Sweet Brasil

6 brazilian friends.
One of them move to London to work. What she doesn't know is that her life is about to change. (ok, that's cliche...)
This is not a normal fic, here, the girls don't see the boys in the first chapter, they don't fall in love for each other and kiss in the second and third chapter.


2. 1.

In my head, a movie. In this movie, all the memories from this crazy year.

    My name is Beatriz, I’m 23 years-old and I’m Brazilian.


*Flashback On*

    Vacations in London! London has… something! It’s rushed, chaos, movement… but also has amazing views… I was completely enchanted by everything. When I was getting used with everything, I had to come back.

    During my trip, I made new friends on twitter, thanks to Melissa. She was a friend of mine, and we met at an English Course.        She had an account, with two other friends, Alice and Emily, about that English (and Irish!!!) band, One Direction. No, I didn’t choose England because of them; I didn’t even know them so good… I only knew What Makes You Beautiful. But in London they’re like… sensation, fever! Well, they’re REALLY cute, but… young! Like, 19/20?? (I know, 3 years is not that much but…)

    Talking to Melissa, I decided to go to the condo, where Alice and Emily live, and THAT was a funny afternoon. Lots of Brazilian stuff (like Brigadeiro), laugh and lots of 1D-talking… (That I was a little away, because I didn’t even know who is who…)

    The funniest part was Mel and Emily eating the sweets with a FORK! Alice gave up after realizing she couldn’t eat a lot without a spoon. I bought some things for them during the trip, so I decided to give it. They freaked out!

    We became friends almost instantly and I also met Angelina. She’s another 1D-fan but her real love is Justin Bieber.

    We decided to go to a pizza place. It was the worst idea we’ve ever had. We talked and laughed so much, people started to look at us. Even a waiter started laughing. Then we decided to go to the Ice cream parlor and the girls made the poor woman take all the cans of Coke from the fridge, because they wanted one written … Something like “The more London, the best”! We create a group on Facebook, thanks to the idea of moving to London and open a store to sell Brazilian sweets. Sweet Brasil was the name we choose (yes, with S, because that’s the way we write in Brazil).

    The year went by so fast. I had found a small job, but I was getting bored of it, so I decided to talk to a friend that lived near London, and she gave me some help to find a job.

    And that was it! I found a job at the most beautiful city in the world.

    I had a “Surprise Farewell party” from my friends. I said the girls that they could visit me anytime they wanted and that we would meet the boys. (Actually, I had NO IDEA how or when, but I said it anyway!)

*Flashback Off*


    Looking through the window I smiled. This is what I always wanted, freedom. Today a new part of my life was beginning in a new place, with new people. It’s not gonna be easy, I know, but I can do it! I fell asleep thinking if we would have the chance to have our store someday…

    The flight attendant woke me up, telling that we had arrived. I did all the boring part of entering a new country and got a taxi. On my way home, I was looking through the window and thinking: “London, I’m back!”

    I found a beautiful apartment (thanks to my friend!!). It was love at first sight when I saw the pictures she sent me. 3 bedrooms (one for me, with bathroom and the other 2 for the girls…), another bathroom, kitchen and a cute living room.

    After a shower, I decided to go shopping. I needed some food. I also bought the underground card. I couldn’t carry lots of things, so I bought what was enough for a few days. On my way back home I saw an ad about the boys’ concert at O2 next month. I texted the girls and sais I’d buy the tickets.

    Back home, I put some things in their right places, cleaned everything and turn the computer on. I called my parents on Skype and the girls on Facebook. We talked until about 23hs (11PM), then I turned off the computer and went to bed.

    In the morning, after a good shower and a breakfast, I put some casual clothes and left. I was going to work at a bookstore. It was on Oxford St and I was happy for it. Not just because I was able to see lots of stores and restaurants, but because I LOVE books! When I arrived, they gave me my uniform and some instructions and I started the job.

    Days were passing by and after almost a week, they started selling the tickets. I arrived home, turned on the computer and called the girls. Unfortunately the M&G tickets were sold out, so I had to buy the normal tickets. The girls were sad, but I said we would meet them some day, even if I have to dress up like a chicken and call costumers at Nando’s door. We decided they’d come on Wednesday, the concert would be on Saturday and they’d come back to Brazil on the next Wednesday, staying for a week. With all the things planned, I decided to do a “Tour Plan” with some places to go with them.



    I know, I have the BEST SISTER in the world! I mean, 1D concert in London? OMG! Is Wednesday too far from me? We screamed with the “tickets news” she gave us. If it was like that on Skype, imagine how it’s gonna be in the show. I just wish we could have more time there, but ok, ok, this is a good start!



                Finally Wednesday! I went to the airport and kept walking from side to side until I heard that their plane had arrived. I was freaking anxious, and then I saw 5 familiar faces.

                - GIRLS! I’ve missed you! – we cried, screamed, everything!

                - We’re tired! It was a long flight! – said Mel

                - I can imagine. Any news?

                 - Nope… - said Mari – Just Mom and Dad telling you to take care of us and all that blah blah blah.

                - Of course she’ll take care of us! She’s gonna take us to see 1D!!! – said Angel.

