Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


14. 13


                Saturday. Party Day. While changing, I put my plan in action.

                - Hey, what do you think of this… We could go boat cruise again! The Boys can come with us!

                - Yaay, that’s a really nice idea! I loved it when we did that day! – Said Angel

                We talked a little more and 21hs (9PM) we were ready.

                I didn’t see Zayn this week, I think he preferred to stay with Perrie not to cause more problems. I wanted to know how is he… The doorbell woke me from my daydreams and the porter said the boys were here.

                Arriving at the party, OBVIOUSLY I met him. With Perrie, Lou and Els. I said hi and kept talking to the girls.

                - Heeeeeeeeeeeello everybody! Hi Bia, you’re … no words, no words! – Said Andy joking

                - Hiii Andy – I said hugging him. He’s so nice, but I just see him as a friend. Tall, strong and really handsome, but just a friend! He already has lots of girls running after him, I don’t want to be just another one!

                Then I heard the beginning of Rude Boy – Rihanna and run to the dance floor. The girls and Andy came with me. After this one, they played Run the World, by Beyoncé.

                - OMG Mellll – I said – Let’s dance this one!!!

                We danced a few steps like Beyoncé that we learned in a dance class in Brazil. In the end we gave a Hi5 and came back to where the guys were.

                - This was new… you two did really well! – Said Lou

                - We saw you dancing that day, but didn’t know it was for real!!! – Said Harry

                - They did some classes in Brazil – Said Emily – I don’t know why they didn’t look for anything yet.

                - I need money! – I said – I’m waiting for a better payment! – I laughed and then I saw Adam. – I’ll be right back!

                I walked to him

                - Hey Adam!

                - Heey! I saw you there… You would do great in the crew…

                - Yeah, I know… Sorry about that! I didn’t think anyone would do something in my place…

                - No problems, I’ll call you when I find something for you!

                - Yeah, thanks! I’ll be waiting – I said smiling. He kept looking at me and I was starting to feel uncomfortable, when he kissed me.

                Well, it wasn’t the best kiss ever… but I was feeling bad so I decided to TRY to enjoy the moment…



                I was happy, but I must confess this friendship between Liam and Bia was making me feel uncomfortable. “MEL STOP!” – I thought… “They’re just friends! She’d never do that, she told you!”

                - I didn’t know you dance! – Said someone behind me

                - Bia is better – I said laughing and turning to face him – But I try! We had fun dancing in Brazil.

                - I could see that!

                I was talking to Liam and taking a look at the boys and girls. Emily with Harry, Alice was talking to Angel and Justin, Mari was with Niall, so cute! Els and Louis seemed to be having a small and discrete fight… I hope there’s nothing wrong.

                And, to finish… Zayn pale with Perrie… all in the rig… wait, WHAT? Zayn? Pale?

                - Liam… don’t you think Zayn is a little too pale? – I asked

                - Hum… now that you mentioned, I think… Uh-oh… Mel, look at THERE – he said turning my head

                - OMG, Bia is kissin Adam? – I asked. Zayn was looking at Bia, then at me, then at her again… I know I need to talk to her, but I can’t do it now! I’ll wait ‘till we’re home.



                This party was amazing. Unfortunately it’s over. We said goodbye to the boys and came home.

                - Bia, what was that between you and Adam? – Asked Emily

                - It was nothing… he’s nice but…

                - He’s not Zayn. – Said Angel

                - Oh for fucks sake! Not this again! – I said

                - But he didn’t seem happy when he sa…

                - Melissa, he don’t have the right to be angry. If he wants to be angry with me, break up with Perrie first. – I said cutting her.

                - Well, that’s true! – Said Alice

                - If you’re having fun, that’s ok for me… just be careful not to hurt yourself – Said Mari

                - I don’t want anything serious… Just have some fun. He doesn’t mean anything to me…

                We didn’t talked too much… we’re all tired.

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