Teardrops on my guitar

When Mira's parents died her uncle simon got custody. But while fooling around in her uncle's recording studio she stumbles across a boy.A boy that she will never forget.


3. unauthorized

When i saw my guitar i nearly broke into tears . So the irish lad took my hand and told me to follow him. 'Here you can have my guitar i wrote summer love with it.' Then i realized there was only one band that could be. I looked up. 'N-N-Ni' 'Yes I'm Niall...HorIan' He took out his hand and i SHOOK IT!! *I-I'm M-Mira Mira Brooks* i said to him studdleing. 'Oh your Simon's neice he has told us alot about you.' I nearly broke into pieces. 'Do you know where he is ?' I asked as if i knew him since forever. 'Here let me take you there' he said kindly. Then OMG then he took my hand again and took me to a private recording room that even I can't get into. In there was all the boys and they were recording BSE. 'Said her name was Georgia Rose And her Daddy was a dentist' Everybody stopped what they were doing and looked at me. `Hi Mira' said my uncle simon. I looked at Louis and waved. My uncle simon then introduced me to the rest of the boys. And i stayed fir the rest of the session. Then uncle simon called me out to the hallway. `Listen Mira I saw the way you and niall saw eachother and I'm just warning you dating any celebrity is dangerous so for your own good please just be friends woth him.And don't even try Niall ha a girlfriend.' After that i felt a storm of sadness in me. Then after we went inside again by that time Louis was on his solo. Niall came to have a seat next to me. " hey Mira your 19 years old right" He asked "Ya why " i asked all confused "Because my the boys and i are gonna have a beer or two after this. We were wondering if you wanna go " I figured that his girlfriend was going too. So told him no and that i don't drink even though i've been totally drunk as fuck before. (8Months past) me and thet boys are really great friends but the thing is that i have a thing for Niall. I mean every time i see him with his girlfriend whos name i refuse to say i get sad. But i smile through the pain. And were Best friends but sometimes i feel like he's hitting on me.But the only person who actually wants to date me is Harry. Yes i said Harry he flirts with me and adk me out a few times but i just rejected him.
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