Getting Back Bieber

Justin Bieber the Famous Popstar taking all the wrong turns. Drugs, Smoking, going to the club every night, making scenes and Loosing all his fans slowly and slowly each and everyday. This bad boy needs to clean up his act or he will just be another "Has been". Scooter has an idea. So everyone knows Justin never backs down from a Challenge and Scooter has a challenge that could change Justin's Life. Three whole months back in Stratford as a "Normal Person". Can Justin get back to being him self again, the Funny but Adorable kid he once was??

This is story by Beliectioner_4_Life and Bieber Ivr
Hope you enjoy it :D


2. CHAPTER TWO !!!!!

Justin POV

I walked into the house I used to live in …wow it's smaller then my house back in Atlanta. I couldn't believe how much forgot about my childhood home.

While looking around I spotted a girl looking at me with wide eyes …she was pretty cute.

I looked at my parents and back at her. Until my mom finally introduced us. Apparently she was Jaxon and Jasmyns babysitter and her name was Savannah.

My mom told us to sit on the couch and talk until she came back with the money to pay Savannah. I sat on one side of the couch as she sat on the other in total silence ……AWKWARD!!  I headed to say something.

Justin- hey

Savannah- H-Heyy

Justin- so what's up?

Savannah-……… Nothing

Justin- so u a fan of me because I dot mind taking a picture with u or sign some or yo-

Savannah- I AM NOT A FAN!!!!!

Savannah POV

I noticed his face fill up with anger.

Justin- WHAT THE HELL!!!
HOW OR U NOT A FAN??? I am an amazing singer and face it am HOTT as ef

I couldn't believe he had just said that. He is acting like the whole world revolves around him. He such a retared .

Savannah- Sorry I didn't mean to piss u off

Justin- well u did, why don't you just shut up before u get on my last nerve  !! got it girly?

What!! Nobody talks to me that way not even him. This douche needs to get his crap together!!

Savannah- Excuse me, nobody talks to me that me soo why don't u talk to a girl with some respect!!

Justin- I don't get why your so pissed! You should feel like the damn queen of the world for talking to me

Savannah- actually I feel like the worst and by the way u need to know learn that this is the real world and not ur little celebrity world if ur gonna stay here for 3 months

Justin- WAIT, how do u know that I am staying here for 3 months??

Savannah- It's all over the news smart one

Justin - WHAT !?!?!!!!

Pattie- Okay Savannah here u go
Pattie handed me the money

Savannah- thanks

Pattie- No problem , oh and can u babysit tomorrow because I am going to work?

Savannah- yeah no problem

Jasmyn- Bye Savannah

Pattie- bye savannah

Savannah- bye guys

Justin- bye

Savannah- Bye

I walked home and decided to visit my neighbor, Ryan. Ryan was one of my Best friends. Once I got there me and Ryan made something to eat and watched a couple movies.

AN- Heyy guys it me Belectioner_4_Life I wrote that last chapter and this chapter .……

so what do u think so far??
Do u guys like it ??
Oh and would u guys like to know how Savannah Looks like??

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