Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


4. 3.

                               Here we are again. Another show, another Day the girls dressed like the boys, another try to meet them… And our hearts almost in the same rhythm as Josh’s drums. After the girls cry all they could (and a little more), it was Twitter time again.

“Advantages of having a friend living in London, you can come more than once!!!” – Angelina (and our seats)

                               “You gotta be kidding me!” – I thought – “I was trying to be invisible today!!!”.

                                - Heeey – Said Harry – I remember you!!!

                               - Me too… did you bring the….. Sweet you told last time? No? Ok, nobody loves me in this world! – said Niall making the girls laugh

                               - Nice to see you here again! – Said Liam

                            The girls didn’t even breathe because they were talking to them again…

                             - By the way… a house here? You must be having parties everyday! – said Harry laughing

                            - Good to see you again girls! – HE said… his voice is beautiful!

                            The girls looked at me begging for an answer

                                - It’s good to be here again, Brazilian girls wait for you there!

                               - We can’t wait to go – said Louis…

                               The boys kept coming and making funny faces for the girls and I was feeling a little awkward with his looks… But I decided to take more pictures and laugh with them…

                               When the show ended, we went to the M&G line and saw some people talking about something that happened backstage.

                                - Excuse me – I said – What happened?

                               - The M&G was canceled.

                               - What? Why? – I asked but he ignored me. So I went back to the girls – The M&G was canceled, let’s go home…               

                               - WHAT?  - said Emily, in Portuguese

                               - Emily, be quiet! – said Alice – you’re embarrassing us!

                               - I DIDN’T COME ALL THE WAY FROM BRAZIL FOR NOTHING!

                               - Emily, stop – said Angel – Everybody is looking at us!

                               - Mel, take the girls outs… - I started when I saw Emily going to talk to the security guy – for fuck’s sake Emily, STOP! – I screamed

                               - LISTEN TO ME, I CAME ALL THE WAY FROM BRAZIL, I’M NOT GOING HOME WITHOUT TALK TO THEM! – Emily screamed in Portuguese

                               - Emily, he does not understand you, STOP! – I said, then I turned to him – Sorry Sir, she’s a little angry, it’s nothing!

                               - LET ME GO BEATRIZ!  

                               - EMILY ENOUGH! Or you come with me NOW, or you don’t need to come back to my house, ok? – I said. She started crying and then left

                               - Emily, unnecessary! – Said Alice

                               - Ok girls, that’s it… she was angry, but she’ll be better soon. – I said



                She was there again. I felt my heart beat faster just looking at her! I was happy we still had the M&G, until that guy comes…. Now I’m with a bruise and she’s not here anymore!



                All I could think about was the bruise he had… What happened?

                When we arrived home, the girls went to the computer.

                - Hey, looks like a guy was there and Zayn had a fight with him… something about pictures and privacy…

                - This is wonderful for their career!  - I said to myself, but it was a little too loud

                - Imagine you with him, and he got jealous about another guy and…

                - Don’t! Alice, don’t! I don’t like this kind of behavior, not with me! – I said…

                - Ahm, sorry… it was too much! – she said

                We talked a little bit more and then went to bed.

                Next day I took them to their tests, and waited for them.         

                - How did you go? – I asked

                - I don’t know… we’re used to do tests in Portuguese, these were in English! – Said Mel – But I think we can make it!

                - Ok, then let’s go. You have to pack!

                At the apartment, I helped them packing and then we made some pizzas

                - I hope this is the last time we say goodbye – I said

                - It will be! I hope… - said Mari

                - Then decide who’s gonna sleep with who, because you have different times to wake up! – I said

                - No problem… it’s gonna be Emily and Cicy in a room and Mari, Angel and I in the other – said Mel.

                - Great! Let’s sleep… I have to work tomorrow too!!

                After a long time crying, I came back to the bookshop. After a few days Mark called me about another show. They’ll do a new one because of the problem with the last M&G. He remembered that we went and called me telling he had reserved the tickets for us.

                I went back home and talked with the girls on Skype. They had the letters from the school and college but were afraid to open.

                - Open in 3… 2… 1… GO! – I said and they opened together

                - OOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GOD WE DID IT! – they said

                They kept screaming and crying and trying to talk for about 30 minutes. We decided a few things of their travel and turned off the call.

                During the week until they arrive, I printed the pictures of them in the show and put in their rooms. I took some time to buy things, organize the apartment… When the special day came, my apartment was beautiful and ready for its 5 new owners!

                I picked them up at the airport and came home to leave the baggage, then we went to Nando’s to celebrate. When we arrived back home they ran to the bedrooms because I said I had a surprise.

                - Oh Bia it’s beautiful!!! – said Mel

                - We didn’t see you taking the pictures – Said Emily

                - We loved it!!! – said Angel

                - I’m glad you liked! – I smiled – But… let’s go to bed, tomorrow we have to buy things to make cupcakes and “brigadeiros”.

                - Ok, good night Bia!! – they said

                - Good night girls!!



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