                - Heeeey, I LIVE here now and I thought about you when I was looking for a place! You can come whenever you want!

                - Yes, and now we have an apartment to spend our holidays in London! – Alice is small, but she talks a lot!

        On our way home, I told the girls I had talked to my boss, and I had to work in the afternoon. So we had to go straight home

            - Welcome! – I said

            - OH.MY.JOSH – they said

        They loved each part of the apartment and after lunch they went to the bedrooms to put everything in the right places and get some sleep.



                When I woke up, I saw the girls still sleeping. I had a brilliant idea! I turned the stereo on, connected my cell phone with it and played “It’s time to get up!” as loud as it was possible. With a cam in my hands, I just waited for the show.

               - TURN IT DOWN. I’m with a terrible headache! – ALWAYS Emily to end with my funny moments

               - Ok, what do you think of us putting all of our things in order so we can live for a week here? – Melissa, always cleaning!



                Arriving home, the girls were ready to go out.

               - This is what I call “wanting to see London!”. Ok, for today we have just a walk. We’ll see London Eye and Big Ben. BUT… no need to take 185615834 pictures, I’ll take you back there another day to do it! Just… enjoy the view!

              - Ok but… how about dinner? – Always hungry my sister…

              - Ideas? – I said already knowing what’s the answer.

               - NANDO’S!!!!!!!

               - Let’s go!

        We walked almost all the way. They loved each street, each place.

        When we arrived at Nando’s, the girls wanted to know what Niall eats there, and I said that it was probably something too spicy for them, and they decided to eat a sandwich. They were more than happy because they were eating Nando’s!

        Leaving the restaurant, we walked to the Westminster Bridge, and when they saw Big Ben and London Eye, they stopped! (This was my first reaction too!). It was almost 21hs (9PM) and I told them to listen to the “song” that comes from the clock.

         - Remember when this was just a directioner dream? – Said Emily – Look where we are now!

        After about half an hour admiring the view, we decided go back home. Then I told them that I planned 1 place by day, starting tomorrow after lunch. I’d go to work and they’d stay sleeping as much as they want, but they should stay at home. I know they’re old enough to take care of themselves, but I know they won’t wake up early knowing that they just have to get ready close to 13hs (1PM). And they also have time to organize the bedroom. Yes, house rules. I live alone! How am I supposed to take care of 6 beds? No way!

        On Thursday and Friday we had the same things to do at home. I used to wake up, make some breakfast for me and for them, leaving everything ready for them.

        First day of our tour, I chose Madame Tussauds. They took pictures with Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, pretending to be Kristen Stewart, totally “Twilight Style”. Mari’s favorite one was Johnny Depp. She kept talking all the way that she wanted a picture. My funny pic was pretending I was afraid of Alfred Hichcock. For Mel, Cici and Mimy, Tinkerbell was the one! But Angel freaked out when she saw Justin Bieber! We had some other funny pictures with Gaga, Elvis, Rihanna, The Queen and, of course, The Beatles! We didn’t see any Batman or Superman, but we took pictures with the Marvel Heroes that were in a special part of the museum. Walking back home we stopped to buy a few things to make pizzas and ended the night eating and talking about how nervous we were for Saturday.

        On Friday I had a different idea. I took them to a boat cruise. We went from Westminster to the Tower of London. I had to explain what the guy was telling us about the places, because he was like… Liam to talk!

        After this, we stopped at some souvenirs stores and the girls bought some things and took the Red Bus back to Westminster.  Alice, crazy as always, just screamed “I LOVE BIG RED BUS!” just like Louis. I know she loves it, who doesn’t? But I wanted to hide myself.

        We hop-off the bus near to London Eye and after a few pictures we decided to eat at McDonalds. We sat at the outside tables, because the view was amazing!

        We arrived tired at home and started to talk about the things that happened and were going to happen. I told them I was free on the weekend, so I can spend the day with them.

             - Girls, tomorrow is the big day! – I said

             - OMG, I’ll see Harry!!

            - And I’ll see Niall – Said Angel and Mari together. They love that boy!

            - I keep thinking if Lou’s butt is that big! – I have NO IDEA why I thought she had forgotten about this!

            - I’d like to tell you that I tried to buy the M&G. But I’ll try again next time! – I said

            - You’re giving us a place to stay, taking us to see the famous places and you’re working! You have your life. You couldn’t do it now… ok! Because now we have an excuse to come again! – Said Melissa laughing

           - I’m really happy with you here! I feel lonely sometimes!

           - Well, three of us are finishing High School, we can come to University here! The other two will begin High School, they can come to study. – Said my sister.

          - Ok, that’s it! Talk to your parents, see the possibilities, plan everything... – I said

          - Sure, we keep you informed of the news! – Said Emily – OMG we’re gonna live together in London!!!!

          - I’m gonna be really happy! Well, let’s go to bed. Tomorrow is a BIG day and I hope that, from 5, at least 1 worth all this craziness. If it doesn’t, you five forget that I live here!

          - For you? I know exactly who’s gonna “worth it” *COF* Zayn *COF* - Said Alice

           - Love me a little less, Alice! Grow up and then we talk! – I said making everybody laugh – Night girls!

           - Niiight! – they said going to their bedrooms.






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