Love at first sight

One day angela runs into zayn malik at the beach is it love at first sight.... Will she fall the one of the other boys.... Will there be a happy ending..... Read to find out


3. Double date ^.*

Zayn's P.o.v

Me and Liam are planning on taking Angela and Nadia out on a date since Angie and I are already dating and Liam really likes her. We were planning on having it on the beach were we first met. We were gonna hav Lou Niall and Harry help us set up while El took them shopping. As soon as the girls left we all went straight to the beach. 


Angie's P.o.v

Zayn sent me El and Nadia on a shopping trip. These boys are up to something. Oh well idc all I do is shop anyways. We went to forever 21 debs rue 21 and a thousand more stores. We spent so much money oh well we got back to zayn and I's flat and unloaded the car when I got a txt from zayn saying 

Z- Hey babe I need you and Nadia to get dressed and meet me at the beach. K. Love you. Xx

A- K love you too. Xx

We get dressed and meet the boys and El ? :/ at the beach it was so beautiful I knew the boys were up to something. 

Nadia's P.o.v

We got to the beach and it was so pretty I don't know why but I feel like something good is gonna happen. Liam and I walked along the beach once again while we were along the beach the moment I've been waiting for since forever Liam finally asked me out of I said YES !


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~Angie ^_^ 

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