Getting Back Bieber

Justin Bieber the Famous Popstar taking all the wrong turns. Drugs, Smoking, going to the club every night, making scenes and Loosing all his fans slowly and slowly each and everyday. This bad boy needs to clean up his act or he will just be another "Has been". Scooter has an idea. So everyone knows Justin never backs down from a Challenge and Scooter has a challenge that could change Justin's Life. Three whole months back in Stratford as a "Normal Person". Can Justin get back to being him self again, the Funny but Adorable kid he once was??

This is story by Beliectioner_4_Life and Bieber Ivr
Hope you enjoy it :D



Savannah POV What was he doing here did he know Ryan or something?? Justin- why the hell r u here stella ? Savannah- who's stella? Justin- Whatever ur name is is Savannah- ITS SAVANNAH STUPID!!! Justin- look I don't give and eff about what ur name is but what r u doing here?? Savannah- I am here to get my bracelet Justin- Why is ur bracelet here in the first place? Are you serious!!!???? Why is this guy so snoppy ??? I just want my Damn Bracelet for crying out load!! Savannah- RYYAAANNN Ryan shows up at the door. Ryan- Oh Anna, what's up?? Justin- WHAT?? ANNA?? WHO'S ANNA ?? Ryan - her Justin- No she just told me that her na- Savannah-OMGOD BOTH OF U SHIT UP !!! They both looked at me with wide eyes !!! Savannah- Ryan I think I left my bracelet here yesterday on ur contour, can I go get it?? Ryan- yeah sure … I walked inside in the kitchen. Justin POV What!! How does she know Ryan?? And why does Ryan give her nickname ???? Wait……R THEY DATING ???? O.O Justin- Ryan dude umm how do u know her?? Ryan- she's my friend Justin- oh do why is bracelet here?? Ryan- we were watching movies here yesterday ……how do you even know her ?? Justin- she babysits Jaxon and Jasmine Ryan- oh ……ANNA DID U FIND IT ?? savannah- yeah thanks for letting me check Ryan- no problem Savannah- umm Ryan how do you know Him ? Ryan- he's my best friend Savannah- oh …… Justin- so u guys r not dating ?? Savannah- what ?? Ryan- dude I just told u we were just friends……calm down ! Savannah- why do u even care?? Are u jealous Justin ???? Justin- what ?? No!! Why would I be Jealous?? Savannah- ugh whatever I am leaving, I have to go babysit ……remember? Ryan- oh wait if u guy are both going to Justin's house then go together? Savannah/Justin- NO !! Ryan- Okay ……? I left and started walking to my house with Stel- I mean Savannah behind me !! AN- heyy guys its Belectioner_4_life again hope u liked at the chapter and I am really sorry it was do small oh and …… Do u guys think Justin was a little Jealous at the moment?? Does Ryan have a crush in Savannah ?? Is Savannah gonna wanna stay their babysitter?? Leave ur answers in the comment section and Comments = Chapters Bye guys :D





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