Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


3. 2.

                 Finally Saturday!! I woke up, prepared a huge breakfast for me and the girls and, while they’re still sleeping, went to the grocery near home to buy some fruits and water. When I arrived, they were watching SpongeBob.

                - Morning girls! Did you sleep well? – I said

                - Morning Bia! Goooosh, we slept like angels! We were tired from yesterday! – Said my sister.

                - IIIIII’M A GOOFY GOOBER YEAHHHHH!!! – sang (or better, SCREAMED) Melissa…

                - Jesus Melissa! What the hell was that? – said Alice who was half asleep in the couch.

                - You say like you don’t know her enough, Alice! – Said Emily

                - I’m surrounded by idiots! – said Angel pretending to be Scar (from Lion King)

                - Ok, dear hosts, I’m gonna make some pancakes! There’s already juice, milk and coffee on the table. C’mon!

                While we were eating, they were getting less and less sleepy, and I realized how it’s going to be difficult to say goodbye. They were going together, but I’ll be going to stay… Alone!

                - Well, it’s 10:30h (10:30am), the concert will be at 19h (7PM). We have to go around 17h (5PM). Things here are more organized, so we have enough time.

                - I wish Brazil was like this… But to see them in a good place, we should camp in front of the stadium… - said Alice

                - And I wouldn’t – I said – São Paulo is too dangerous to do this!

                - Yeah, it’s crazy! But I would do it! – said Emily

                - Of course you would Mimy… and with “Harry, kiss me” wrote in your forehead!  - Said Angel laughing

                When we finished our breakfast, they went to check their clothes. I just said they should take a jacket, because it could be cold when the show ends.

                About 13:30h (1:30PM) I made something for lunch, we ate and they went change. I wasn’t going to use clothes like the boys, and they were. So I had enough time to take a shower and dry my hair.

                They were already dressed and we took care of each other’s hair and makeup. Alice was dressed like Lou, Melissa like Liam, Angel like Zayn, Emily like Harry, Mari like Niall and me? Well, I was dressed like… Bia!

                - Ok, let’s take a picture!!! – I said going to grab my cam in the bedroom – On 3, 2, 1 … give me some space – I turned the timer on and ran. After the “click” and the flash, I grab the cam – Wooow, really nice this one! I’m gonna buy a photo frame and put this pic in it!

                - And post it on Facebook, so we can get it! – said Emily

                - Ok, let’s go! Can’t wait to see them!! Especially Liam. – said Melissa – I can’t believe we’re gonna be close to the stage!

                - Yep… Ok, ok, I met a guy at the bookstore, and he works there. Bus he couldn’t help me this time. I’ll try next concert! – I Said

                - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY – they screamed together.

                - Guys, stop screaming! – I said

                We arrived at the O2, and it’s reeeeeeeeally big! They opened the doors and it was kind of organized to enter. Well, much more than Brazil!

                - Here – I said – our seats!

                - Hey, we’re really close! – said Mari

                - Well, let’s sit for a while… it’s gonna be impossible when the show starts – said Angel.

                We were talking and I said they’re gonna do another concert and told them to come again, so they can do the tests for school and stay to see the other concert.

                They turned off the lights, and the screens showed a “Sold Out” message. Well, if you see how crowded was the place and how famous they were, it’s not a surprise.

                When they came to stage, I thought the girls were gonna die! (ok, not that much, but….). They were more than I thought. Different styles, different voices but together they’re a really good team. Just one question to myself… Why does “badboy looks” catch my attention? Argh, not again, not again!



                Ok, from here I can’t touch him, but the view is really good! Scream, sing, dance… it’s all part of it! They’re perfect, I always thought this… now I’m sure! Thank God we were using waterproof makeup… Or I’d look like a panda after Little Things!



                And we’ve come to the most waited hour of the show… Twitter! ALL the girls were waiting for their tweets to be read and then….

