Getting Back Bieber

Justin Bieber the Famous Popstar taking all the wrong turns. Drugs, Smoking, going to the club every night, making scenes and Loosing all his fans slowly and slowly each and everyday. This bad boy needs to clean up his act or he will just be another "Has been". Scooter has an idea. So everyone knows Justin never backs down from a Challenge and Scooter has a challenge that could change Justin's Life. Three whole months back in Stratford as a "Normal Person". Can Justin get back to being him self again, the Funny but Adorable kid he once was??

This is story by Beliectioner_4_Life and Bieber Ivr
Hope you enjoy it :D




I am So SORRY this isn't Chapter six :( But trust me I will  try to get it up by Sunday . . .I know but I have soo much school work and on top of that I am moving on Friday and I still never started packing. .  . . .Ugh and my Projects are ALL due Monday

Okay moving on. .  .(I never wrote this to bore u okay) AS u guys know this is suppose to be a collaboration but I have no idea what happened to Bieber Ivr !!!! I am not saying that I cant do this story on my own , I am saying that I cant always update on weekdays only on weekends and every weekend I will always try to update at least 4 chapters every weekend even if I have a bunch of homework to do  . . . . . . . . . and they might not be the best chapters.


Oh and can everyone go Check out "Undercover Bieber" @KaileyLuvsJB829

Its really GOOD :D

OH and THANK YOU X10000000000 . . . To all those amazing people reading this story!!!!!


LOVE YOU GUYS, Hope u understand :/

From: Beliectioner_4_life


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