Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


17. 16.

On Wednesday we decided to look for some things we like to do. Mel and I went look for dance classes, Mari found a place to play volleyball, Alice for swimming, Emily for basketball and Angel found a place where she could ride horses.

                The crazy days at the bookshop were the same. This week I decided to organize the shelves too.

                When I arrived home, we decided to check our twitters.

                - 1000 followers girls!!! – Emily said

                - Let me see!! – Said Angel

                - I can’t believe. I know some people know we’re with the boys and… - Alice stopped suddenly

                - What Alice?

                - I’m reading, wait a second! – then she started crying and Melissa held her

                - What happened? – I said

                - “Louis is dating a Brazilian Girl. A source said it’s just an agreement between them and the management to say that the band didn’t forget about Brazil.

                - You know it’s a lie, don’t you Alice?

                - Yes but… who knows?

                - Alice, stop! Louis LIKES you… if this was an agreement, you’d know about it! – Said Mari

                - And every boy would be involved! – Said Mel

                -This people have nothing better to do, it’s a lie, don’t worry! – I said

                - I’m gonna call Lou

                - It’s not his fault Alice!

                - But he has to know.



                I locked myself on the room and called him

                - Hey princess!

                - Hey Lou!

                - What happened? Your voice is different!

                - I was on twitter…

                - Oh boy… - I heard his breath…

                - I know it’s not your fault, but I thought you should know…

                - What are they telling now?

                - That our relationship is a marketing thing, to say you didn’t forget about Brazil.

                - That’s ridiculous!

                - I know…

                - You don’t believe it, do you? Cici, I REALLY like you, I’d never do this!

                - I know… I trust you!

                - Don’t cry, ok? I’ll see what I can do. Go watch some videos or a movie, I’ll call you later…    

                - Ok, I just need to get used to this kind of things… it’s all too new for me…

                - I understand, but I’ll try to fix it!

                - Ok… thank you!

                - See you later, ok? I love you!

                - I love you too…

                We hung up and I went back to the living room.



                On Thursday we went to our Boat Cruise. I went home after work, changed and met the boys at the deck. Everybody was there, including… Zayn.

                - Let’s go?

                - Yaaaay!!! At night! How cute!!! – Said Alice

                I think she’s feeling better. Everybody sat as couples, each one in a different place. I hate being the “lonely” one near the couples, so I decided to sit in the back, so I can see everybody. That’s when I felt someone sitting next to me. Seriously?

                I was looking at Mel and Liam and it’s better if he does something. I’m in this boat, at night in a romantic scene with Zayn by my side JUST BECAUSE he asked my help…

                When we were between Big Ben and London Eye, he kissed her! I smiled. It’s good to see everything going fine with the girls.



                I was by Bia’s side, because the girls were with their own dates.

                - Do you want company for this, Mel?  - I heard Liam’s voice behind me. I saw Bia leaving me smiling… She has something to do with this!

                - Sure – It was all I could say

                - Have a nice “trip”… - she said blinking. Ok, now I’m SURE she did something.

                We set in the middle of the boat.

                - You’re beautiful today… Not that you’re not beautiful all the others… - Oh My God.

                - Thanks – I said shyly.

                I looked down and his hand was next to mine. We were talking during almost all the time. I saw Alice and Lou laughing, Emily and Harry kissing, Angel with her head on Justin’s shoulder and Niall playing with Mari. Of course there was another couple behind us but they don’t even look at each other. Then I realized we were living a fanfiction, like those we used to read and talk about. I smiled.

                - I like your smile – He said, what made me smile even more – I won’t hide it… Bia helped me with this. She said you would like. I want to tell you something but not now… - HOW COULD SHE? WHY DIDN’T SHE TELL ME ANYTHING?!

                - I’m loving it! It’s an amazing view!

                - Yep…

                - What did you want to tell me? – I couldn’t handle it so I asked

                - I’m in love with you Mel… - He said looking into my eyes, smiling. He pull me closer and then kissed me.



                - Hum… another couple. – OH he speaks!!!!!!

                - Yep… everybody is dating now! – He looked at me with an “Are you serious?” face.

                - Bia, seriously? Do you really like him? – “Are you kidding me? Are you sure you wanna talk about this Zayn?” I thought.

                - He’s nice!

                - But this doesn’t answ…..

                - Here we are – Said the guide – I hope you had a good time! Good night! – Thanks Mr Guide, you saved me!

                - Let’s go? – I said

                - Yeah, yeah – he said a little angry.

                We went to Starbucks and stayed talking and laughing for about an hour.

                - Better late than never, you two huh? – Said Alice

                - Gosh guys, looks like you were observing us all the time! – she answered.

                - I thought we were being discrete… Damn it! – Said Niall pretending to be angry makin us laugh

                - The point is: we were getting closer, things started to be evident. – BINGO! He made a point!

                -Yep…. – Said Emily, pretending to continue when I sent her a “SHUT UP” look, making her stay with just a “yep”.

                We decided to go back home. On our way back the boys stopped to take some pictures and me and the girls helped the fans taking the pictures for them. We try to be discrete together because of the paparazzis.

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