Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


18. 17.

Chapter Songs: 1. Taken – One Direction

2. More than this – One Direction


                Next day, I was sleeping when I heard someone calling me.

                - WAKE UP! – said Angel

                - Ok, ok! What happened?

                - We’re here for about 10 minutes, for God’s sake!

                - You should be happier after yesterday – I said sleepy

                - Yep, but nobody is happy about what happened today!

                I was afraid now. I woke up and went to the living room. I found Alice crying in Mari’s arms and Emily reading something on the computer.

                - What happened girls?

                - What happened? THESE SON OF A BI….

                - Easy there Emily! – I said

                - Ok, ok… There’s a fight between the directioners. Lots of them are sending hate to Alice, some of them are telling she’s the reason of him breaking up with Eleanor and just a few of them is by her side.

                - Let me see… - I grab the computer and read those terrible things.

                I sent Louis a message and went to get some water to Alice. After a few minutes he was there.

                - Lou, what are you doing here? – Alice asked

                - I came to see why my girlfriend is crying about some comments!

                - Girls, let’s go to our bedroom? – Mari said and we all agreed.



                I hate when the fans do this. Nobody is happy with my happiness. They should take care of their lives, not mine!

                - Lou, did you see what they said?

                - I saw, but didn’t stay on twitter for a long time.

                - I don’t know if I can handle this!

                - You can! I talked to management and they said they can ask to remove all of the things about the agreement!

                - But this is not the biggest problem anymore!

                I gave her a small kiss

                - You don’t need to read all this Cici…

                - It’s not your twitter that is be…

                - Of course it is! – I said – Maybe more than yours! Look at me, I love you, ok? What people say can’t change it!

                - But it hurts me!

                - I know! I feel bad too… Twice! Because I read and because I have to see you like this!

                - Promise it’s not true what they’re saying?

                - I promise

                - Are you sure I wasn’t the reason you broke up with Els?

                - Of course it wasn’t you!!!

                - They’re saying it…

                - I’m gonna ask you something… Don’t believe in them! I can’t stop everybody from saying this, you know that, you’re a directioner!

                - I know, but it’s different when you’re the target!

                - WE are… you’re not alone! I swear this isn’t true!

                - I love you

                - I love you too.. – I said and kissed her.

                - Wait a minute

                - What are you gonna do?

                - You’ll see!

                - I don’t like surprises!

                I tweeted something

                - Check my twitter now!

                She saw the tweet.

                - I don’t believe you did this!

                - Yes, I did…

                I posted “True directioners know my girlfriend has feelings and don’t say this kind of things!”

                - You know this can make things worse, don’t you?

                - I did it anyway… I gotta go now. I have rehearsals for next show. You’re coming right?

                - Of course! We’ll be there!

                - Love you!

                - Love you too…

*LOUIS POV OFF*         


                Alice came to the bedroom a little better. She was sad about what was happening but happy about what Louis did for her. Later this day, I worked a few more hours to finish what I was doing. I went to the gym after work and then met Adam for a coffee. We weren’t dating, we were just good friends. He said he wasn’t going to the show because he thinks the boys don’t like him. I didn’t mind. Sometimes I like to do things just with the girls and the show is definitely something I loved to do with them.

                Saturday was crazy. The girls were anxious to go to the concert because we’d be at the VIP area.

                We arrived at the show and the security guy said we could enter. Justin was already there and the girls were freaking out. I’m not gonna say I wasn’t happy, but I could be better.

                After a few songs they started singing the calm ones and the exchange of looks was intense between them and the girls.

                - Bia, Zayn is looking at you! – Said Mari

                - Is there anything going on? – Asked Justin

                - Not that I know…

                Then they sang Little Things, almost to the girls and, in the last like of the song I was surprised by Zayn looking at me and saying

                “I’m in love with you and all your little things!”

                And I felt 6 pairs of eyes looking at me

                - Bia, that was DEFINITELY to you – said Mel

                - Really? – said Emily ironically

                - Wait GUYS! Take a look – said Alice showing her cell phone. She was in a gossip page – Zayn and Perrie broke up. – Well that made me understand why he was looking at me.

                - They didn’t tell me! – Said Justin

                - Bia, are you there? – Asked Angel

                - What? Yeah yeah…

                - Twitter time! – Said Liam

                - First tweet is from Hannah and she wants to know if… - I don’t wanna know her question… I got lost in my thoughts.

                - Next question is from Julie – said Niall – She wants to know if it’s true about Zayn and Perrie’s break up. – I looked to the stage and Zayn was a little uncomfortable.

                - Yeah, we needed a time… - What gives you time, is a clock Zayn! Ok ok, never mind!

