Something Unexpected

Samantha and Gia are ice skating one night and Sam thinks she spots Harry in a crowd.


2. Come Here A Lot?

Gia and Samantha entered the lounge area of the hotel.  Lights from the glittering chandelier shined over the black plush chairs and dark tables.  Soft music played from the piano in the corner.  The girls settled in at a table and ordered vodka and tonics. 


“So do you really think you saw Harry?”


“I’m almost positive.  What if they’re staying here?!”


“There’d probably be more security, yeah?  But maybe they’re being sneaky…and are just a few floors above us!”


“Fingers crossed.” Samantha showed Gia her hands and crossed her arms as well. 


Gia laughed, “That would be amazing.”


“A girl can dream.” Samantha rested her face on her hands and sighed.


The waitress approached the table for a second round.  “I’m trying something fancy,” said Samantha. “The Georgia Peaches thing sounds good.  I’ll get that, thanks.”  


“Ooh yum.  I’ll go for a blue lagoon martini.  Thank you.”  Gia turned to Samantha and her eyes widened. “Ahh. Oh my gosh. Ahh it’s Z-Zayn. Zayn.”




“Don’t turn around.  He just looked.  Omigod. It’s Har- ahh they’re all here.” She repeatedly tapped the table with her hands.


“You’re not kidding?”


“Does it look like I am?”  Gia said.


“Hope not.”  Pause.  “Stop staring! I want to see.”


“I can’t help it. They’re so beautiful. Okay, you might be able to have a look. Get something from your purse.”


Samantha shifted in her seat and reached into her bag.  Her head lifted and her eyes met Harry’s.  Her face warmed and she quickly turned away. “Harry saw me.”


“And he’s still looking. Why are we totally fangirling? We’re 22. We’re more mature than this!"


“Oh please. Who cares? Freaking One Direction is in the same room as us!”


“You’re right. I can’t even think!” 


“How am I the calm one right now?”


“Probably because you can’t see them.  Oh. My. Gosh. Niall is freaking adorable. Like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”


“Not fair.  I wanna see.” 


“Go up to the bar or something. Ask for an appetizer menu.”


Samantha walked to the busy bar and waited at the edge.  Can’t they hurry up, she thought to herself, I want to walk back and see the boys. 


“In a hurry?” said an English accented male. 


Samantha stopped tapping her fingers on the wooden bar and took a deep breath before turning to her right.  Green eyes pierced her hazel ones.  “Uh, no, just waiting for a menu.”


“I see,” Harry gave her a wide dimpled grin.  “Come here a lot?” 


“Not really.  My friend and I were ice skating and thought we’d come in to get warm.”


“And maybe numb the pain of your fall with alcohol?”


Samantha tilted her head and squinted her eyes in question.


“I uh I saw you fall earlier. Sorry, that sounds a little creepy, doesn’t it?”


Samantha giggled, “Maybe a little.  But I’m sure I made a scene.” 


“Not really.”  Harry stuck out his hand, “I’m Harry by the way.”


Samantha took his hand and warmth spread through her arm to the rest of her body. 


“Hi Harry, I’m Samantha.  It’s nice to meet you.”


“Great to meet you as well. In any pain?”


“A little sore, but I’ll be fine. Thanks. So are you visiting from England?”


“Yes, I’m here with a few friends.”


“Oh and you're here for what exactly, Mr. Styles?”


“Ha! So you know.  Your friend did seem pretty excited when we walked in.”


“Yeah, it’s funny because usually she’s the calm one.  I don’t know why I’m not freaking out right now.”


“If you were freaking out security would not let me talk to you.”


“Good thing I kept my cool,” Samantha smiled.


“Yeah, good thing.”  Harry’s intense gaze had butterflies dancing in Samantha’s stomach.


Her eyes dropped to the ring she had been twisting on her finger. “Well it was great to meet you. I should really get back to my friend.  I can’t wait to see the show tomorrow.”


“Oh. Okay. Lovely to meet you.” Harry straightened and almost frowned. 


“Bye, Harry.” Samantha hurried towards Gia. I’m such an idiot, she thought, who leaves Harry Styles standing at a bar?


“What are you doing over here?” asked Gia.  “Why aren’t you flirting with him?”


“I got nervous. I didn’t know what to say. I thought I’d leave before I got boring, but then I left and realized how stupid it was.”


“Not stupid Sam, crazy!”


“Gee, thanks.”


“Ooh someone believes in second chances.”




“Samantha?” She heard behind her.




Thank you for reading. Hope you like it!

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