Getting Back Bieber

Justin Bieber the Famous Popstar taking all the wrong turns. Drugs, Smoking, going to the club every night, making scenes and Loosing all his fans slowly and slowly each and everyday. This bad boy needs to clean up his act or he will just be another "Has been". Scooter has an idea. So everyone knows Justin never backs down from a Challenge and Scooter has a challenge that could change Justin's Life. Three whole months back in Stratford as a "Normal Person". Can Justin get back to being him self again, the Funny but Adorable kid he once was??

This is story by Beliectioner_4_Life and Bieber Ivr
Hope you enjoy it :D



Savannah POV

I opened my eyes to see sunlight attack my eyes

Savannah- CRAP

I yell jumping up

I looked around to see Justin sleeping on the ground, Pattie nowhere in sight and Jaxson sleeping on the sofa

I looked out the window and saw everything perfect

YAYYY Everything was beautiful

I turned around and saw Justin wasn't in his spot anymore  . .WHAT?/

I went into the kitchen and saw a note  ..


Dear Savannah,

Hey savannah I am so sorry for leaving but I haded to drop Jazzy at school and go to work so if u could just babysit for another 3 hours it would be great  . . .U will get paid EXTRA I promise !!

From Pattie



Ugh i don't really care if i have to babysit more. I mean i love jaxson and i am Getting paid so its a win win. I went into justins room to put the flash lights away

I walked into his room and I was in Total SHOCK

Justin had one beer bottle in one had and a cigarette in the other.

WTF IS WRONG WITH HIM ????????????


Justin- WHAT ??? i am just smoking  . .

Savannah- AND effin drinking  . . in the damn morning

Justin- whatever just don't tell anyone

Savannah- DONT TELL ANYONE  . .Justin ur all over the news ur "Bieber Gone Wild" and its true   .. .Whats wrong with you  . ???

Justin- OH SHUT THE CRAP  . . Girly if u don't get it yet understand now . . .My life my rule My game

Savannah- EXCUSE ME Bieber  . .Calm down I am Just telling u whats right !!

Justin- Welll I am telling u to shut the crap

That's it I had enough of his shitty attitude. I went up to him and grabbed the bottle and cigarette. I put the cap on the bottle of shit and un lit the death role. He looked at me with anger  . . .


AN- heyy guys sorry for the long wait but here  . .the shortest damn chapter ever !!!

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LOVE YEA ALL -Beliectioner_4_life . .again-

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