Something Unexpected

Samantha and Gia are ice skating one night and Sam thinks she spots Harry in a crowd.


4. Movie Time

“Wow this is beautiful,” Gia said. The girls’ eyes wandered about the penthouse.  Everything was huge—the TV, black grand piano, sofa, windows.  The kitchen even had a stove and refrigerator.   


“Make yourselves at home,” Zayn said.  “I’ll order some pizzas, what do you want to watch?”


“Nothing romantic please. I sat through two when Eleanor visited.”


“That was two weeks ago, Tommo,” laughed Niall.


“Yeah, but they stick with you.”


Niall flipped through the movie menu. “How about action or scary?”


“House at the End of the Street?” Gia suggested.


Everyone agreed. Samantha settled into the spot next to Harry who sat at one end of the massive L-shaped sofa. Louis sat in between her and Gia who was beside Niall.  Liam and Zayn sat at the other end.


“No funny business now, I’m supervising you lot,” Louis pointed to either side of him.


The girls giggled. “You think I kid, but Harry is very creative…”


Harry noticed Sam’s blush. “Oh shove off will you? I’m always respectful.”


“But crafty,” Louis mumbled.  “Watch his hands, Sam.” 


Samantha laughed, “I’ll do my best.” She lightly elbowed Harry who responded with his sweet half smile. 


Almost two hours later, discarded plates and left over pizza lay on the coffee table and seven pairs of eyes intently viewed the television.  Sam sat with butterflies in her stomach, anticipating the creepy guy’s next move as well as Harry’s.  His arm rested behind her on the top of the sofa, his hand almost touching her back. 


When the creep suddenly appeared in front of the main female character, Samantha let out a small scream and turned into Harry’s side, allowing his arm to securely wrap around her. 


Wow, he smells so amazing, Samantha thought.  And he’s so warm.  She nestled comfortably into his body and calmness enveloped her.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw some movement to her left.  Gia and Niall making out! She poked Harry’s stomach and pointed her thumb in the couple’s direction.  He laughed and threw a pillow. 




“Wow Gia, nothing scary happened,” Louis said.


“Harry threw a pillow at her,” Niall said.


“They were snogging,” Liam sing-songed.


“See! Me—behaved,” Harry said.  “It’s the Irish one you’ve got to watch out for.”


“Watche talking about? She started it…but I was only too happy to continue,” Niall said, placing his arm around Gia’s shoulders.


“Hey, a girls got to do what a girls gotta do,” Gia giggled, looking up at him. 


Sam rolled her eyes good-naturedly at her friend.  She was happy Gia was having fun; she’d been pretty down after her break-up a few months ago. Samantha leaned back into Harry and continued watching the movie.


Once the movie ended the boys left one by one with excuses of showering, calling a mom, or video chatting with a girlfriend until only Harry and Niall remained with the girls. 


“Gia, want to take a walk?” Niall asked.


“Yes.”  Gia winked at Samantha.  “See ya.”


Samantha and Harry faced each other and smiled shyly.  Harry placed his arm at the top of the sofa near Samantha’s shoulder.


“So is it a long day when you have a show? Are you at the arena all day?”


“Well it depends.  If we have promo then yes, but since tomorrow we don’t we can get there in the early afternoon.”


“I’m so excited to see you guys perform.  I’ve waited for what seems like forever!”


“I’m happy you’ll be there,” Harry said as his hand touched Samantha’s bent knee on the sofa. 


Samantha sucked in a breath.  “I’m going to get water.”


As she took her first step from the sofa Harry pulled her on to his lap. He stopped her little yelp with kiss.  And he kept kissing her, his soft lips parting with hers and lightly sucking her bottom lip.


Oh my gosh! This is actually happening Sam thought.  Her right arm went around his muscled back and she grabbed the front of his shirt with her left hand. 


A few minutes had passed when Harry pulled away and placed his hand on the side of her face.  The outside city lights allowed her to see his intense gaze.  “So beautiful," he said. 




He brushed his fingertips along her jaw to her chin and brought his lips to hers.  “Yes,” he whispered against them before kissing her again. 


Samantha’s hands immersed themselves in Harry’s soft curls.  She pulled at his hair as his lips traveled to her neck and his teeth nibbled her skin.  A sigh escaped her and Harry moved back to her lips, placing sweet kisses upon them.  He lifted Sam from his lap so she lay on the sofa, his mouth never leaving hers.  He laid half on top her, part of his body in between hers and the back of the sofa.  His hand traveled from her waist, up her side, and to her back, pulling her closer. 


Excitement and desire spread throughout Sam’s body.  She inched underneath him so Harry settled in between her legs.  She touched the exposed skin at his hip, tracing her fingers along the waistband of his jeans.


“Oi! Get a room!”

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