Something Unexpected

Samantha and Gia are ice skating one night and Sam thinks she spots Harry in a crowd.


6. The Big Day

Samantha awoke with a smile upon her face; heck she probably smiled while she slept. Her thoughts drifted to green eyes, dimples, and a beautiful smile and she sighed.  She was hooked.  Sam got out of bed and walked into the room Gia shared with Jess, who had left for her weekend getaway with her boyfriend.


She jumped onto Gia’s bed, “time to wake up!” 


Gia threw a small pillow at her.  “You ruined my dream about Niall!”


“Sorry.”  Sam lay down next to Gia.  “Can you believe last night happened? This is crazy!”


“Definitely one of the best nights of my life,” Gia said.  “But tonight might even top that!”


“I know, right? Hang out with them and see them perform?”


The girls chatted about the boys and the upcoming night until their growling stomachs interrupted.


On her way to the kitchen Sam picked up her phone…and butterflies overtook her hungry tummy.


Harry: How’d you sleep, love?


Samantha: Good, thanks. You?


Harry: I slept great.  What are you up to?


Samantha: Just about to make breakfast.


Harry: Make me something?


Samantha: And try to get to your hotel through all those screaming girls? Not a chance J


Harry: Haha good point. I’m off to the gym. I’ll call you later with the details for tonight. 


Samantha: Okay, sounds good.


Harry: Have a good day.


Sam walked into the kitchen smiling at her phone.


“Texting Harry?” Gia asked.


“Possibly,” Sam gave her an overly done shy smile.  “Is that Niall?”


“Yes. This is so bad.” Gia turned her phone over and placed slid it to the other end of the table.  “Aarg! We both know I’m not stopping.” She reached for her phone.


Everything about you-you-you. Everything that you do-do-do. Samantha rushed to her phone.  “Hey, Harry! What’s up?”


“Hey, babe. How are you?”


“I’m good, trying to write a paper. What are you doing?”


“We’re on our way to the venue. So we were thinking it would be a good idea to have our security pick you up for the show.”


“Really? You don’t have to do that. I don’t want to cause any more work.”


“It’s not a problem at all. It’ll be a lot easier for you.”


“Okay, then.  What time?”


“About five.  Matt will pick you up.”


“Alright.  See you soon.”


“Bye Sam.  Oh—can you text me your address?”


“Of course. Bye Harry.”



At 4:57 Gia and Sam sat on the sofa, peering out the window shades.  Red jeans and a white t-shirt with a Union Jack adorned Gia’s small frame.  Sam paired a purple top with a pink heart around the word “London” with dark jeans.  They watched as a tall guy with a shaved head walked to the door and knocked. 


“Oh my gosh. I’m nervous,” Gia squealed.


Sam took a deep breath and placed her hand on the doorknob.  “Me too.” 


“Hi,” the man at the door said.  “Samantha and Gia?”


“Yes,” they answered together. 


“Hi, I’m Matt. It’s nice to meet you,” he smiled.  “C’mon then.” Matt beckoned them to a black SUV. 




“Wow,” Gia said. “This is insane!” Girls of all ages surrounded the arena; fluorescent signs, One Directions shirts, and British and Irish flag designs everywhere. 


“Holy cow,” Sam jumped when a girl banged on her window. 


“Yeah, when they cross the barricades you know they mean business,” Matt said.


The SUV drove into the lot underneath the arena.    Niall and Zayn greeted the girls once the car stopped. 


“Hello girls, how are you?” Zayn said.  He hugged Samantha and Niall gave Gia a peck on the cheek. 


“Where are the others?” Gia asked.


“Signing some stuff. Let’s go to the dressing room,” Niall said, grabbing her hand. 


“How was your day?” Zayn asked Sam.


“Good, thanks.  Just did some homework.”


“That’s definitely something I don’t miss.” 


Sam giggled, “I bet.”


Harry stood as they entered the dressing room.  Pretty fancy place, if you ask me, Sam thought, noticing the black leather sofas and expensive looking art on the walls.  Harry went to her and pulled her into a tight hug. 


“Good to see you, love.”


“You too.  What are you signing?”


“Pictures for radio stations to give away. Can I get you water or anything?”


“I’m okay, thanks. 


“Here, sit next to me,” Harry pulled out the chair to his left.


Samantha stacked the portraits after Harry signed them.  We make a pretty good team, she thought.  When she paused to return a text message, Harry began to trace designs on the top of Sam’s hand that rested on her thigh.  He turned it over and ran his fingertips from her palm to the inside of her elbow.  Samantha’s body tingled and her breath quickened; she wanted his hands all over.  She snuck a look at Harry’s face, but he concentrated on the portraits.  But after narrowing her eyes, the left side of his mouth went up in a smirk.


Samantha elbowed his harm.  “Hey, you can’t do that here.”


“Can’t help it.”  Harry’s green eyes pierced hers.  “Would you stay over tonight?”


Warmth spread over Sam’s neck and face. “I’d like that.” 


Harry squeezed her hand. “Good.”












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