Teardrops on my guitar

When Mira's parents died her uncle simon got custody. But while fooling around in her uncle's recording studio she stumbles across a boy.A boy that she will never forget.


5. Harry's point of view

When i met Mira 8months ago. I couldn't get her off my mind. I asked her out on a date 6 times. But she rejected me. I mean who can reject Harry Edward Styles. But ever since 7/2 months ago i knew she has a thing for Niall. I know because i saw her recoring a song by my ex girlfriend. She was crying and thats when i knew she liked him. No,fuck like she loves him . But i LOVE her. So i decided to ask her out one last time. `Mira i know you'll never accept that i want to date you. And almost every rim i flirt with you trying to get yoy to like me but' she interupted me in the middle and said 'yes' 'wait what did you say' i said 'yes i will go out with you' I grabed her hand and spined her around. Then i grabed her waiste and hugged her. I saw a smile on her face . And i think i heard a little chuckle. I think bcuz i over reacted. But i was still excited. 'Okay i will pick you up at 8.' I said, she said 'k meet you then' then she kissed me on my cheek. And went to her uncle Simon. But then i wondered why did she say yes. I mean she loves Niall. Who cares i have to get rady for my date. So i went to the market and went to buy some pasta,green,veggies,and chicken. So i spent the last 2 hours cooking the pasta,making salad, and cooking chicken.while i was waiting for the skillet to warm up zayn,and perrie come in. 'Oh something smells GOOD .' Before zayn got a bite of the pasta i snacked hus hand told him 'don't touch that' He looked at me. Then perrie stepped in 'Who is this for? Your mum or your sister.' I studdled before i could say who was it for 'I-Its for Mira, Simon' s neice. W-we are going on a date.' Zayn looked surprised. 'Wait Mira like our friend Mira like the neice of our boss. Does Simon know. ' i looked at him weird . 'Didn't you know that Simon doesn't want us to date Mira.'said zayn. Then perrie spoke again ' he sent every one a text message and Mira is my friend so honestly i don't want you dating her either.' I never got the text because i barley got the new i phone . ' well i have a date with her tonight and im not cancleing it. In matter of fact its 7:45 so i best be leaving now.' I packed up and got freshed up and went to Simon's house. I rang the door. 'Hi ready to go' i stuck out my hand waiting for her to grab it. 'Yeah, be back in a bit uncle simon' she said to him then she grabed my hand and i lead her down the street to my car. 'So were are we going?' She said while the buildings started to dissaper. 'Well were going to an apple orchard, pick apples,then have a picnic and watch the sunset over there.' I looked at her waiting for an answer. 'Harry that is so romantic' she said as putting her hand on my knee. Then in 5minutes we were there
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