Getting Back Bieber

Justin Bieber the Famous Popstar taking all the wrong turns. Drugs, Smoking, going to the club every night, making scenes and Loosing all his fans slowly and slowly each and everyday. This bad boy needs to clean up his act or he will just be another "Has been". Scooter has an idea. So everyone knows Justin never backs down from a Challenge and Scooter has a challenge that could change Justin's Life. Three whole months back in Stratford as a "Normal Person". Can Justin get back to being him self again, the Funny but Adorable kid he once was??

This is story by Beliectioner_4_Life and Bieber Ivr
Hope you enjoy it :D



Savannah POV

I woke up in my bedroom. It felt good not waking up to go to school and plus summer and can do anything I want now :)

I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, took a shower and put on this out fit

I let my hair out and went down stares. I ate breakfast and called my friend Chloe and we went to the mall

Justin POV

I woke up in my old room and went and got ready for the day. I decided to go visit my best friend Ryan and just chill out .

I said good morning to everyone and sat down at the table waiting for something to eat. I mostly eat an omelet  in the morning. After about 10 mins my mon comes and asks me of I was gonna eat something

Justin- well how I am I going to eat if I don't bring me my food ??

Pattie- Justin u got two arms and legs and Brian might as well use them

Justin- What ?? :/

Pattie- Justin you have to make your own breakfast I have to get to work okay

What!! I cant make my own breakfast. I done know how to. The last time I made my self breakfast was 2 years ago. Uhggg Forget breakfast I am going!!

Justin- umm never mind mom, I am going to Ryan's house to hang bye

Pattie - bye sweetie

I went outside and realized I don't have my own car anymore … so I jaded to walk.


I walked to Ryan's house and knocked on the door. Ryan opened to door and we said hi. We went on side and got some good to eat. After that we talked and play video games .

Savannah's POV

me and Chloe went to the mall and bought a lot of stuff. Chloe is my best friend and always will be. She understand me and we have a lot of things in common.

After shopping I remembered I jaded to go babysit again. I went home to put the shopping bags away an grab my special bracelet, but the problem was I couldn't find my bracelet and thats when I remembered I took it off at Ryan's yesterday. I walked to Ryan's and right when I was about to knock guess who opens the door ?? ……………BIEBER !!!!

AN- heyy guys it's me Belectioner_4_life hope u guys liked thy chapter I wrote …again :)


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