… THEIR idea, because I wasn’t going to do anything!)

                They took a shower and change into normal outfits this time. We left to the show and arriving there, took our places, a little bit far this time, but they were excited about twitter and M&G. Unfortunately they didn’t read the girl’s tweets this time, but after the show they were still happy.

                - Girls, I need to go to the bathroom – I said, once I was with a brilliant idea in my mind

                - But Bia… Now? – said Emily

                - Go and we’ll wait for you there! – said Alice

                - Nooooo, you’ll go with me.

                - Ok, I got it! – said Mari – Ifwegowecanbethelast! – she said fast!

                - What? – said Mel

                - If we go, we can be the last!!! – said Mari

                - Thanks, God for a smart sister!  I said. – So, let’s go now…

                We went to the bathroom and then to the place where the M&G was going to happen.

                -Wristbands please?

                We all showed ours and the guy said to another

                - They’re the last ones…

                YES, we made it! And I send a “Thank me later” look to the girls

                The line was getting smaller and smaller until there were only us.

                When we entered the room, the girls freaked out and I wanted to hide myself. I stopped and waited the girls stop freaking out around them, but while waiting I took some pictures of them.

                - Bia? What are you doing standing there? – said Mel

                - I’m waiting for you… what else do you think I’m doing?

                - Idiot! – said Mari laughing

                - Love you too babe… - I said – Can I say Hi now? – I asked them and they laughed – Don’t laugh!!! You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have a house for you!

                - Oh, so you’re the friend with a house! – Said Liam

                - Yep… - I said – Beatriz, but you can call me Bia, nice to meet you! – I went to give him a hug, and then did the same with the other boys.

                - Why did you move to London? – Said Niall with his mouth full of Brigadeiro

                - Because I fell in love – I said and noticed Zayn moving uncomfortably by my side – with the city! I loved London since the first time I couldn’t stay in Brazil for too long after this…

                - And we came to study – said Emily – And stay with this angry creature – said pointing to me – We came to bring some happiness to her!

                - Oh boy… what the hell is this? – I asked and everybody laugh – I’m not THAT angry! I’m… normally angry!

                - I can see by the way you look – said Lou

                - Heeeeeeyyyy – I said – naaaah, you don’t even know me!!! Not fair!

                - She’s right – Said Liam… thanks God someone is sens…. – Wait until we became close friends! – whatever!

                - I have an idea! – Said Mari – you could come to our apartment to learn how to do Brigadeiro!

                - Sounds like a good idea to me – Said Niall

                - Yep, it’s just because you said nobody loves you… that’s not true! – Said Angel – NEVER say this again – she said pretending to be angry

                - Ok, I won’t… just because you girls asked me to…. – He said blushing.

                - When you suggest? – asked Harry

                - Whenever you can – said Angel

                - Ok, I just need to check if… nah, forget it! – started Liam

                - If…? – Said Mel

                - If Dani will not complain about it… We’re having a bad time together.

                - Hum – I said, looking to Mel

                - And I need to talk to Perrie - Said Zayn

                - Guys, that’s not a problem. We don’t wanna put you in bad situation with your girlfriends, you can bring them with you! – I said

                - Actually the only one that surely has a girlfriend is Zayn… But we’ll see what we do – Said Louis.

                - That’s why I’m single… Relationship are too complicated to me! – I said

                - Nope, you’re single because you always want someone you can’t have – Said Emily and everybody started to laugh

                - I have who I want, when I want EMILY … - I said angrily.

                - Uoooou, easy girls, don’t fight! – Said Lou

                - I think we all can be good friends!  - I said smiling

                - Boys, they’re time is over! – said one of the security guys

                We gave our numbers to the boys and they gave them to us… The girls were saying goodbye when I felt a hand on my shoulder

                - It was good to meet you! – he said

                - Good to meet you too – I said smiling and gave him a hug, noticing he was took by surprise.

                And we went back home.



                And after 3 shows, I finally met her! I must confess I was a little disappointed when I didn’t see any tweet from the Brazilian girls…

                She was a little shy, me too… Then she gave me a hug, and…I liked it!

                - Daydreaming Zayn? – said Louis

                - Yes… about the day you’ll leave me with my thoughts!

                - Hum… someone is stressed…

                - Or is he “normally angry”? – Niall… you’d better swallow this fucking cupcake!

                - Ok guys, stop! – Said Liam

                - Thanks Liam

                - But you liked her, don’t you?

                - Nope

                - Yes, you did!

                - Shut up kitten cupcake!

                - C’mon Zayn! – Said Harry

                - Changing the point… is it a really good idea to go meet them to that… sweet?!

                - I think so! – Me and my mouth that NEVER stays shut!

                - Oh, hi there Mr “I wanna see her again!”

                - I don’t wanna see her again! – I said and they looked at me in chock – I just think it’s a nice idea doing this for Niall…

                - Heeeeey, don’t use my constant hungry as an excuse!!!

                - You say like she’s the only girl we’re gonna see there…

                - Ok, but YOU wanna see HER – said Lou – And Liam and I have some problems that aren’t exactly problems with Els and Dani…

                - That’s why I love Perrie and I’m good with her!

                - Are you saying I don’t like Eleanor?

                - No, I’m saying you’re finding excuses for not being there…

                - No, I’m just…

                - Ok, enough… let’s see… - Here we go again with Harry and his thoughts – There are 6 fans, living their dream… we’re part of this dream…         

                - They didn’t say this!

                - Don’t be silly! Directioners in London!

                - Ok, go on!

                - Ok… Let’s suppose we’re part of this dream, are we really gonna deny this? Ok, I understand Lou and Liam are going through a bad moment in the relationship, but I don’t think they’re doing anything wrong! – everybody was quiet, thinking. – And Zayn…

                - Let’s forget this for a moment… - said Lou…

                - Thanks bro! – I said

                - But did you see how they hugged us? Imagine if someone takes a picture?! – said Liam

                - Liam, they’re fans! They were hugging us like fans! We deal with this everyday! Did you want them to shake our hands? – You made your point, Niall!!!



                - Bia… what was that hug? I think you may be interested in someone and, as you said, you have who you want whe…

                - Alice, stop! – I said. – I may have who I want, but I’m not this kind of girls that will ruin a relationship!

                - I said you always want what you can’t have – Said Emily

                - Yes, you did… In front of the wrong person!

                - At least you defended yourself! – Said Mel – And you didn’t have to say that Emily! Honestly? It was evident that he liked you!

                I didn’t even answer. Because deep inside I liked him a lot!


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