Something Unexpected

Samantha and Gia are ice skating one night and Sam thinks she spots Harry in a crowd.


1. Ice Rink

This is the first time I've posted a story to Movellas. I've posted this to another site, and decided to share it here too.  I hope you like it.


Two girls, one tall and one petite, skated along the curve of the ice rink.  The tall one tossed her light brown hair and smiled at her friend, “Want to race, G?”


“I’ll probably fall, Sam…but, okay!” Once a few feet away, Gia turned her head, “Last one to that second opening in the boards has to do Louis’ stinky laundry!”


“Anything that gets me that close to One Direction is fine with me Gia! But I’m still going to win,” Samantha added under her breath.

- - - - - - - ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


A tall boy with curly brown hair glanced at the rink and two rosy-cheeked girls caught his eye.  He smiled as the tall light haired one raced after her dark haired friend. 


“What ye looking at Harry?”


“Those two girls.” Harry watched as Niall’s eyes focused where he was pointing.


“They’re cute,” Niall said.


“Lads let’s go! No more staring!”


“Oh come on, Lou! Like Niall likes to say, we’re single Pringles,” Harry laughed.  He turned for one last look and saw the tall one on her back and her friend doubled over laughing. 


“Oh jeez did she fall?” Niall came back to Harry’s side. 


“Yeah, but she looks okay.” One of the rink men had lifted her up.  Once on her feet she turned her head in his direction.  Eyes locked for a second and then she shook her head.  Harry didn’t see her second look.



Samantha had almost caught up to Gia.  “I think you’ll be doing Lou’s laundry!”  She took a last few strides and reached out to touch the wall.  But her momentum pushed her on to her toes and she felt her body drop to the ground.  Samantha landed on her forearms and then rolled to her back.


“Oh…my…gosh,” Gia said between giggles, “are you okay?”


Samantha couldn’t respond from laughing so hard.  “Owww.  Yes… hurts.”  She grabbed her left arm.


“Are you okay, Miss?” asked one of the men who worked at the rink.


“Yes, I’m fine thank you.”  He pulled her up by both hands.


She looked around to see if people were watching. HARRY?! She shook her head and looked again.  A head of curly brown hair began to disappear into the crowd.


She grabbed Gia’s arm. “Ahh! I just saw Harry!”


“What?! No way would he be out here with all these people.”


“No it has to be him.  We even made eye contact.”


“Are you sure? Is this like the time we were in Boston and you kept thinking you saw Zac Efron just because he was filming a movie somewhere in Massachusetts?”


“Well, when you put it that way…but I think it was him.  And their concert is here tomorrow!”


“Sure, okay.  Let’s warm up with a drink at the Four Seasons.  We can pretend we aren’t poor college students.”

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