“Hey!! We came all the way from Brazil to see you! How about a Brigadeiro?” – Mari (and our seats)

                I had to blink a thousand times to be sure that I wasn’t seeing things. How lucky is that girl!

                - Brasil?? – Said Harry – You’re very far from home!!!

                - Where are you Brazilian girl? – asked Louis.

                The girls started to scream.

                - Ahaaa there you are! – Liam’s turn to talk

                - Hey, this Bri…. Bri…. Whatever… is it food? – a candy if you know who said it! (ok, no candies or I’ll lose all my money … everyone knows!!)

                They were chocked with the boys talking to them, and I started laughing and answered

                - Brigadeiro… Yes, it’s a Brazilian sweet made with chocolate! – And then HE looked at me… where’s air?

                - Sounds nice, we’ll wait you send us some! – Zayn said

                I blushed and smiled and the girls agreed. From that moment on, our eyes kept meeting. I tried to avoid, but I wasn’t being good at it, so I decided to take pictures of the girls, not being able to look too much to him.



                Sold out! It’s wonderful playing to a lot of people. Twitter time is fun, because we can talk to fans that aren’t able to come to the M&G.

                This time we received an unusual tweet. Brazil? Really? They’re very far from home, but these are some of the things that keep us going.

                The boys talked to them but they didn’t say anything… Did they understand us? Until a girl, looks older than the others, talked for them. When they turn the lights on, I could see her and she was beau… “ZAYN, STOP! You already have a girlfriend and you’re happy! You don’t even know her! You saw her ONCE!” I thought.

                She was really beautiful! I kept looking for her eyes until the end of the show. I don’t know why, I just did! I saw her singing, but not loud like the other girls… Maybe she’s not a big fan, maybe she’s their cousin, sister, friend? Wait… If they’re not from here, this means she’s going back to Brazil! Oh crap! I’m freaking out! “Wait, I still have the meeting!!!!!” Ok, this thought was unnecessary but ok, ok…



                The girls weren’t sad, because it was pretty amazing for a first time, but they weren’t happy either, because they wanted the M&G… And me? Well, there were eyes on me all the time, so I was with them on my mind… “God, he has a girlfriend!!”

                - Someone is not listening – I heard something far away – WAKE UP BIA! – screamed Emily

                - Jesus, are you insane? – I woke up from my daydream about a guy WITH GIRLFRIEND…

                - Let me see… ZAYN! – Said Alice – I knew he’d notice you if he had a chance!

                - He what? Are you out of your mind? He has a girlfriend! And probably does this with every girl he meets! – I said

                - Ok, you’re not wrong… but not right.  He really has a girlfriend but… He doesn’t seem the kind of guy that would look that way to every girl… he was kind of hypnotized… - Said Melissa…

                - I think you sho… - started Angel

                - DON’T! – I cut her – Don’t even start! I shouldn’t! Let’s go back home!



                Ok, she wasn’t there! “Shit, why am I thinking about her? I’m probably going crazy. Zayn, you CAN’T, just… Accept this! You have Perrie, you don’t need ANY OTHER girl…”

                Then... Why did I felt like I didn’t want to lose her? HOW CAN I think this? I don’t even KNOW her! “What if she has a boyfriend? STOP!” I was almost slapping myself when I focused on the boys chatting by my side.

                - Thinking too much Zayn? – Why did they stop talking NOW?

                - I think so… - stupid? Me? Naaaah!

                - This show was amazing! – said Liam and we all agreed.

                - Yep… Brazilian fans, man! Like… from across the ocean! – Really Niall? This? I was trying to forget!

                - Not two, not three… SIX! – said Harry – and BEAUTIFUL girls! – Ok, I know this, now STOP TALKING ABOOUT THIS!

                - They’re with clothes like ours! That was funny! The “me” girl was with a Batman shirt! – Said Liam – But… I keep asking myself why the one that talked to us wasn’t dressed like the others… I swear I saw her singing and laughing… - Guess WHO he’s talking about?

