Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


11. 10.

                Saturday arrived and the boys were coming to get us... in a Limo at night!!!

                - We’re going to the party in a Limo? – said Mari

                - Yeeeeeppppppp – jumped Emily

                - Alice, anything wrong? – I asked?

                - It’s just…. Lou is not coming with us… he’s going by car because of Eleanor. – I saw she was sad. She was liking him but he’s trying to keep his relationship, even with some problems.

                - Don’t be sad! I’m sure he’ll see what he’s missing – I said – And remember my case, when you feel sad. Louis has problems in his relationship, Zayn doesn’t even think about break up with Perrie. And we’re going together, we’ll enjoy together! – I said giving her a Hi5

                We all laughed and at the end of the day, took a shower and got ready. The porter called to say they were waiting for us. When we arrived downstairs, they were shocked.

                Liam was dressed as Batman, Niall as Mad Hatter, Harry as an American Football player and Justin as a Prince.

                - Somebody is gonna be a problem! – Liam said pointing to me

                - She doesn’t have solution… - said mel laughing

                - HEY, I’m not deaf! – I said – Don’t talk about me like I wasn’t listening! I’m SINGLE for fucks sake!

                - Is this always THIS confident? – asked Niall

                - Ahm… no. She’s angry.

                I pretended I didn’t listen.

                We arrived at the party and we saw Louis as a Zombie and Eleanor as Snow White. Then I saw Zayn and Perrie with… REALLY? Matching Pirates Costumes? You GOTTA BE kidding me!

                We said hi to each other and I noticed Lou telling Alice she was cute dressed as Mario Bros and a weird look by Eleanor, so I decided to go and give a huge hug in him. I said hi to Perrie and Zayn, that was looking at me with an “ I don’t approve anything you’re doing” look.

                Then I saw Andy as Joker. We’re all from comic books and cartoons and fairy tales… The world changed after this “comig fever”.

                - Heeeeeeello everybody! – He said – I can see you did your best for today!

                - Of course! You thought we would come dressing stupid costumes? Nope!

                - Well, I heard my name and it’s coming from the bar… I’ll be right back! – I said joking

                - Hum, there she goes! – Mari said and sat down

                I went to the bar, bought a drink and went back.

                - Hum… give this one for me and grab you another one! – Said Melissa grabbing my cup.

                - Oh Gosh, I create a monster! – I said leaving again to the bar.

                I went back with my drink and singing “She Wolf”.


You loved me and l froze in time

Hungry for that flesh of mine

But I can’t compete with a she wolf

Who has brought me to my knees

What do you see in those yellow eyes

Cause I’m falling to pieces


- Somebody is already enjoying the party – said Niall

                - Wait a few more hours… She drinks but never until get drunk. She’s responsible… But she’s naturally crazy. – Said Mari

                - It’s hot! – I said – Mel, help me please? – My dress had a long skirt that I can take off, leaving me in a short skirt.

                I called the girls to the dance floor and we danced David Guetta, Chris Brown and Lil’ Wayne’s song… Then “Die Young” by Ke$ha started and the lyrics were totally for us… specially Alice and I, because it says that the guy came with someone else to the party. Then Andy decided to play the Brazilian songs and the boys joined us on the dance floor, except for Zayn and Louis.

                - Zayn could, at least, pretend he’s happy! – Said Alice

                - True! Looks like he doesn’t want to be here! – said Angel

                - On c’mon! Forget himmmm!! Let’s dance! – I said

                - This is the last one! – He played one of our favorites that talk about living all you can.

                We’re dancing when I saw something in a corner of the club

                - Hey, is that… OH MY GOD!

                - What? – Said Alice looking in the same direction

                - There! – I pointed – Is that Emily?

                - Yes, but with wh… OH MY GOD! – Said Mel

                - But I thought Harry was at the bar, and she in the bathroom… I swear I saw her going there! – Said Mari

                - Hum… now we can see that she wasn’t going EXACTLY there… - I said laughing



                I was leaving the bathroom when someone pull me.

                - Harry, why aren’t you dancing with us?

                - I was thinking what’s the best way to do something

                - Wha… - and he kissed me. I didn’t have time to think about it… But it was good, especially because I was crazy to do this! When we broke our kiss he smiled

                - I don’t know why I didn’t do this before!

                - You can do whenever you want!

                And then he kissed me again.



                After the Brazilian selection, they came back to the usual songs. I went to the bar and got some bottles of water for everybody.       

                - Wateeeeeeeeeeeer – I said!

                - How efficient! – Said Mel

                - Excuse me? – Uoooooou, he was handsome! – My name is Adam, I work on a Cruise. Were hiring people to be part of the dance crew from our band… I saw you dancing and decided to ask you if you want to come…

                - Ahm… I need to think, can you give me your number? I can call you in a few days!

                - Yeah, sure! – He took a paper and a pen and wrote his number – We pay a nice amount and you work 15 days and rest 15. We have two groups.

                - Nice! – I said taking the paper with his number – I call you when I have an answer!

                - I’ll be waiting, then!

                When I turned to the girls, I could see a “not so nice” face coming from the boys

                - What happened?

                - This was the guy who fought with Zayn in the second M&G… His sister cried because she wanted a picture and he got angry with her!

                - Oh… - I said looking at his angry face.

                - Well… the opportunity seems nice. – said Alice

                - What are you gonna do Bia? – Asked Angel

                - I’m thinking… Probably they will pay better than the bookshop and I’ll work less… but I’ll think.

                I went back to the dance floor and the girls laughed because I talked and danced with everybody. A few hours later we decided to go back home.

                - That party was really good – I said – can’t wait for the next one!

                - True! – They agreed

                - Well… there’s SOMEONE who will agree in all the aspects with this… Don’t you think Emily? We saw you, this conversation will be much bigger than this! I’m just too tired now, tomorrow: DETAILS! – I said laughing

                - Ok, ok! – She laughed – I’ll tell you everything tomorrow!

                - Night girls! – I said

                - Night Bia!!!! – they answered going to their room.

                That night I slept like an angel… No bad dreams to worry about.

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