Wild One (Arranged Marriage Liam Payne Love)

GOING TO BE EDITED****Lena Maria Clavier lives in woverhampton is 19 and living on her own but when she gets called home because her dads sick she finds out she's going to be married. her father wants nothing more to see his daughter married but does he care more about her happiness find out in this school.


2. Moving In

Today Liam is moving in with me and Kat until we can find a perminate house along with his four friends I cant remember their names but I hear they are very nice from the internet but cant change what the internet says.


I heard Kat yell I ran downstairs jumped off the stairs into her arms and kissed her forehead.

"babe I missed you Kaleta foreves"

I heard 6 different types of laughs. I looked into Liam's brown eyes and then crossed my own making me look funny.

"Lena babe get off of Kat"

she smirked at me.

" he did that when were skinny dipping last night together"

then I kissed her head to make us seem like we were serious.

"awww hazza they have a girlmance like we have a bromance"

the one in stripes said grabbing the curly haired one holding him to his chest.

"yes loubear I can see that"

I looked at Kat and see got the same idea as me she ran ahead though. I jumped into Liam's arms and his hands went to my legs to hold me up I went to "kiss him" instead I poked his lips getting down.

"hey did you really think I was going to kiss you.... yet"

I said making him smirk.

"eventually love they all come running back"

he put me down on the ground.

"I was about to make lunch you hungry Kat"

she winked and hooked her arm threw mine, we both walked into the kitchen grabbing Nerf guns and walking out and shooting the boys.

"whoever loses makes lunch"

I said running up the stairs Kat hot on my tail and we split up we winked and using our feet to climb up on the wall reaching the two attic doors and opening them climbing in leaving the attic door opened a smidge and shooting the boys when they came up stairs instantly getting Niall and Harry out.

"what no"

I heard Niall say before him and Harry pretended to fake die making me snicker and laugh then Lou was out that only left Zayn and Liam I shot Zayn who was currently looking in the mirror making Liam left I looked at Kat and signaling her.


I said fake almost falling.

"woah babe hold on let me get under you so I can catch you"

I then smirked letting go and grabbing onto Liam but my foot hit the floor the wrong way I made an ow sound but then I shot Liam.

"we win and I think I hurt my ankle"

I saw Kat run over.

"what's wrong are you ok"

she looked at my purple ankle.

"I think you should cancel the shoot tomorrow and get that checked"

I nodded and Liam carried me to the couch and grabbed Ice for me.

"wow thanks"

I wrapped the ice around it staring at Kat.

"if I die its your fault"


"yes im looking at you"

I saw her flip her hair.

"cool kill best friend off my bucket list"

this made me laugh.

"your such a dork"

"I know but you love me"

"now I love you less than Maddie"

she gasped fake crying.

"yes the girl who gets me bagels every morning is more loved by me now than you"

"wait what kind of bagel"

I heard Niall ask.

"jalapeno chesse bagel"

"those sound so good"

"how about we order in Pizza anyone"

I saw everyone raise their hand Kat ended up calling because I cant really get up and move much due to my ankle.

"so ten Pizzas are coming"


I felt someone move my leg and It was Liam he put my ankle on a pillow which was currently sitting on his lap and he put the ice on it. I shivered once Liam's hand gently rubbed my leg making sparks shoot up my leg and all pain in my leg be forgotten they put on a movie but me and Liam were to busy looking in each others eyes.

"mate wow you missed half of toy story and didn't realize were eating the Pizza yet"

we looked and saw they were lying.

"you guys are assholes"

Me and Liam said making each other laugh once more before hearing the doorbell go off and Kat get up to answer it and heard her mumble a fuck off before I heard sliding.

"eww you creepy fucker"

I got up and wobbled over.

"why are you hitting on my girlfriend ass hole if you want pussy go to a fucking pet store until then don't hit on my girlfriend or anything or anyone that opens their doors"

I gave him a face paid for the pizza but the jerk got no tip except written at the bottom it said exceptand he left with no smirk on his face.

"that was so epic"

I heard Kat laugh before Liam picked me up and placed me back on the couch the sparks on my waist making me less mad then what I was.

"where did that come from"

"you mess with my best friend you mess with me"

I snapped my fingers.

"im so happy to have a friend like you"

"now he thinks we are lesbians AWESOME"

I pushed my hair back giving her a high five.

"that was the best comeback ever"

Lou and Harry said basically on the floor laughing and it didn't look like any time soon they would stop.

"if you want pussy go to a pet store"

"what can I say im sassy"

"that was kind of funny"

Niall said to Zayn before everyone including me started laughing.

"it was a good day thanks guys"

I said being crushed in a group hug.


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