                - Maybe because we’re 5 and they’re 6? – You made your point Tommo… - Anyway, red pants are way better than Batman shirts!

                Thank God they changed the topic of the conversation! I think I’m gonna sleep. If I see her in my dreams, I swear I’ll walk around London until I find her! “WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING? “ Aaaaagh, I give up!



                I woke the girls up at 11:30h (11:30am) and we ate something. For today I thought about some different museums. We’d start at Natural History Museum, the one of that movie with Ben Stiller. On our way there, they kept talking about the show.

                - I finally could see how handsome Harry is… - said Emily

                - Awnt, and how about Lou?? – said Alice

                - I still prefer Niall!! – said Mari

                - Awn, so cute!!!! – Angel agreed.

                - Bia, any comments? – said Mel

                - Course! Here we are – and I pointed to the big building right in front of us – Natural History Museum… Welcome girls!

                - Bia… about yesterday! – Said Emily

                - It was nice!

                - Bia, about the boys? – said Alice

                - Cute! That’s all, let’s go! – I said making my way to the doors

                - Hum… something’s wrong – said Alice

                - Yeah… - said Emily - *cof* Malik *cof*

                - Emily, I must have some cough sweet here if you want – I said – And let’s go, or we can cancel Milkshake City!

                - WHAT? – they said

                - Stop talking and start walking – I said

                They loved the big dinosaur that was in the museum hall and took lots of pictures. We visited lots of different rooms there, from insects to a T-Rex.

                After this museum, I took them to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Milkshake city (it was far, but they wanted so… I did).

                They asked for the One Direction Milkshake… to me that was “a thing full of things”. But all for them, right? WRONG! I asked for one with Ferrero Rocher, because I’m different!

                We went to London Eye.

                - Ahm… not sure if I can go! – Said Mari

                - No way! You’ll go… - I said.

                During the next half hour the girls were amused by the view.

                And finished at the Sea Life Aquarium, where they saw lots of different animals. After walk a little bit more, we went back home.

                On Tuesday, they met me at the bookstore and went to Starbucks. We went to Abbey Road (and wrote a message on that wall). We also went to the Hard Rock Café store, so they could buy some different things. Before going back home, we went once more to London Eye, at night. The view was beautiful. They arrived home, packed and came to eat something. We talked a little bit and they went to bed.

                Next morning I took them to the airport and saw they going home, and me? Well, I stayed… alone!

                When I arrived home, I saw an envelope. I opened it and saw a small letter… “Bia, we thought we should have this… he was looking at you! We love you!” and then I saw a picture of Zayn looking in the direction of the camera, probably one of the girls took it, by my side. I left a message on Facebook for them “Envelope received, no coments, just one little thing that maybe I haven’t said yet… HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! Love you idiots!”

                During that month that doesn’t seem to pass, I talked to them on Skype and Facebook, went to the cinema and the theatre. At the bookshop, I could talk to one of my friends that works at O2.

                - Hey Mark! Coming to get the Harry Potter box of books?

                - Hi Bia!! Yes, is it here?

                - Yep… Sorry to bother you with this but the tickets for 1D are on sale? I want six with M&G…

                - Oh, just one minute – He took his cell phone and called another guy, then turned back to me – Ok, they’ll bring your six tickets here. You just send the money.

                - Oh, thank you very much!! – I said smiling

                - No problems!!!

                - Here, the books. Tell Marie that everything here is true… And the magic is inside her! She’ll love, I know it!

                - Thank you Bia!! See you another day!

                - Bye Mark!!!

                After 2 hours I had 6 front row tickets with M&G…

                I called the girls and told the news, they gone crazy with it. We decided that they’d come on Thursday, the show is on Saturday and the tests on Sunday. They’d go back to Brazil on Monday.

                Days went by and Friday comes, and the girls too.

                We met at the airport and came back home

                - Together again – They said

                - And now, one step closer to your lives here – I said and hugged them. 



Hey Guys, pleeease leave a comment so I see if I continue or not!

Hope you like this one!


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