Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


15. 14.

We made some different plans these days. On Sunday we went to the park. Emily, Angel and Alice took bikes, Justin and the boys brought their skates, Mari, Mel and I decided to go with our rollerblades. We had a picnic near a big tree and then Angel asked Justin to help her with the skate. A few minutes after, we hear something and see Angel on the floor. Alice stands up and when she was starting to walk, I say

                - Don’t! – Everybody looked at me – Guys, it’s nothing! Look! – I said pointing.

                Justin was in front of her and she was looking at him smiling. They were getting closer and closer and then he kissed her.

                - Just like a movie! – Said Melissa

                - It’s normal to fall… it was her first time. She wasn’t doing anything too dangerous. – I said

                Then they came back

                - We saw you two there – Said Emily

                - We saw what happened… - Said Lou

                - Shut up! – said Justin and everybody laughed.

                We stayed for a few more hours. Some couples went for a walk and I stayed talking to Mel, Liam, Lou and Alice. Zayn? No idea where he is… probably with Perrie, but nobody mentioned him, and it’s better this way.



                I was replaying that scene for a long time. Why did she kiss him?

                Everybody was at the park but I called Perrie and we went to the cinema. I didn’t want to see Bia. I’m not angry, I just can’t look her in the eyes right now… not today.




                - Eleanor? – I said opening the door

                - Hi Lou… can we talk?

                - Sure, come on in.

                We went to the living room. I already know where this was going…

                Here’s the truth… I really loved Els, she was a great girlfriend. I never cheated on her, she never cheated on me. But we work. She wasn’t like Alice. Alice can stay with me when I don’t have my work to do, but Eleanor has her things to do.

                - Lou, it’s not working. When you’re free, I have things… when you have things, I am free! And now you have your new friends… you know people started talking…

                - You know this is a lie… don’t you?

                - I know Lou, but they don’t! It’s not right with me, with you and with her!

                - I know… I like you, you know this!

                - I know. But we like each other… just like! Love has gone some time ago. We’re trying but it’s not working anymore.

                - Yep… I think it’s better if we stop now.

                She had a sad face, but I can’t do this anymore! I’m hurting her and I’m hurting me. I like Alice. I can’t do this with someone who was so good to me.

                - I’m sorry! – I said

                - It’s not easy… but it’s better this way. Take care.

                - You too… - And then she left. Nice way to end a Sunday…




                I was on my room. The girls were watching a movie and I decided to read when I heard my cell phone.

                “Hey! Are you busy?” – Lou texted me

                “No, you need to talk?”

                “Yes… can I call you?”

                “of course!”

                My cell phone rang

                - Lou? Is everything all right?

                - Not everything. Els and I, we broke up!

                - What? Why?

                - It wasn’t working Alice…

                - Did you fight?

                - No, it was like we both knew that it was coming. She was comprehensive. In all this time I don’t have a bad thing to say about her. We were always trying to see each other.

                - I don’t know what to say Lou… I’m happy you didn’t fight. All I can say is that I’m here if you need something.

                - I think I just need to organize my thoughts. The boys are at Liam’s playing videogame. Thanks for listening!

                - Don’t worry. You can call me when you need!

                - Ok, good night!

                - Good night Lou…

                Poor Louis… Ok, I can’t deny I’m happy with this… but it’s never easy to break up a long time relationship… I hope I can help him.


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