Love at first sight

One day angela runs into zayn malik at the beach is it love at first sight.... Will she fall the one of the other boys.... Will there be a happy ending..... Read to find out


2. Beach

I woke to my phone playing one thing so I already knew it was my best friend Nadia so I answer it and she asked if I wanted to go to the beach of course I said yeah. So I got up took a shower put my bathing suit on and went to pick her up. When we got to the beach there wasn't many people there so we found a nice spot to tan. But when Nadia starts screaming I jump up and see them most popular boy band ever one direction. When the talked to us it was like I was dreaming Nadia was completely frozen and I was to. So we all hung out for awhile until Liam asked Nadia to go for a walk she was so happy and then zayn asked me to go on a walk it was like I was in heaven. We walked along the beach watching the sun set it was so perfect but when I looked at my iPhone it was almost 9:00 so me and Nadia decided to go home but her and Liam were no where to be found ;) but then I got a text from her (n-Nadia a-angela) 

n-hello love me nd Liam r gonna go bck to his place ;)

a- ew tmi well ok I guess see u tomorrow babes love ya 

n-see ya LUV u 2 bby and have fun with zayn ;)

a- OMG SHUT UP. U nd Liam r gonna do worse besides he hasn't asked me out yet :(

n- trust me he will nd Liam already asked me out :)

a- lucky well hav fun love u 

n- I will luv u 2

so I told the boys about Nadia and Liam so we all decide to go watch a movie at Zayn's flat. When we get there there's three couches so me and zayn Louis nd Harry and Niall and his food. We watch all the toy story's but I fell asleep on the second one. After all of them zayn asked if I wanted to stay the night since it was getting really late so I said yes. We went up to his room and payed down when we did he pulled me closer to him and said when I'm with u I feel so complete and I want you to be my girlfriend. Of course I said yes. After we talked we fell asleep


Leave comments. Stay beautiful 

~Angie ^.^

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