Teardrops on my guitar

When Mira's parents died her uncle simon got custody. But while fooling around in her uncle's recording studio she stumbles across a boy.A boy that she will never forget.


6. apples and pasta and bears? oh my

I heard a car pull up. I looked outside my window and it was harry. 'Uncle Simon can i talk to you?' 'Sure Mira any thing.' 'I'm going on a date' 'Mira you don't have to tell me i trust you to make the right desion of a boyfriend' i huged him and said thankyou. I went down stairs and open the door he was looking up at me. 'Ready to go yeah lets go' He grabbed my hand and pulled me in close and put his arm around my waiste. I reached over and closed the door behind me. 'Were are we going i said . 'Its a surprise' harry said we seemed like we we were driving out of the city. Finally i saw saw a sign, it said 'APPLE ORCHARD THE NEXT LEFT' i goit excited theb we turned left. 'Harry! We are going to a apple orchard!' ' i-is that bad ' 'no no' we got out of the car and he grabbed a basket and a bag and we head into thr orchard. We both had alot of fun picking apples seeing birds and being next to Harry. Then at the end if the line i saw it an apple shapped like a heart. 'Harry can you reach that apple. He came over and reached it. Hus shirt l lifted a little he was toned. 'I got it!' He said he gave it to me and grabbed my hand.' Lets go eat ' he said . He took me to a picnic table and put the basket in top. He got out plastic plates and forks. 'I'll be right back.' Harry said . He came back and said ' they used our apples ti make us fresh apple cider but i save the heart shaped one.' He got out the cups and poured some onto each cup. Then he git out pasta and salad. We started eating . 'So i saw you were having alot of fun ' said Harry. 'You wanna knoe why ' i said and he knodded his head in reply. 'Well wen i was young before my parents you knoe past they took me to an apple orchard and we both picked out an apple it was heart shaped. And well that was the last time we actually bonded' i looked down And fekt a tear run down my face. I looked back at him my face was red. I put my hands over my eyes and started crying. Harry then quickly got up he came to hug me for comfort. 'I miss them so-ho much' i said with tears running down my face. He went to his car and got out a bear with a single rose. 'Here love, i got you this' he gave me it. I thanked him and we dicided to go home. He went to drop me off at my house. I huged him in the car and we both looked at each other. I put my hand on his cheek and kissed him. 'So anyways tanks' i said i waved at him as i opened the door to go inside my house.
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