Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


16. 15.


                I’ve been in a rush at the bookshop. I wasn’t going to the big sale this weekend, but I had to help them with price tags and book selection so my week was all about this at work. On Tuesday we went to Lou’s, I took some things to make pizzas and the result was everybody on the kitchen. Zayn and I were ok and, when I say ok, I mean no fights BUT no talking.

                - Ok, what are we gonna do? – I said

                - We could play truth or dare… - Said Alice

                - God, I didn’t play this for a long time – I said laughing

                - Ok, that’s it! – Said Lou

                - Yes, but we can ask ANYTHING…. – Said Emily and I sent her a disapproval look – Ok, ok… no cheating, fights or anything like this… - She said bored

                - Ok… Who asks chose who answer or it’s gonna be always the same people.- I suggested and Harry said we could chose TRUTH just two times, then we should have a DARE. Lou spun the bottle and Angel was the first to ask

                -  Hum… Melissa!

                - True

                - Ok… is it true you’re afraid of spiders?

                - Yep! – She said. And I saw Liam with an “I’ll protect you” face.

                - But it wasn’t embarrassing! – Said Emily – I’m afraid too and I’m not ashamed to say it!

                - Me either, but ok! – Said Mel spinning the bottle. Alice was going to ask

                - Harry!

                - Dare.

                - Ok, Emily will straighten your hair!

                - WHAT? – He said afraid

                - Hey Lou, where can I find a hair straightener? – She followed him to grab it.

                - Niall – Was Mari’s turn

                - Dare…

                - You’ll have a Brigadeiro in front of you and you can’t eat it…. – she said

                - But…. – he started

                - No! it’s your dare! – She said laughing. We made the Brigadeiro while Emily finished Harry’s hair.

                - Liam – It was Justin’s turn

                - Dare.

                - You’ll put a spoon in your mouth for as long as you can.

                He took the spoon and put it into Liam’s mouth. After about a minute, his eyes were teary and Melissa screamed

                - STOP IT!!!! – Justin jumped and took the spoon out Liam’s mouth. He hugged Mel saying “thank you, thank you, thank you” while everybody laughed.

                Liam spun the bottle and Zayn was next

                - Emily and…. Melissa?

                - TWO? – they said

                - Yep, I couldn’t choose one for this dare! – Breaking rules is what he does better.

                - Oh boy… - they said

                - You’ll have to hold a jar with a spider inside…

                - A WHAT? – they said together

                - You got it… I think the neighbor has one. I’ll get it – he said

                Lou’s neighbor came with them to make sure his pet wasn’t being killed. They closed their eyes and held it until Mari scream

                - OH MY GOD WHERE IS THE SPIDER?   

                They drop the jar and ran. The neighbor laughed and went back home. Next to ask was Alice and Angel chose truth.

                - Is it truth you couldn’t choose between Niall and Justin?

                - Yes – She said as red as a tomato, Niall laughed and Justin hit him. I was the next to ask and Alice to answer…

                - Aliceeeeeee – I said – is it true you always wanted to pinch Louis bum?

                - BIA! – She said blushing – Why are you doing this?

                - This is not an answer – I said laughing

                - Yeah yeah, it’s true!

                - Don’t worry, I wanted too… - I said laughing

                - Me too – said the girls together laughing.

                - I’m feeling a little awkward here – Said Lou.

                We had lots of other confessions and funny dares. Harry had to ask Lou a question.

                - Truth or dare?

                - Dare – Huuum, this is gonna be good.

                - Kiss Alice – Everybody got quiet looking from Lou to Harry to Alice. – You can thank me later… You can do it in your bedroom if you want some privacy!

                Nobody said a word. They left together and I changed some looks with the girls. When he was entering his bedroom he turned to Harry and murmured “Thank You!”. I looked at the  girls and, when we heard the door closing, we all went to peek.



                I must confess I was feeling awkward at first. He closed the door and turned to me

                - Cici, I just want you to know that I’m not doing this just because of the dare…

                He grabbed me by my waist and kissed me. We heard an “AAAWNNN” and turned to the door to see the girls slamming the door and running back to the living room.

                - I’ll kill them later – I said blushing and he laughed. He kissed me once more and we came back.



                Emily was the next to ask and sent me an evil look

                - Bia… I guess a dare, huh? You already had your 2 truth!

                - Yes… - I used to run of the dares… Now I wanted to disappear.

                - Hug Zayn! – What? No!  She gotta be kidding me! He looked at me from the other side of the circle and everybody sent looks from me to him.

                I stood up and he did the same. We came to the center of the circle and gave an awkward hug. Niall went and pushed us together, making the awkward hug turns into a real hug. Why does he had such a good hug? I feel like an idiot. But I heard him saying something.

                - I wish I could do this all the time. I’m with her, but I like YOU.

                I’m sure he didn’t expect me to listen but I did and all I could do was break the hug. The things got more awkward then already were and I decided we should go home.

                - Bia, is everything ok? – Mari asked

                - Yes, it’s nothing… - I said. They understood I didn’t want to talk.

                - Ok… if you need something, just call us! – Mel said

                - I know… Hey, Thursday we’re going on the boat cruise, don’t forget!

                - It’s gonna be awesome! – Said Emily

                - It was a nice idea having the boys with us! – said Angel

                - Well, I’m gonna sleep, I have to work tomorrow! Good Night! – I said and left.

                I was in bed, thinking about what he said. “…but I like YOU…”

                - Me too, Zayn… me too. – I said to myself



                I thought too loud … She shouldn’t have listened! Well, fortunately she was the only one who did…

                - Thinking about Bia? – Asked Lou

                - No… Perrie.

                - By the look in your face, just if you’re thinking in a way to break up… - Said Niall with his mouth full of the sandwich he was eating

                - Shut up and eat!

                - Man, honestly? – Said Liam – When are you gonna stop with this game and break up with Perrie? It’s clear to everybody that you like Bia…

                I didn’t answer, I knew he was right.


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