                - Huuum, ok – said Lou – Next is…… - I grab my phone and tweeted something I didn’t even know what or why.

                - We have a request from… Beatriz? – Harry read and looked at me – She sais she’s enjoying the show and asked us if we can sing Taken? – every single one of them were looking at me – Well… we never say no to a fan….

                *[SONG 1]*

                Then they started singing what I asked. The one that describes us so well. I like Zayn, a lot… But he broke up now? Now that I’m with Adam? Well, I don’t love Adam, but at least he’s with me…

                Everything happened so fast! Now that I was thinking we could be just friends. I told him that “us” was wrong while he was with her… but he made up his mind in a complicated moment.

                I don’t know what I’m feeling, actually… Everything’s new. I promised myself I won’t let nobody play with my heart again. People really like to see other crying. Did he really decided or he was just playing again? Is it me that he really wanted?

                Coming to London, all I wanted was a new life. With no sadness or depression… Now that things go well with the girls, it’s wrong to me. I’m not gonna let a guy make my dreams get lost. Not in London. I want my dreams to come true, not my nightmares! I’ll do it! I’m gonna be fine and when people ask if I’m ok, I’ll just say yes.

                It’s almost impossible to resist. He looks like a badboy but he’s also cute. His smile, his voice… He’s a mistake. A kind of mistake I’d lov… NO, BIA, NO! YOU CAN’T THINK LIKE THIS! HE’S JUST PLAYING! You know the consequences of this, you can’t let him play with you!

                Then he started his part of the music, I knew I was going to be bad with this song but… I noticed he was trying his best not to cry.

                He showed me a different side of him. He was so cute at the beginning. I know we got attracted to each other in the beginning, but he was my friend. Suddenly he decided to say things to me, like he owned me! And I don’t do this to make him jealous, I do it because I feel bad seeing him with her! Listening that “this is not about you anymore” made me cry. I tried to hold it back, tried to show him what I feel by looking at him.

                Who am I trying to lie to? I’m not well.

                The girls looked at me and at him, seeing he was holding his tears too.

                - Bia, you have feelings, you have to let…

                - Mel, no! look what he did to me, I can’t!

                When they finished, Zayn started saying

                - I want to ask you guys something. Sing the next song as loud as you can.

                *[SONG 2]*

                I recognized the song in the first notes.

                - Oh. My. Josh! – Said Alice

                - NO! – said Emily!

                - It’s More Than This… - said Mel

                - Bia, he loves you, I’m sure he does! – said Angel.

                - The fact is he wants payback. You asked him Taken, he’s giving you More Than This… You look more like each other than you think. – said Mari

                - I didn’t know what to do. The boys started singing and I noticed them looking between Zayn and me.

                Niall decided to sit on stage, right in front of us while singing his part. After he and Lou sang looking at us, I started crying more and more and I could see he was looking at me with tears in his eyes.

                - THAT’S ENOUGH! – I screamed for the girls. They jumped and I was crying a lot now – I can’t take this anymore! – I said and ran, the only thing I heard was Mari

                - Bia, where are you going?

                I pushed people not even telling I’m sorry and sometimes telling I wasn’t feeling well. When I was on the streets, I took the subway and called Adam.

                - We need to talk!

                - Sure, meet you on McDonalds in 10. – he said

                I arrived before him, went to the bathroom, washed my face, breathed and went back. He arrived and saw me with red eyes.

                - What happened?

                - I needed to talk because I’m confused. We’re together but I don’t know if I want this. Do you mind if we take a break? I need some time to think!

                - I think I know why you’re doing this, but it’s not of my business… When you make up your mind, call me!

                - Ok and… I still wait for your help…

                - Of course! We’re friends!

                There’s no reason to continue with this now…



                After the show, we had the M&G and then the girls came but no sign of her.

                - Ahn, guys…

                - Gone… she’s gone, I’m trying to call her but she doesn’t answer the cell phone. – Said Mari a little too worried.

                - Breathe baby, she’ll call you! – Said Niall

                What was my mistake this time? I can’t believe she went to him!

                - Maybe she needed some air. She was caught by surprise Zayn! – Said Emily

                - I couldn’t sing that to her without tell how I feel! – I said

                - We understand! – said Alice

                - She’s with him, I’m sure she is!

                They didn’t say anything.

                - Hey Guys! – I know this voice

                - Hi Perrie! – they answered

                - The show was amazing! Hi, how are you Zayn?

                - Good, and you?

                - I’m good too.

                She came and we started talking. The boys said they were going to take the girls home, because it was late and they didn’t want them going alone.

                - Zayn, if you have nothing now, we can go out and eat or drink something… - Perrie said… Doesn’t sound bad to me…

                - Yeah, I think it’s a good idea! – and we left.


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