Something Unexpected

Samantha and Gia are ice skating one night and Sam thinks she spots Harry in a crowd.


5. Whatever Happens

“Get outta here Lou!”


“Can’t a lad get a glass of water in his shared penthouse?” Louis said.


“Only if he’s silent,” Harry said.


“Fine.  I’ll be on my way in a moment.”


Harry removed Sam’s hands that covered her face. “Are you embarrassed?” he laughed.


“A little.”


“You’re too cute.” 


Samantha’s face warmed and she giggled.  She shifted so she lay on her side facing Harry and put her hand through his curls, pushing them back.  “I’m so happy I’m here right now.”


She pulled his head towards hers and kissed him, soft and slow, taking in everything—his large hands on her face, his side pressed against hers. She held Harry close as they kissed, letting her hands explore his strong back and arms.  A moan escaped her lips when Harry found a sensitive spot on her neck.  He remained there until Sam’s fingers tangled in his hair and she dragged his face up to hers. 


Sam hadn’t felt his much passion in a long time and is scared her, but Harry’s tender caresses soon pushed all thoughts from her mind.  They continued kissing and touching until almost an hour must have passed.


“What time is it?” Sam reached for her phone on the table. 12:21. “Oh crap, 8 missed calls.  Our other roommate must be worried; I told her we’d be home four hours ago. Oops.”


Harry touched his nose to hers and trailed his lips from the side of her mouth and along her jaw.


“Someone is awfully good at distraction…”


Harry laughed and pecked her lips.  “Time to go?” He pouted, slowly sitting up and pulling her with him.    


“Yes, I think so. I’ll text Gia.”  Sam sat on his lap.


Harry looked at his phone. “No need, Niall just said they’re on their way up.” 


“Okay good, let me call my roommate.” 


Oh my gosh, Sam, where the hell are you? Samantha made a “yikes” face at Harry who smiled.


“It’s okay Jess, we’re fine.  Just had some drinks and lost track of time.”


Hmm well this should be an interesting story…


“Yeah, you could say that. I’ll see you in a bit.” Samantha pushed “end” on her phone just as Niall and Gia opened the door.  “Did Jess try to call you?”


“I don’t know.  I left my phone up here in my purse.”


“I had a bunch of missed calls.  I told her we’d be home soon.” 


“Are you sure you’re okay to drive?” Harry asked.


“Oh definitely, we haven’t drank for a few hours,” Gia said.


“Do you two want to come early to the show tomorrow? And be with us backstage before we go on?” Niall said.


“That would be amazing, wouldn’t it Sam?” Gia pushed further into Niall’s side.


Samantha quickly nodded her head and squeezed Harry’s hand that rested on her knee. 


“Great,” Harry said. “What’s your phone number so I can text you the details?”


Samantha typed her name and number into Harry’s phone.  “Well, I guess we’ll see you tomorrow,” she said standing up.


“We’ll walk you to the lift,” Niall removed his arm from Gia and took her hand. 


Harry helped Samantha into her coat and wrapped her scarf around her neck.  Her heart warmed at the gesture, even if she could bundle up herself.  They walked out the door and down the hall hand in hand. 


Once at the elevator both girls received a good night kiss and hug from their boys. 


“Sleep well,” Harry whispered before letting Sam go. 


“You too,” she kissed him on the cheek before stepping into the elevator. 


After the door shut, Samantha and Gia grabbed each other’s hands and silently squealed.  “Don’t make a sound until we get to like the 10th floor,” Sam said.  




“OHMYGOD!! We made out with One Direction!” Gia said.


“Ahh Harry is freaking amazing! And Niall seemed to really like you!”


“He’s so, I don’t know, just cute in everything he does or says.”




Gia looked down, “I shouldn’t be this excited about something that’s not going anywhere.” 


“I know. I’ve been trying not to think about it.  Let’s just take it for what it is…a great time with cute guys.  We’ve hung out with guys on vacation that we knew we’d never see again.”


“But Sam, this feels different.  And it’s not just because they are from One Direction.”


Samantha took a deep breath. “Let’s not worry about it, okay?  Let’s just have fun, and whatever happens, happens.”









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