Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


13. 12.

Of course I was having lots of ideas to show him I was doing well without his friendship. This weekend we were going to a party. And during the week, I worked and saw the boys at night.

                - Hey, I’m home! – I said

                - Hey Bia – said the boys

                - Hi boys! Guys, I’m starving!

                - We should order something!- Said Emily

                - NANDO’S! – Screamed Niall

                - Does he eat anything different? – Said Alice in a low voice to Louis and he laughed

                - I agree! – Said Mari

                - Ok, then go there and buy us same food. – I said and the girls looked at me

                Mari sent me an “I’ll kill you later” look.

                - I’ll put some comfortable clothes – I said – What are you waiting? – I asked Niall and Mari – I’m hungry!!!!!

                I changed and came back to the living room

                - You are TERRIBLE – said Liam

                - No, I’m not! I’m helping them!

                - That’s true… someone has to do something. They need to see they were made to each other!



                I wanna KILL Bia! Why did she do this?

                - A candy for your thoughts – Said Niall…

                - I’m trying to find a painful way of killing Bia! – He sent me a shocked look – I’m just kidding. – He laughed

                We went to Nando’s, ordered and waited on a table.

                - I don’t know Zayn and your sister… - he said

                - Bia is complicated… She don’t like things done in the wrong way. She once was the “Perrie” of the situation and she felt soooooo bad when she figured out what happened…

                - I understand. Harry talked to him that day, he told us. Zayn didn’t do it with bad intentions, he just saw her sad about what he did, and the only way he found to explain why he did it was kissing her.

                - But it’s still wrong! – I said

                - I know. Harry told him. You know any of us is by her side, don’t you?

                - I’m happy to know this.

                - Well… at least I am. – he said holding my hand

                Our food was ready, they called us and in a few minutes we were arriving back to the apartment. When I was leaving the car he hold my arm

                - Wait… Can I tell you something?

                - Yeah, sure! – I said

                - I really like you – He said looking at me with that cute blue eyes, making me blush

                - I like you too… - I said

                He came closer, smiled and kissed me. It was a calm kiss, but he put all his feelings in it. We broke the kiss and looked to each other smiling, when his phone rang

                - Hello? Whaaaat Louis… No, actually we had just arrived when you called. We’re going. Bye!

                - We’d better go… - I said

                - Not that I wanted but… ok! – He said making me laugh



                Awn, they came back holding hands!!!! Well, if nothing works with me, then at least I help my sister!

                I didn’t feel so comfortable with everybody as couples… (Alice and Lou weren’t together, but you could see something going on between them!)

                - I don’t want to be rude but… I’m going to my bedroom… - I said after dinner

                - Why? Stay here with us! – Said Alice

                - No, I wanna check my e-mails and read…

                I left. Laying in my bed he came into my thoughts. I know the whole party idea wasn’t the best but he’s not leaving my thoughts!



                I don’t like to see Bia sad. She’s so crazy and happy….

                - Liam? Is everything ok? – Asked Mel. She helped me a lot these days, I didn’t even missed Dani so much.

                - Yes… I just don’t like to see Bia like this…

                - She’ll be fine… But how are you feeling?

                - Me?

                - Yep, how are you? About that thing… - She said. I smiled. She makes me feel good.

                - I’m good… you’re helping me a lot!

                - I just don’t want to see who I like sad! – Who she likes? Humm… I think I can discover in which way she likes me…

                - Thank you….

                - It’s nothing!

                - Ahm…. Do you think Bia will feel bad if I go there and talk to her?

                - I don’t think so… - She said, but with a sad look – Knock there, she’ll let you in – she gave me a sad smile… I hope she understands me.

                I went to Bia’s room and knocked.

                - Come in! – I heard

                - Hi – I said opening the door

                - Hey Liam… what’s up?

                - How are you feeling? – I said closing the door behind me

                - I’ll be better soon… - She said smiling and closing her laptop. – Take a seat!

                - Zayn is an idiot… he’ll wake up soon – I said

                - I don’t care… not anymore! – I know she was lying but I didn’t say anything

                - I wanna talk to you about…

                - Mel? – She cut me – Go ahead!

                - You noticed?

                - Of course… but you’re being much discrete than Louis, Justin or Niall….

                - Lou… You see it too, don’t you?

                - Yes, I do…

                - He’s not gonna do anything wrong, he’s more mature than Zayn.

                - I see that… - she said – But, tell me… When you and Mel will stop being fools?!

                - How sincere! – I said laughing

                - Ooooooooooh c’mon Liam! You know I’m not lying! – She laughed. I like to see her laughing, she’s Mel’s best friend, I want to see her happy!

                - I don’t know, she’s helping me… I’m afraid of doing something and lose her friendship…

                - Liam, you were always her favorite. She always saw you like Liam, not like Liam FROM One Direction or the famous Liam… She said me she wanted to see you happy, she liked Dani just because you were happy with her. She never sent her hate like most of the girls. When you two broke up for the first time, she cried thinking about you crying. She’s helping you now because she likes YOU… for who you are. Be in One Direction made her meet you. – She said. You know… she helped me a lot.

                - Do you think I should take her somewhere? I don’t know what she likes.

                - I have an idea. I’ll suggest a boat cruise. We did this when they came for the first time. You can use it as an opportunity!

                - Sounds good to me… I’m counting on you, then. – I said – I’m not gonna tell you to take care, because I know you do.

                - Ha, you already know me sooooooooooo well!! – She laughed and I stood up – Hey… If Mel ask something, tell her we were talking about Zayn. She’ll believe.

                - Ok… good idea! – I laughed

                Coming back to the living room, Mel was with a strange face

                - Any problems? – I asked

                - No… how’s she?

                - Good… I was talking about Zayn and how he was being childish.

                - Humm… - She said and smiled. I could see her a little more relieved.

                - Guys, it’s late… Let’s go? – I said. We said goodbye and left.



                I came back to the living room to say goodbye to the boys. Stayed for a cup of tea with the girls and we decided to go to bed.

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