Teardrops on my guitar

When Mira's parents died her uncle simon got custody. But while fooling around in her uncle's recording studio she stumbles across a boy.A boy that she will never forget.


2. H-Hi

So one day after school uncle simon said he couldn't pick me up. So i agree to meet him in the studio.I had to take a cab to the studio to avoid the mean girls from catching me. So when i got there i ran in to get a recording booth before everyone takes it . So i got my guitar and started singing 'Over Again' by One Direction. "Said i never leave her cos our hands fit like my T-shirt Toung tied over 3 words cursed..." so i continued untill i got i got a text from my uncle telling me where i was. So i got my guitar and backpack and rushed out the door .when i opened the door i crashed into somebody. My back pack went flying and my guitar got smashed.The person i smashed into got up first. I realized it was a guy his cute irish accent said "I'm so sorry here let me help you up." He pulled me up and i got my backpack. But my guitar was a WHOLE different story.
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