Wild One (Arranged Marriage Liam Payne Love)

GOING TO BE EDITED****Lena Maria Clavier lives in woverhampton is 19 and living on her own but when she gets called home because her dads sick she finds out she's going to be married. her father wants nothing more to see his daughter married but does he care more about her happiness find out in this school.


1. The News

Its easy trying to keep my house clean with a lazy bum of a roommate who is also my best friend since birth while getting over a broken heart at the same time.

"Kat get your lazy bum up and move into your bedroom or something"

she groaned loudly while sticking her hand back into the bag of Cheetos making a large crinkling sound while I just glared at her. I saw her take a sip of her drink before putting it back onto the pink and blue coasters we have lying around the house.

"you told me to say out of your way and I am"

I groaned and gave up sitting on the couch popping some Cheetos into my mouth before heading into the shower I would finish vacuuming up as soon as she moved into the kitchen. I finished up putting my semi wet chocolate hair up into a bun and lightly putting eyeliner on my lid with light eye-shadow, I put a small coat of lip gloss on before looking at myself in the mirror. My hazel eyes scanned for any imperfections and  I found none and then I smiled.

"dahm I look cute and scrubby at the same time"

I was really skinny sporting a white tank-top and grey sweatpants that hugged the bottom of my knee with Pink on the leg and my black and red high-top Jordan's. I walked into the other room and finished up cleaning while Kat was in the other room making some cupcakes, I heard the sink go off instantly I knew she threw cupcakes into the oven and she was cleaning the dishes.

"Kat those better be chocolate"

I heard a giggle from the other room.

"you know it babe"

I smiled as she walked in she was wearing pink pajama shorts and a black tank-top with her hair which was the most beautiful ravenous color and her blue eyes with makeup like mine.  

"they should be done in a few minutes"

she said laying across me on the couch making me smile I hugged her and we both laughed.

"started off as best friends and then went into the modeling business together we should have awards for being the bestest friends ever"
I laughed as she scrambled off the couch to get to the oven when the timer went off.

"where my phone"

 I muttered to myself before getting up and going into my room seeing my Aunt was calling.

"Hey Auntie Shelia what's up"

I heard a sigh of relief.

"oh thank god I called you ten times"

I pulled my phone away to see fifteen texts and twelve calls from her.

"what's wrong Auntie"

I heard her shaky breath exclaim.

"your father had a stroke he's back in the hospital"

I felt my breath catch.

"im on my way"

I scrambled getting a large black zip up jumper on while grabbing my white range rovers keys I ran into the living room where Kat was eating a cupcake.

"where  you going"

"my Dads in the hospital"

"hold on im coming"

she said slipping on a grey jumper and following me out the door.


The whole way to the hospital Kat told me everything was going to be alright but rushing up the stairs to get there made me on edge weather he was going to make it out this time or not. Kat was hot on my tail as I ran into the waiting room and saw my Aunt and Mother sitting there.


I said hugging her quickly my mother stood up and stared at me.

"Hello Lena its been a while"

she opened her arms but I refused to hug her.

"what happened to never talk to me again choose your Mother or your career and then kicking me out anyway after I chose you"

she shook her head.

"im sorry Lena I regret it"

"yeah I was sixteen then I am nineteen now and I am a world known model I don't regret it regret what you ask talking to you all you did was put me down my whole life"

she shook her head.

"no I didn't"

"really you never told me I was too skinny and never told me I was not going to amount to anything"



will finish edit tomorrow I am sick out of my mind.

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